Xiaomi Home SCISHARE Coffee machine Extraction automatic Coffee maker

Xiaomi Home SCISHARE Coffee machine Extraction automatic Coffee maker is compact and easy to use with simple operation, compatible with a variety of coffee beans, rapid extraction with 9 file concentration preset provides you a good cup of coffee both taste and aroma. Read More

Cop Rose x6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner for $288

Windows are covered with dust and need to clean, at least once a month. Each time cleaning windows, your hands and arms feel numb and tried, right? Yes, I do understand. Windows is the hardest cleaning housework in the house and if your house is full of glasses windows…Ohhhh, better leave them unclean! You shouldn’t do that but you don’t need to clean all windows by yourself… Because here is windows’ friend.  Think about the robot who help you clean the floor…yeah, this one will give the same feeling ^^ Read More

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, Smallest and cheapest TV from Xiaomi will on market soon

Xiaomi has launched a new budget TV which is the smallest and cheapest from Mi TV 4A series. It has been announced just for China now (for 32 inches), like others products from Xiaomi Company and will be available on others market soon… Read More

Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – 1.5L Flash Sale Price for $43.99

Another Xiaomi Product to make your life easier and under control via Xiaomi Smart APP is Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle compatible with 1.5L, accurate temperature control up to 12 hrs, offer different 4 options of water temperature which be able to control connect with Xiaomi Smart Home APP via Bluetooth 4.0 Read More

Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1603 Smartband Android iOS Compatible with Coupon Code for $34.75

Xiaomi always provides products that will enhance the user experience, most of the products are able to sync with a smartphone via Mi APP likes Smartband since the last version, Mi band2 or Amazfit and this one, the Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1603 smart band is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle, nothing better than a new Smartband to synchronize it with our Smartphones, Agree? Read More

Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank Type-C 20000mAh Capacity Dual USB Output Bidirectional Quick Charge

Your smartphone is running out of battery very fast, right? Especially when we enjoy scrolling to see the new feed on Facebook or any social media. For watching VDO on youtube, the level of battery lost so quickly. So, power bank can solve this problem and extend the life of a smartphone, and we all have it. A 10000 mAh battery will save for almost one day but do you think 10000 mAh is enough? Read More

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Electric 11 inch Self Balancing Scooter, ready for pre-order

The last model of Xiaomi scooter has sold many on the market and has lots of good feedback from a customer. Now, A brand new scooter presented by Xiaomi company is Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Electric 11 inch Self Balancing Scooter. From the appearance and the company’s name, the quality of this item must be good, do you agree? Read More