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In 2017,  English JT Geek is back on track with incredible high-tech news.
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4G Phablet, new Coupon Code

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4  4G Phablet   is the scientific design, slim, elegant and comfortable smartphone with 5.5 large screen will give you an inimitable visual experience, ensure you high extraordinary images with 13.0MP High-speed Rear facing camera, special with 4100 mAh battery inside for longer battery life, don’t worry about running out of power.
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Xiaomi Mi5s 4G Smartphone , New Coupon Code 5%

Xiaomi Mi5s 4G Smartphone MIUI 8 with a screen size of 5.15 inches full HD, full metal body with curved back, button-free design
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CUBOT RAINBOW 2 3G Smartphone , New Smartphone Android

CUBOT RAINBOW 2  3G Smartphone   5.0 inch touchable display, Android 7.0 is the slim, rounded curved line looks natural and elegance design, special materials make you feel like touching skin whenever you hold the phone
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Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen, water purity tester, Coupon code.

Original Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen is a water purity tester, smart and easy to use in just one click and put in your drinking water for checking the purity of water quality, smart pen for your healthy. Read More

Ecigarette from china, more cheaper, Coupon Code.

Electronic Cigarette from China  – different design, different style….good deal with coupon code …

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UMI Z PRO Smartphone , your vision, your creation ! Coupon code

UMI Z PRO  Smartphone : stronger, thinner,lighter, Timeless, Classic Quality from Black and White, New way of seeing with dual Sony DSLR grade camera, 3D Capture, Selfies soft light, giving you perfect images.

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OnePlus 3T 4G Phablet 64GB or 128GB ,New Smartphone Coupon Code.

OnePlus 3T 4G Phablet ; light in weight, heavy in power

Modern smartphone, stronger and sleeker in minimalist style with premium space-grade with aluminum alloy, new and improved software, better and faster by quickly 30 minutes charging, fingerprint sensor, optical image stabilization, high-quality camera for high-quality images….
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