After Huawei teamed up with Leica to develop a camera on Huawei’s smartphone. It makes it more acceptable that the camera is actually effective, obviously.

The latest reports from overseas media revealed information from a leaked poster said.
Huawei will design a new camera system in Huawei P Series next-generation or Huawei P11, which will cooperate with Leica as well. The camera is added to a triple camera (Triple Lens) resolution 40 Megapixel supports 5x hybrid zoom. The front camera has a resolution of up to 24 megapixels.
There is also talk about night mode “Pro”, the advantage of the new sensor and lens. This allows the camera to get 100% better exposure!

However, there is no confirmation of how big the camera sensor will be or a light aperture but even more powerful is the development of both hardware and software. The result was clearly better.

Huawei will focus on AI or Artificial Intelligence. This makes the shooting more beautiful. Huawei P11 is expected to use Krin 970 processors same as Huawei Mate 10.

The Huawei P Series is Huawei’s flagship mobile phone models this year. Huawei is always focused on innovation in the field of photography first. As chip and strength is the function of the Mate family as in Mate 10 Pro.


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