Have you ever got angry, upset, or anything when the WIFI connection is not supported your need. Yes, I do. It is very annoying when you access to wifi and need to move to other areas even just in your own house. Sometimes, some area, wifi signal is very strong but if you move a little bit, the signal disappears…. BUT it is not gonna happen with the ASUS Lyra Mesh WiFi System, with this one you can rely on …

The ASUS Lyra Mesh WiFi System will allow it to blend into homes easily. The Lyra broadcasts three frequency bands and supports speeds of up to 2200Mbps in total ( 400Mbps on its single 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps each on two of its 5GHz bands ).Each node also features two Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used to connect to other client devices. Or if your home is already networked, it can work in access point mode.

ASUS Lyra 2200Mbps Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System

ASUS Lyra 2200Mbps Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System

Main Features:

● Tri-band, tri-hub mesh networking system delivers perfect WiFi coverage to every corner of your home
● Smart antennas. Automatic optimization of hub connections ensures the fastest speeds, all the time
● Smooth connections. Stay automatically connected to the best possible signal, wherever you are in the home
● Protect all devices on your home network with ASUS AiProtection
● The ASUS Lyra App enables PC-free setup, network management, and diagnostics, and notifies you about any problems
● View and control each family member’s Internet and App usage from your mobile device
● On each Lyra hub, you have 256MB of RAM and 128MB flash of storage space for the firmware

ASUS Lyra Mesh WiFi System $369.99


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