Many years ago when the world launched electric car for the first time, it seemed like impossible. Years later, the electric car becomes very popular in many countries. And now, Geely, the China’s giant automotive has launched “Flying Car” which is going to manufacture¬†to be sold in the United State in 2019 or in next 2 years. Is it possible?

The company confirmed that Flying Car is a next solution for the automotive market in the world. The production can be actually sold commercially, it is not just a fanciful science fiction anymore.

Previously US traffic experts have predicted that Flying cars will be very popular in the future especially in European and American markets, just like electric vehicles.

The latest movement of Chinese car manufacturer was with the same timing as the leader of the Geely’s company recently reached an agreement for the acquisition of Terrafugia company, the world’s first flying car manufacturers, based on Boston, USA. Geely hopes to use the experience of the American engineers’ team to develop Chinese flying car to share in the world market.

What do you think about the flying car, is it possible?
What if it possible, how the traffic is going to be in the future?


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