Creative Biscuit Pocket Handled 300ml Coffee Tea Mug, Smart Life for $12

Has anyone enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies/biscuits for breakfast? Yes, it’s me. And yes for you guys aswell ^^ Like we said in the coffee article before, it would be very nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning and sit in front of a beautiful view.   Coffee is everything but if you can have some biscuit with your favourite coffee, life is completed. Read More

Lens Shaped Self Stirring Coffee Mug $8.15

For coffee lover or anyone who likes hot drink, this is must have item that will able to make your life easy. Lens Shaped Self Stirring Coffee Mug is a cool stylish design and can stirring the drink by itself  which will give you new experience of drinking your favorite drink.  Make a coffee from home with your coffee machine and before you drink let’s the mug stir it for you….Perfect!  The taste is depend on the drink you choose, of course 🙂  but the Lens Shaped mug in your hand will make a different 😉 Read More