Fantasy Commando Style Chocolate Ice Mold, Summer item

It’s Summer Time! Time to enjoy outdoor, swim, beach, road trip, and a cold drink. Can you hear the ice cracking in a glass? Can you feel cold when the ice touch you lip? Enjoyable! Ice cube is good for a cold drink but if it can change to other shapes, it must be better. There are many shapes ice mold that you can choose what shape you like. This is a fantasy ice mold in storm trooper shaped which be able to make you drink fantastic. Read More

Cop Rose x6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner for $288

Windows are covered with dust and need to clean, at least once a month. Each time cleaning windows, your hands and arms feel numb and tried, right? Yes, I do understand. Windows is the hardest cleaning housework in the house and if your house is full of glasses windows…Ohhhh, better leave them unclean! You shouldn’t do that but you don’t need to clean all windows by yourself… Because here is windows’ friend.  Think about the robot who help you clean the floor…yeah, this one will give the same feeling ^^ Read More

PP GUN Rifle Design Built-in 3.0 Bluetooth Gun Optimized Designed Toy for FPS Game for real fun

PP GUN Rifle Design Built-in 3.0 Bluetooth Gun Optimized Designed Toy for FPS Game allows you to enjoy a fun time with any shooting games and compatible with smartphone, tablet and computer under IOS, Android, and Windows. Have you ever feel uncomfortable with sitting on the couch and pushing only the button on your favorite games? You should try this one and the games will never be the same. Read More

Xiaomi QiCYCLE – EF1 Smart Bicycle, enjoy the ride in summer

Summer is here…..and then what? What are you waiting for….let’s go out and enjoy the ride! It’s a good time for riding a bike and enjoy the nice weather, isn’t it? Read More

Newest Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A will show up soon?

Xiaomi, the famous Chinese company which grows very fast in few years, is famous for Chinese smartphone and high tech stuff, products were guaranteed by the number of sale and feedback from customers. Every single product from Xiaomi is waiting by customers, so does new smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A that we are waiting for, right? Read More

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Electric 11 inch Self Balancing Scooter, ready for pre-order

The last model of Xiaomi scooter has sold many on the market and has lots of good feedback from a customer. Now, A brand new scooter presented by Xiaomi company is Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Electric 11 inch Self Balancing Scooter. From the appearance and the company’s name, the quality of this item must be good, do you agree? Read More

Nokia and Xiaomi sign business cooperation for future partnership in AR and VR tech

Nokia, the company from Finland, and Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese company, both of them have been presenting many of smartphone and high-tech stuff for years. Products from both companies have proved themselves by the number of sales and feedback, and today, they cooperate and sign for partnership. So that we can expect the great things beyond high-tech we have seen today, right? Read More