Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Touch formalized in Asia Expo

It’s been a while since we talking about a partnership signed between Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, and Meizu giant Chinese phones.

If the MX3 under Ubuntu version Touch as an operational system was discussed at the last MWC in Barcelona, ​​will be to become the next Asia Expo 2014 Beijing Meizu MX3 in the Touch version of Ubuntu will be officially presented to the public.





Meizu is the first Chinese manufacturer to incorporate the beautiful Ubuntu Touch ROM system Linux kernel very interesting concept which will however very difficult to find partners shock for a long-term partnership. Meizu will probably Canonical springboard to the huge Chinese market and certainly even more generally the Asian market, which is incidentally particularly addicted to original systems


The International Asia Expo will open in a few days ago, and partnership Meizu and Ubuntu should be reported to the next June 11. We would have seen the Ubuntu Touch equip one of the latest models coming Meizu as the future MX4 example. Disappointment therefore that side, unless Meizu has prepared a little surprise.
To recap, the MX3 Ubuntu or FlymeOS Touch is a device with a screen of 5.1 inch Full HD 1800x1080p powered by an added 2GB of RAM Octa Core processor Samsung Exynos 5.


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Nubia Z7 more news about its specs and price.

As the smartphone market is still flat in China but have good news now, we continue to inform you about the upcoming mobile coming this year. After the ads interspersed Z7 and another smartphone ZTE Nubia via a web advertising campaign (if it exists!) Based poster red purple and large 7 here and there, it is now absolutely certain that the ZTE Nubia Z7 out towards the beginning of the fourth quarter 2014. Today June 7 Nubia brings us, as promised, more data on these specs, but not only.




Actually not much on the specs if it is only 801 Snapdragon mentioned at the beginning of the rumors is not it! This will be his big brother, the SD805 will take the limelight, which directly implies a fall release for the Z7. Also will not Z7 7-inch diagonal screen, but rather for its 5 inches with a resolution FHD 1080p. Where things do not change, it is the RAM that remains to 3GB. However, new data has been confirmed by the firm on its rear camera. We can see from the pictures that the sensor looks like the XShot.

Nubia and tells us that it will be a 16 MP sensor with OIS stabilization system, with single LED flash amber. But watch out a large LED Flash! Certainly the biggest single LED flash on the market for the moment, I do not know if this will bring a higher quality rendering in low light, but in any case will have undoubtedly a big step above a simple flash LED. Some experts already betting on the fact that this camera will offer the same picture quality as that of the XShot erm erm … I’m a little skeptical at the moment but hey, wait and see. As a dedicated photo taken button will be present to our delight, finally I personally love! Small novelty, USB OTG output is apparently shifted to the right bottom side of the device, and there I do not like, I finally forgive, right?


NUBIA Z7 black bottom angel


More information about the new OS first, because Nubia UI 2.0 will indeed be installed in this Z7 Nubia, on the other hand the all-new flagship Nubia mark a continuation in the existing design of the range. It will be available in black and white only and will be covered with a metal shell. Finally its price leaked and confirmed by the leaders will 2777 RMB or 330 € ($ 440)! Which seems reasonable for the quality ZTE provides throughout its range and therefore in Nubia Nubia Z7 which logically compete with E4, that Meizu MX4 and other premium smartphone based SD805.

NUBIA Z7 white bottom angel



Xiaomi is ahead Apple for sales in China!

Although a great respect between firms, Xiaomi phones and those of Apple display two distinct styles, the first focusing on the cost-effectiveness ratio, while the second is like to remain popular in the world of high-end smartphone.

Recently seen in the U.S. media and especially on BloombergTV chain of ultra deemed the U.S. economy, a video on a topic on the rapid growth in sales of Xiaomi phone. Figures that focus on the first quarter of this year show that sales of Xiaomi exceed Apple’s iPhone in China.

Bloomberg list of other specific data and thus indicates that at the end of fiscal 2013, Apple iPhones bought in China numbered 23.1 million while Xiaomi their heels at a relative distance but consistent with 18.7 million units sold. In the first quarter of 2014, these data are passed to 9,000,000 for Apple and 10.4 million for Xiaomi, while the gap is still growing, says Bloomberg TV!



Of course, they did not fail to remember that the average price of Xiaomi phones revolves around just $ 200, while those of the last iPhones can climb up to $ 700! Thus, Apple’s market share remains huge compared to Xiaomi (95milliards against $ 5 billion) and the balance of the world remains unchanged but still the number of sales and a significant figure for comparison in this economy. At the same time we are reminded that where Xiaomi saves a lot of money due to almost no marketing investment and material favors cheap but still quality injected Apple millions in its advertising campaigns in China and the world to invent every part of their terminals are more high-end than the other top notch brands, which is partially factually wrong.


part de marché apple Xiaomi


Here’s what! Big up Xiaomi! And I still say that if we see a 100% made in France one day smartphone, Xiaomi strategy that will focus on more than embarking on ultra premium like Apple, which requires a lot more investment.



The Xiaomi Mi3S reveals itself, it was the Xiaomi Leo

A Benchmark was drilled on the web last month, revealing the latest flagship device Xiaomi. His code name was Leo Xiaomi, but we do not know at this point if it was a draft Mi4 or the long awaited Mi3S that many of you do not even hope to appear more so many we are waiting for long time

Confirmation is not yet official, but a Chinese source has confirmed that Leo will actually well Xioami Mi3S first smartphone manufacturer to feature the smoky 4G LTE. And we have more than that because a leaked picture unveil his appearance.



This picture tells us something new, because we expected a Mi3 revisited with the new 4G processor, we must get to the evidence that the Mi3S is a brand new device with rounded corners, and has a false air, seen from front, Zopo ZP980. This is subjective.


We will just repeat what has been said about its specs in our previous article, but the point is quite important and interesting that we support over a little more.

The Xiaomi Mi3S will be a 5 inches screen with Full HD 1080p resolution, it will be powered by Snapdragon S801 Quad Core Qualcomm processor clocked at 2.5Ghz, it will have 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, a 8MP camera before for a main rear camera 13Mpx. According to the benchmark results, the camera should rotate in Antutu 31,400 items, which could be improved with the final version of the optimized ROM Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Nothing more will be revealed on its characteristics, and even less about its release date should be announced shortly. Final straight friends!



Case with flip cover available for more than 15 brands of smartphones by JT Geek

JT Geek is a bit polygamous because after our merger with Chinese brand Doogee smartphone we could not help but flirt with another brand, but this time cases smartphone.

So here we are on another adventure with Yuanwang-tech which offers only cases with flip cover and integrated cases but for 16 brands of smartphones.

Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad, Xiaomi, Apple, Sony, Meizu, Zte, Vivo, Oppo, Amok, Lg, HTC, TCL and Gionee …

A simple formula case declined to infinity
The formula is simple, offer a case design with an integrated shell, flip cover, a magnetic closure, a card holder and the decline for many brands and models and this, in different colors.


etui-flip cover brand


A Nice Price and two was saying even better myself
We thought that would be € 4.90 a nice price for Chin’addict and family to stay in line with our offer SciPhone “For two is better” then this case will increase to € 3.90 if you take twice the same.
White and Black Blues
We therefore propose that these cases in black and white at the moment (cause storage problems with a hundred refs) in the SciPhone Shop
It is with small rivers that are made Large Fleuve.


Your Chinese Friend







Watch Spy Cam waterproof test by GLG

Watch spy camera

MediaTek at Computex 2014

Today first part of the news related MediaTek at Computex 2014. And remember, yes, a few days ago I was doing you a teaser Computex by talking about its implications for Mediatek. Well this “computer show” Taipei is started and well underway, as the Taiwanese chip designer began reporting on some expected things..




MediaTek presented its platform hardware and software development called “Linkit.” MediaTek clearly moving to a new dimension with elements of language focused and quite encouraging. In this case they talk about Linkit as a Software / Hardware platform which aims to boost the markets “wearable” devices but also surprise, the “IoT” initials for the Internet of Things. May be it does not speak to you? This is normal, but I’ll explain.

The platform LinkIT is actually divided into two parts, the hardware part is provided by the new SoC Aster which we told you about in the article teaser. With a size of 5.4 to 6.2 mm SoC is advertised as the smallest mobile processor solutions currently on the market. It was designed to enable the developer community to create a wide range of products and solutions at affordable prices, the trademark of MTK. voicie Aster MT2502 and some prototypes.




And this is where the IoT into dance. Because this term does not only refer to the ” wearables ” smartwatches type smartbracelet or smartglasses ! I do not know if you saw the presentations of Samsung connected to the house on the sidelines of the presentation of S5 systems. Basically, door handles connected , washing machines connected with the pub happening now on TV , but also ovens, fridges, alarm systems and small automation. All this in the context of a ” smart home ” according to Samsung. Well Mediatek and IoT is an ambition for all these types of terminals, but with more potential solutions for business , industry , sports etc etc ! Along with the announcement of Aster , MediaTek has also launched two new processors the MT7688 MT7681 and , both seeking to view the digital home . Both processors are suitable for connected home devices, but will also add a ” smart control” on household appliances in general.



MediaTek aims high and JC Hsu Managing Director and Head of Business Development at MediaTek has stated

“We want to enable an ecosystem of device manufacturers, application providers and developers to create innovations and new solutions for the super-mid market”



A super-mid market therefore includes all these varieties of new devices become possible thanks to the platform Linkit. Also according to JC Hsu, this new initiative MediaTek Labs to provide software models key reference in hand will allow developers to make their products more easily with first places the MT7688 and MT7681 SoC Aster, but in the future with all other chipsets MTK suited to this program. Mediatek wants to reach as many people as quickly as possible to allow all their users to become “everyday Genius” geniuses every day, and I I like it as a philosophy ^ ^!

This platform is a novelty in China, but not a conceptual innovation in pure sense, as already Huawei to create the beginning of the year a semi open application developers for its platform. LinkIT however is more akin to software development for man-machine interface. The real portal MediaTek Labs officially open the third quarter of this year, as to burn a little more the second quarter of 2014 which looks hot potato!

Then you’ll be a “Everyday Genius” this year?

Stay tuned for further news from Computex 2014!