Dual sim smartphone configuration tutorial in partnership with Doogee

The Chinese Android smartphone tutorials return to the geek JT (Still without Regis) because it is an idea that I submitted to Doogee and was warmly welcomed.

And as I work for them every afternoon so I have more time to spend somewhere and the obligation to regularly leave the Tuto Android.

If these videos are in French, English and Spanish on the Youtube channel Doogee Offcial, I’ll take one (at least the tutorial because I’m an actor, director and producer) for JT geek changing only the intro and special geek JT conclusion.

Tuto good and buy the Doogee



También en español

Asus Zenfone 4 (A450CG) Xiaomi Redmi in sight

After Android smartphones Asus Asus Zenphone Zenfone 5 and 6, the Taiwanese brand Asus presents a new Zenfone 4 which directly aim category by the popular Xiaomi 1S redmi

The Zenfone 4 is already on pre-order in India (New Eldorado smartphone manufacturers) but we hope to be able quickly find it on the market in Shenzhen because it is also Taiwanese, it is obviously made ​​in China

Features Asus Zenfone 4
Display 4.5-inch 480px854
CPU 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 CPU
Camera 8 megapixel rear and VGA Front
1750mAh battery
Android 4.4 KitKat
This Zenphone 4 is therefore positioned below the Zenfone 5 and 6 Zenfone but could be seduced by its finishes and a very competitive price we hope.

The Galaxy Zenfone grows and while some expect zenfone 4G LTE, others might indulge in a smaller configuration.

JT Geek YouTube channel soon 20,000 Subscribers PEP Geek

And here the joke takes another turn because after trying the challenge of Blogger Joker High-tech, linking movies test, reviews or High-tech / smartphone presentations with a little humor, geek Chain JT prepares to reach a new milestone of 20,000 subscribers or 20k Chef.

If I had a boss say to him that the curve is stable and growing with between 18 (on a good day) and 48 (when it rains) new subscribers per day, every day (the small hollow on the right is the August 15 ^^), the 20k will be a brief formality Chef and if last year I was happy to have 5 subscribers per day, some thirty day seem more appropriate these days.


Adding videos in English may be is not much but contribute because if these videos are not “yet” a lot of hearing and forcing unless my videos French, they have a number of views our videos last year and could therefore follow the same curve (sight and new subscribers) >> and that’s good

The Englishman will have been a good idea to give me more work in free time that I have even more limited, but will also open the floodgates of JT Geek and “broaden its catchment area leader” . Geek Jt incidentally is also translated into English on the Jtgeek.net by our friend Franck 😉

20k it’s been great fun so it “Roxe of the panda” and it will change nothing, or very little because if I put my head in testing, or a piece of my mind live streaming (It’s complicated, this is normal that it should make Geek) the format must remain intact and constant (even if you go to try some new formats meantime lol)

You love me or hate me, you like it or you do not understand my way of doing my tests, my presentations, I was fed up and take my foot to clown in front of the camera secretly being connected on a three-phase 380V outlet with red Bull intravenous, it will remain a constant that many come to see my tests kiffer discover or criticize (even those where they subscribe to not miss the opportunity to come and tell it sucks) then Welcome to the family of JT Chin’addict geek and thank you to all talk of JT geek (good or bad) as the family continues to grow, and for that i like you 😉

And to paraphrase the American Phylosophe Christian Audigier, “Let me talk about bad or good, the important thing is to talk to me”



Your Chinese buddy GLG

Zopo ZP320 4G LTE test by GLG

It’s time for Zopo decline 4G smartphone with Zopo ZP320 therefore comes to us with a little configuration, because little CPU but 4G

Android 4.4 OS KitKat
Display: 5-inch 960×540 qHD IPS Retina
Rear Camera: 8 MP, autofocus, LED flash
Front camera: 2MP
4G: 800/1800/2600 MHz FDD-LTE
€ 155 in the SciPhone Store

Install Android 4.4 Kit Kat on the Doogee DG550 Dagger

The kit-kat ROM Android 4.4 for your Doogee DG550 is available but not yet OTA.

OTA means that it is done automatically from your phone / Adjustments / About / update (small bug that will be fixed soon resistant)

For the impatient, so 90% of us, you can add it manually but you will follow the tutorials videos available on our forum:


It’s not impossible to do but we must do everything in order, at the request of Doogee I also a little tutorial that worked for me, do not hesitate to back me errors s’ there were 😉


How to install Android 4.4 Kit Kat on a Doogee DG550


Be careful because the update erases everything in your phone, remember to make a backup first.
This operation remains risky and can brick your phone if you are not on the voting once, wait for OTA update will happen soon

1 / Download these 3 files

Kitkat Official Update: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-eEV…
USB VCOM Drivers: http://www.mediafire.com/?he09fewfey2…
Sp Flash Tool: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showt…

1-1 / install drivers phone
For Windows 7 it ​​will be like Device Manager
Windows / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager
1-2 / Remove the battery from your phone / connect to your PC via USB without battery / install the battery
1-3 / MT65XX should appear in the list / otherwise look in “Check Comport”
1-4 / Install the driver / Driver / Update / From rent / I will choose / search “VCOM USB DRIVER” in your computer / 2K-XP-Com file / Choose your driver / Next / done

2 / Extract the rom from the “official Kitkat Update” file you downloaded

3 / Install SP Flash Tool on your PC

4 / Run “SP Flash Tool”

4-1 / In “scatter loading” scatter select the file in the “File Doogee DG550 Roma” unzipped file
4-2 / Make sure you are well “download only” (under “Scatter line”)

5 / Switch off your phone and remove the battery

6 / Connect your phone to PC without battery

7 / When the red bar appears in “SP Flash Tool” install the battery

8 / Everything should be good, wait “download OK”

9 / Disconnect your phone and restart the

10 / Congratulations / Your are ready for a Kit Kat break.

5 New and Upcoming Lenovo smartphones

So here is the program by Lenovo with 5 new Android smartphones planned before Christmas.

As always with the Lenovo range will be off with the entry-level and exclusive, the coming months will therefore also punctuated by Ideaphone Lenovo.

Lenovo A768t, 858t and Vibe-X2 will start the ball rolling with the devices closer to what we already used to seeing from Lenovo. The first two will definitely entry-level dedicated to China because of their translation T, TD-CDMA and TD-LTE and will not make your little hearts throb of Geek.

Under the Lenovo Vibe X2 we could see happen Lenovo super X2-T0 end with 2.2Ghz processor and 1080p display

The most interesting seems to happen before Christmas, just to make your list already well established in the heart of this year with the Lenovo Sisley would appear dressed in a pretty dress and metal in November by the Apollo-yoga could be a top phone -end clamshell because yes, here in China, this kind of very expensive phone is very fashionable … ..

So do you fall for Lenovo?
A little?
So much?
A madness?
Not at all?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

This is not a perfume bottle but a Sony camera KW1

Here is a very girly gadget produced by Sony with this artifact special timer selfie.

All women would want, but what it is?

This product has a shape similar to a perfume bottles with a 21MM lens F / 2.0 Wide (with LED light) that can be rotated 180 degrees with a max resolution of 19.2 million.

Side design this fragrance like sony KW1 is also inlaid with Swarovski Elements and will sport an OLED touch screen of 3.3 inches.

The user can choose between five features picture taken by what he or she wants to shoot, skin, eyes, face, etc. to be the most beautiful (beautiful)

If the device also has wifi we almost ask why not be grafted ^^ phone.
For the price plan 5199rmb 650 €, that quiet lol

In short, a Digital Photo ugly and not ergonomic, finally something different you might say … 🙂

I know you do not hold up, but we should have more information on the  subject … soon.

Your Chinese  buddy GLG