Xiaomi 1.5L Electric Water Kettle, simple but worth the money

Xiaomi 1.5L Electric Water Kettle is a new Mi home item to support your high-tech life style. The kettle has a simple, clean and stylish which fit any house design. Featured with 1.5L large capability, quick boiling, food-grade stainless steel and double layers, the quality of this kettle is safe and healthy for water drinking. It may not connect to Mi App like the Xiaomi Kettle but this is also worth to buy. The kettle supports all kind of hot drink….would you like to have a cup of tea, milk, or coffee? Read More

Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – 1.5L Flash Sale Price for $43.99

Another Xiaomi Product to make your life easier and under control via Xiaomi Smart APP is Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle compatible with 1.5L, accurate temperature control up to 12 hrs, offer different 4 options of water temperature which be able to control connect with Xiaomi Smart Home APP via Bluetooth 4.0 Read More

Up Yours Mug Middle Finger Coffee Cup is just $10.67

Back to work after weekend feel like waking up from a very sweet dream. Somehow, coffee can help us feel a bit better but it can’t really show how we feel… don’t worry, this cup is a great way to add a little smile to your day…… just up the Mug 😉 Read More

Battery Level Color Changing Coffee Cup is your personal fast charger

We know you are a coffee person who loves drinking coffee and many of you will have your favorite coffee cup or mug at home or office. For a long time using the same cup daily, have you ever feel bored? why don’t you try this one, a Battery Level Color Changing Heat Sensitive Coffee Cup. It is a simple black cup with a screen of battery image which will change the color when the temperature in the cup change.  Put this cup under a coffee machine and press start button, let see what will happen to your cup and you will enjoy your coffee even more. Read More

Creative Biscuit Pocket Handled 300ml Coffee Tea Mug, Smart Life for $12

Has anyone enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies/biscuits for breakfast? Yes, it’s me. And yes for you guys aswell ^^ Like we said in the coffee article before, it would be very nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning and sit in front of a beautiful view.   Coffee is everything but if you can have some biscuit with your favourite coffee, life is completed. Read More

Coffee is always right!


If you are a coffee person, you will understand what I say … 😉
After wake up in the morning, it’s perfect day if you can start the day with your favourite coffee by sitting in a comfortable chair with fresh air blows through and in front of you is a beautiful screenery….can you imagine that!!! Yes, it’s perfect.
But why we need to drink coffee? Is it actually help us awake when we sleepy? Read More

Lens Shaped Self Stirring Coffee Mug $8.15

For coffee lover or anyone who likes hot drink, this is must have item that will able to make your life easy. Lens Shaped Self Stirring Coffee Mug is a cool stylish design and can stirring the drink by itself  which will give you new experience of drinking your favorite drink.  Make a coffee from home with your coffee machine and before you drink let’s the mug stir it for you….Perfect!  The taste is depend on the drink you choose, of course 🙂  but the Lens Shaped mug in your hand will make a different 😉 Read More