Beyond MAX, the first House Brand in Thailand

P & G INTERGROUP CO., LTD, A leading supplier of quality brand smartphones in Thailand, launched Beyond MAX. The latest smartphones with dual camera, The first House Brand in Thailand. Beyond MAX is effective in the clear and blur, come with a function to capture specific points and fast to edited and can be activated simultaneously 2 screens with Multi Window (Multi Windows) Read More

OnePlus 5T already launched with 18:5 AMOLED screen, Snapdragon, Dual Camera and Face Scanner

Offical Launched of OnePlus 5T for the end of the year, the specification and design are exactly what we have heard about for a couple of months before. Read More

Razer BlackWidow waterproof and dustproof Gaming Keyboard

If you are kind of keyboard working and spend most time over the keyboard even on mealtime. A piece of food and water like to get closer to your keyboard. It is annoying, right? Food and snack can be removed easily but for water, when it spoiled on the keyboard. Need to buy a new one, again and again.  But with the BlackWidow Razer’s new Razer keyboard which comes with IP54 for both water and dust proof, the water spilt will be solve.

Razer BlackWidow

Razer launches new mechanical keyboard that will be liked by many gamers. It comes standard IP54 water and dustproof which allows you to use without cleaning and do not be afraid to spill water on the keyboard.

The BlackWidow Razer keyboard comes in size 7.98 x 6.02 x 2.36 inch. Weight about 450 grams. Other features are still available. Whether it is a green LED backlit light that can change the luminous effect. The keyboard can be used up to 80 million times pressing.

For anyone interested, the web of the Razer BlackWidow sold before then will be released worldwide in December at a price of 109.99 dollars, or about 3,700 baht.

And if you are looking for a new keyboard, we found the place to supported your desire with many kinds of the keyboard. Enjoy shopping time!

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Geely, the Chinese automakers expected to sold ‘Flying car’ in next 2 years

Many years ago when the world launched electric car for the first time, it seemed like impossible. Years later, the electric car becomes very popular in many countries. And now, Geely, the China’s giant automotive has launched “Flying Car” which is going to manufacture to be sold in the United State in 2019 or in next 2 years. Is it possible? Read More

MARS translation headphones won great innovation from CES 2018.

MARS is a real-time translation headset that supports Clova AI’s award-winning Best of Innovations headphones from CES 2018, held in New York. The event was held to reward the innovation of consumer technology products which has been selected by a prestigious committee. Both designers and engineers in various industries. Read More

Samsung resisted that Galaxy A5 version 2018 will come with new design and borderless

Samsung has confirmed the latest information about the Galaxy A5 via the Support page on the official website of South Korea, with a new upgrade to the borderless screen design, almost like Galaxy S8, also on the metal body with a glass of waterproof. Expected to launch early next year! Read More

TouchFocus High-tech eyewear, changeable short and long sighted

One of the advances in technology that makes our every days life easier and more comfortable, Mitsui Chemicals company in Japan has created special eyeglasses. The highlight is TouchFocus which able to change and adjust your sight by the switch around the leg for short-sighted or long-sighted. The design is simple but classic. Suitable for the elderly that most have vision problems. Read More