Casio, a popular brand name watch from Japan, has to change focus to do an action camera after unveiled Casio GZE-1 which is similar to a part of Ironman armor from the cinema. Its shape looks just like the superhero ‘Iron Man’, So this action camera will be a good fight with Gopro Hero 6, Xiaomi yi 4k+, or Sony RX0.

Casio GZE-1 will have a resolution of the 6.9-megapixel camera and wide lens up to 170.4 degrees, also comes with IP68 dustproof and waterproof up to 50-meter depth, falling protection from 4 meters high without breaking, and weather resistant for freezing temperature at -10 Celsius.

Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and also supported iOS and Android. If you have Casio WSD F20 or Casio F10 smartwatch, you will able to monitor via your wrist.

Ther is no any information about the price tag, hope it’s not so expensive. Possibility to know all detail about the Casio GZE-1 on the official launch on October 27, 2017.

For the Iron man’s fan, you will see this action camera similar to a part of Iron Man’s pops but for the Casio’s fan, this is a similarity to G-SHOCK sports watch. ¬†But no matter what does the Casio GZE-1 look like, we cannot refuse that this action camera is very cool design.
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