Xiaomi VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser , smart home, smart life

Technology becomes the important part of our lives, it helps us live easier life by making the daily stuff smarter. As hot water, we have the electric kettle which can boil water in just 1-3 mins, easy. Technology will never stop, the new generation of boiling water is coming by the Xiaomi company, Xiaomi VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser, water temperature can be adjusted and ready to use after press it on. Read More

September 20 Hottest Morning Deals

September 20th

BRELONG E27 12W Bluetooth Music Bulb for $14.37

Do you feel a bit bored in your place? Do you want something different at home by not changing any big thing? Support your current mood with this magic light bulb, BRELONG E27 12W Bluetooth Music Bulb is not only a light bulb but the light can be changeable to any colors. Moreover, if the changeable light is not enough to support your feeling, turn on the music and let the bulb sings your emotional song. Read More

September 19 Hottest Afternoon Deals

September 19th

Gewek T-shirts : The Geek Wear, The International Shop officially open now!

Gewek: the geek wear has just opened the international shop today with the best offer for free shipping worldwide. wherever you are, Gewek will come to you. The geek wear’s brand provided a different style of T-shirt, caps, and accessories. Every single product has a wonderful story which ready to share with you on the official website.

Gewek was born in Thailand where T-shirt is very fashion by a French man who lives in Thailand and loves to wear T-shirt. At the beginning, he designed his own T-shirt and did little amount for himself and shared some with his friends. Then, many people interested in that crazy T-shirt design and Gewek team was begun.

The Gewek team packed with the geeks and t-shirt lovers, French and Thai, here comes our slogan ‘Design in France, Made in Thailand’. We have French team living in France to do graphic design and Thai team living in Thailand to find the best 100% cotton T-shirt and the best screen on it.

Visit gewek.com to see all Gewek collections, cool T-shirts, and cool accessories. We do not just do T-shirt for sale But for every Gewek products, there is a beautiful story behind. We did what we love and we would love to share our stories with you.

Join the Gewek, You are all welcome.


7 Color LED light Adds Romance to the night $27.55

Ceramic Electric Aromatherapy Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser LED Night Light is made of real ceramics which design is a unique. It looks clean and elegant, the aromatherapy which fills the room with a relax and romantic atmosphere. The light and scent will give the perfect moment to spend with your family, friend and a very beautiful night with your lover. For me the lavender is good for my relax time, how about you, what is your favorite scent? Read More

Ninebot miniPro Self Balancing Scooter $699.99

Ninebot mini Pro Self Balancing Scooter is compact size, a bit bigger from the last model the Ninebot Plus, the width is equal to a shoulder of an adult and adjustable height up to 63-95 cm. It comes in an ergonomic design but it provides a more comfortable riding experience which curved foot control with PU foam, thickness pedal pad, anti-slip and shockproof. The base made of aluminum magnesium alloy which can support maximum payload up to 100kg Read More