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Since September 2014 JT Geek is passed to the higher speed:

-Traffic JT Geek focused and steadily rising.

JT -loading Youtube Geek with proprietary formats , already over 20k Subscribers.

-Opening Exclusive partnerships JT Geek to put more your brand forward.

If you wish to become a partner JT Geek so do not hesitate to contact me at admin (brand only, no vendor or reseller)

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The population is aging, not at JT Geek, it rejuvenates

If the smile as many of our younger members will delight in taking pleasure to read us or watch our videos.

A course of daily cherish becomes addictive, if not an addiction, a dose of hearts we need highlighted on our Youtube channel with members mostly Major and above 35 years (age of maturity certainly)

But the virus is spreading and cherish passed from generation to generation, the curve is not reversed because our “mature” are still present and at attention (without blue and dependence inches requires) but passes through minority younger members hungry for more fashion new drug, and Kiff by GLG, legal, licensed, and accessible to all in one Cliic (subscribe you)

Come on, do not be afraid, trust, the first movie is free and we even give you a tissue if you let a tear secretly so you can not believe your eyes because being Chin’Addict it’s good, it is full and well, eh Tintin

If you too are addicted to cherish GLG we organize meetings cherish’Addict anonymous every Sunday at noon on JT Geek to say Go To Faq (only in French) the gloom and media stereotypes.


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Electric Scooter Chinese Luyuan air of a 2.0 MBK booster electrical

Motorcycles and two thermal wheels are prohibited in Shenzhen so no motorbike or scooter in the street or on the road (except for the font: p).

Actually yes and no because this ban to happen for a new generation of electric and China seems well ahead of this.

If you can not count the number of two-wheel electric vehicles in Chinese cities, their crazy growth in the set limits.

– We do not roll on the road (well, usually) but on the sidewalk that are very suitable (large, bike path, not walk … ..)


Scooter, motorcycle or bicycle with electric assistance

If the legislation is designed to limit the proliferation therefore we do not see electric motorcycle and electric scooters few (not really allowed, but you see them everywhere, and increasingly, it is China: D)

In short, the tolerance is not 0 but well above (well for a Chinese), because if I’m looking for electrical purchase, and as Foreigner, I spend less than an army of Chinese incognito bikers.

Farewell beautiful electric scooter that reminds me Booster or BW’s of my youth, I’m going to point me to an electric bike which will be discussed later.

Let’s talk about Luyuan MPA-B4820

Good at first glance it is stylish with its large tires.

LED headlamps, engine lock with magnetic code, disc brakes, aluminum wheels, digital meter, parking brake, hydraulic fork, tubeless tire, in short we are at Audi or BMW!

Autonomy (because that is the question) you will ask me, technically between 45 and 50km.

But be careful not pedal so once dry it will find an outlet (like Starbuck in the corner lol) or play stroller.

We will not go into detail unless Mr Luyuan wants us to do the test video but we can give you the price:

¥ 3,750.00 or € 469 ht in China for the Chinese

Your Chinese buddy


JT Geek YouTube channel soon 20,000 Subscribers PEP Geek

And here the joke takes another turn because after trying the challenge of Blogger Joker High-tech, linking movies test, reviews or High-tech / smartphone presentations with a little humor, geek Chain JT prepares to reach a new milestone of 20,000 subscribers or 20k Chef.

If I had a boss say to him that the curve is stable and growing with between 18 (on a good day) and 48 (when it rains) new subscribers per day, every day (the small hollow on the right is the August 15 ^^), the 20k will be a brief formality Chef and if last year I was happy to have 5 subscribers per day, some thirty day seem more appropriate these days.


Adding videos in English may be is not much but contribute because if these videos are not “yet” a lot of hearing and forcing unless my videos French, they have a number of views our videos last year and could therefore follow the same curve (sight and new subscribers) >> and that’s good

The Englishman will have been a good idea to give me more work in free time that I have even more limited, but will also open the floodgates of JT Geek and “broaden its catchment area leader” . Geek Jt incidentally is also translated into English on the by our friend Franck 😉

20k it’s been great fun so it “Roxe of the panda” and it will change nothing, or very little because if I put my head in testing, or a piece of my mind live streaming (It’s complicated, this is normal that it should make Geek) the format must remain intact and constant (even if you go to try some new formats meantime lol)

You love me or hate me, you like it or you do not understand my way of doing my tests, my presentations, I was fed up and take my foot to clown in front of the camera secretly being connected on a three-phase 380V outlet with red Bull intravenous, it will remain a constant that many come to see my tests kiffer discover or criticize (even those where they subscribe to not miss the opportunity to come and tell it sucks) then Welcome to the family of JT Chin’addict geek and thank you to all talk of JT geek (good or bad) as the family continues to grow, and for that i like you 😉

And to paraphrase the American Phylosophe Christian Audigier, “Let me talk about bad or good, the important thing is to talk to me”



Your Chinese buddy GLG

China business idea the output of the Airport

If business ideas seem tough to have, there are some that always surprise me.

If the black cab is a constant in the descent of an aircraft from Shenzhen to Paris, there are new and emerging related to new restrictions that are well regarded, well found and thus relayed here.

So yesterday, getting off the plane in Shenzhen and 10 after dodging requests for “Taxi,” “Taxi” “Taxi” “Taxi” “Taxi” “Taxi” “Taxi” “…… Two requests from people wanting to sell me Shenzhen plans (Ah that’s not stupid at a plane out) I see myself accosted by two mamasan wanting to sell me lighters!

Lighters, but yes here is an idea that it is good
I am not a smoker but I did notice that we could not get on a plane with a lighter, trash management control and therefore the passenger point of St Briquet, god of magic light at the end of the plane when our dear addicts will constantly than to toast a once the airplane.

And reaches out to you the magic amulet, the sacred ring that will allow your Controller spasms and your need for nicotine as a cigarette lighter without it is a bit of a geek without smartphones …

The story does not say if they are the same lighters before you threw at the outset that you would sell to return, because in this case it would be as environmentally friendly

In short, not sure it works in France as business sellers want to sell you this € 50 (yes sir I have fees), or Marseille starts knives, tear gas or weapons of war also prohibited flight, but I believe (though it’s funny how business idea too)

Your Chinese buddy GLG

Chinese Android tablets on airplanes intra China

On returning in an intra-China air this weekend in seeing a horde of djeune’s all with mini bars that I say …… .. “oh how times have changed” ..

Well no, I was not in the presence of a tribe of son of capitalists because these mini tablets are available in each seat between a catalog full of ads and a bag too small paper to put a full meal. (Local Company, economic siege, no business class tickets as too small ^^)

Yes I leave my country but every seat will be a mini Android tablet Ipad screen with Android Inside.

But Android is locked with some promotional pages, products of the airline and some games that will better their effects related to the surprise of the fact that we do not expect it.

This Chinese Tablet Made in China for China is flying like aluminum cube with Micro SD slot, micro USB, a little scratched and works quite well in relation to what is asked. No wifi or adjustments or access to Android kernel, again I had nothing planned for the root 🙂

Security checkpoint at the exit of the plane but a certainty that in other countries, these tablets would not have survived several Return Intra wall. (I leave you to your prejudices or your suspicions)

Another country, another manners, but as what …

Your Chinese buddy GLG