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Download JT Application Geek, rebel Application

The Geek JT implementation that was available on the Playstore is no longer ….

In fact we had put a babe section had been removed for lack of update ….. well no matter because the damage was done and our Geek apk JT found himself outside the boundaries of a sovereign state under Puritan banner starry.

It is better to be beautiful and rebellious as Moche and re-ugly

Photos of babes were sexy but not hardcore or unless certain websites or magazine, Google is still the rain or shine and sanctions.


In short here we are in correctional and JC must fight to lift the sanctions.

The application still exists and is no longer available in direct download until Domina lift the sanctions and we flagellum his lashes well deserved, oh yes my Rogue

To meet all those not having them JTGEEK the native application in their smartphones via SciPhone we put for download on their GDRIVE (yes the Google platform, we thought it was funny), if you have other Upload the host and then send us the link

Via GDrive >>

Via Mega >> #! Aw5kHAxC! McwGgYWr1BVa6AIx40hfUUKtMY1CSufvqiJ0lHb9Mj4

Follow and contact GLG on WeChat (in Live)

We had talked about the WeChat application, chat system which is a hit in China and happens slowly in Europe, France and the rest of the world.

I’m not very active on Twitter or facebook (cause not available in China without a proxy and thus can practice) but I use a lot WeChat a little more convenient than flickr for sharing, like Twitter and Facebook mix it allows Chatter also like MSN.

So follow me on Wechat on Android or Ios, Greg the Geek, or GLG for the close friends because I also share my holiday photos and these 18 Days in Thailand with some of my daily in China, as you will be more likely to follow on Wechat, I share some excluded and daily photos.

Already 272 people follow me on Wechat, China, France, Belgium friends as Thailand and wherever I can link knowledge.

So you can follow me on WeChat (available here) by two methods :


The method NUMBER 1
After installing WeChat, click Search and type “jtgeek” or otherwise. (Method old school without embellishment).

The method NUMBER 2
After installing WeChat, scan this QR code >> + button on the top right, scan the QR code. (Method total Geek with technological support).



Mega Bonus
Following glg you can meet the woman (Chinese) your life
A GPS system is available on WeChat, so you can find other users who are near you!

This is a good opportunity to meet with Chinese tourists in France. Of even very beautiful or more beautiful! Ugly to the originality!

Following glg you can meet the man (Chinese) your life
Following GLG you can meet beautiful hairless Chinese carved jade or better! Ugly to the authenticity!

Or simply meet Chinese. ^ ^

In short, I think we can make a special Wechat Miss Lyon late July, hoping that….

Your Chinese buddy GLG