Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat, Japanese style toilet is coming soon

Have you heard about Japanese toilet? Or have every try Japanese toilet before? It is an amazing toilet I have every use, I’ve enjoyed the functions on the toilet arm when I used it for the first time in Tokyo International Airport. If you want to try this kind of toilet, you don’t need to fly to Japan because of Xiaomi, Chinese high-tech Company produces this Japanese toilet seat and ready to ship to your place as soon as possible. Read More

September 20 Hottest Morning Deals

September 20th

BRELONG E27 12W Bluetooth Music Bulb for $14.37

Do you feel a bit bored in your place? Do you want something different at home by not changing any big thing? Support your current mood with this magic light bulb, BRELONG E27 12W Bluetooth Music Bulb is not only a light bulb but the light can be changeable to any colors. Moreover, if the changeable light is not enough to support your feeling, turn on the music and let the bulb sings your emotional song. Read More

September 19 Hottest Afternoon Deals

September 19th

September 18 Hottest deals

September 18th

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer $33.99

Just a second for temperature measurement by Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer to check your body temperature, your family, or your baby. It is very fast and accurate, convenient and safe to use. When someone gets sick, the body temperature is important especially for babies who cannot explain how they really feel. We need to check on them most of the time. If the temperature is too high or too low, we can get to the doctor on time. Just one-second faster can change everything, do you agree? Read More

September 15 afternoon hottest deals

September 15th