Gold Elite iPhone X is the most expensive and luxury version

Gold Elite Paris, the world leader in Golden mobile phones production, hold the Open House exhibition at a luxury hotel suite in Bangkok, in the theme of a Hollywood movie ‘Hangover’. VIPs, celebrities, and media are invited to ‘The Hangover Part II Suite’ for experience the superior and launched “Gold Elite iPhone X” the world’s newest golden smartphone and “Gold Elite Passport” the passport for the exclusive life. Read More

7.7 million pre-orders for the Meizu MX4

Reduce costs and reduce the selling price to sell up, here is the new motto of the Chinese manufacturers smartphones.

Xiaomi has led the way by selling smartphones still produced but not really “cash” before issuing permits to establish a viable business model for all.

Oppo and OCT have also followed the trend, you pre-order and will ship later …

It then became clear that Meizu from remembering the lesson for the recent launch of its flagship Android smartphone the Meizu MX 4.

The company claims to have collected a number of pre-order that would talk any smartphone maker with 7.7 million pre-orders for the device launched there 10 days back at an event in Beijing.

The MX4 is one of the first powered by the MediaTek MT6595 processor (then will come the Lenovo) devices, and rival with a 20.7-megapixel Sony camera (yes the pixels are not everything but still)

It was recently announced that the MX4 cost from USD 449 for international customers for the 16GB version, a price that could be include carriage and VAT, eh eh: p

The announcement was made by Bai Yongxiang on his Weibo account and is directly Xiaomi brand to bring them a little more pressure.

The Meizu brand is back and ready to do battle with Oppo and Opo or Xiaomi

Are you tempted by a Meizu MX 4 or more for an OPO (One Plus One) or Xiaomi?

Your Chinese buddy

When Mc Donald Deploys NFC payment on the eve of the iPhone 6

Tomorrow will be the best Chinese smartphone unveiled for 6 generations, the iPhone 6, the remaining smartphone made ​​in China, or rather made ​​in Foxconn and well made ​​in Shenzhen with the one that all will be gone.

I remember my Iphone 2G changed to Meizu M8 Windows CE much more malleable and if I am certainly passed under Mac OS (for video editing) and Mac Book Air (very easy to carry and self-defending champion, I can not Iphone resume, so beautiful and miraculous it is.

In short, tomorrow will be the mass of apple Addict and if everything is rumor that the iPhone 6 in two different sizes not surprise anyone, the presence of NFC could be confirmed by Mc Donalds lol

Before the rumors that Apple’s new phone will support NFC, the company has revealed that she wanted above all to develop a mobile wallet solution that enables users to directly use their phones to make payments.
Coincidence? because all McDonald’s restaurants will deploy NFC payment systems since September 15. According to an internal memo McDonald, all employees must be trained to use the new system, while the platform itself must be deployed in the middle of this month.

McDonalds in his pay would be a new NFC payment solution and could be perfect for a device sold millions of copies around the world and connect to Itune …

Apple will launch he officially iPhone 6 with NFC? (The Hotknot being reserved for Mediatek lol)


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China’s first lady Peng Liyuan uses a smartphone Nubia

A little news that will make some people smile, others a little less, with this information from Mrs. Geek asked me the question:

“Do you know why smartphones are so popular Nubia in China? ”

Well, because Ms Peng Liyuan, wife of the President of the People’s Republic of China Mr Xi Jinping, Uses Nubia and proudly when need to take pictures like this alongside CEO of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn in Berlin, Germany.

Although the back of the smartphone does not have a visible logo on the photo, netizens Geek addict will soon discovered that the phone was Nubia Z5 Peng Min, a model of the final year of the Chinese firm ZTE, seventh largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. (yes I promise you, thanks to China ^^)

Economic smartphone that is sold in China between 1499 yuan and 1888 yuan (€ 240), and is now no longer marketed leaving its place Z7 Nubia, Nubia and Nubia Z7 Z7 Max Mini. Phones, we remind you, are only to China and does not have CE logo if you wanted you buy one here

A very appreciated in China away from the standard Apple Effect and seen by the web as a show of support from the first lady for products manufactured in the country patriotic effect. Many fans Nubia wrote on social media that they were delighted to discover that the first lady shared the same taste as them.

A small Nubia Francois?


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Hong Kong Computer & Communications festival 2014, the Geek paradise

So today begins the “Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival.”
In order to  find from 22 to 25 many Chinese manufacturer from China showcase their products (I know the KVD Group will be a stand but I was not invited) but also many other better known by brand at home 🙂


In short, with my both halves Will + geek JT and Umi C1 test I think it will not be possible for me this year so if you go take pictures there friends 😉


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Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers

Lenovo upsets its own code because if everyone knows the brand for its computers or Ideapad few take them seriously when the market for Chinese smartphones.

Well mistake or beware of preconceptions because the Chinese company has just announced that its smartphone sales have exceeded those of PCs.

These figures will be due to their record sales in Asia since the brand is not even present in France and certain other countries. Ok, the population in China sharpens and some high-end models as well as other very entry level will boost awareness and numbers of the brand.

Lenovo would also be the fourth manufacturer of smartphones worldwide by institute IDC.

End of first quarter 2014 Lenovo has sold 15.8 million mobile devices, up 39% from last year when the brand has sold 14.5 million PCs that an increase of 15%.

If Huawei impresses us these months there is a good chance that it will also rely on Lenovo …

Become a Doogee reseller in your city, area or country with Geek support;)

As many have already read, I took my quarters in Doogee 😉

Doogee is the small Chinese brand smartphones rising, smartphones like the others but cheaper and coolest 😉

Doogee is the brand of smartphone price shock KVD group, having invaded China and Spain through a partnership with the Football team VILLARREAL CF, the brand is now France; Europe and the World.

If any part of my time will be dedicated to video for the brand with tests and tutorials by GLG (yes if it is not a brand but it is already a claw lol), the other part will be devoted to the development therefore B2B network seller, dealer, entrepreneur, professional, distributor, wholesaler or future king of oil.

My smile with no border and my English, although it amuses some in my videos, export seems better than my colleagues / collaborators Chinese flavors and Asian accents

In short, the brand is very little developed outside of China, if you have a project or ambitions, I can help you, no matter where you are or dream to go (Who wants to settle in Thailand?)

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