Please enable google apps access to your position? What is it?

To go on holiday so I swapped my Oppo N1 for Doogee DG650S.

1 / Because it was necessary that I test a Doogee for real for 1 month
2 / For the Doogee DG650 is super hefty lol
3 / And it was good for me to put my two Chinese and Thai sim
Change Smartphone also reveals new surprises because if the migration of an Android smartphone to an Android smartphone is made easy by automatically synchronizing Google contacts, emails, browsers and Agenda, new messages you may have forgotten to put the doubt.
GPS access via GMAP then appears: “Please allow Google applications to access your position?”
Brief for summarize I run GMAP and when I want to position myself well and the following message appears: please allow your position …… :/
A Round in the Data Location (in settings):

Access to my position ON >>
GPS satellites ok >>
location via Wifi ok >>
Yet still this message ….
And here is the solution that is very stupid once we have the solution:
Parameter-Search Google icon
-Select Location Data


Here is hoping that it prevents you from looking for longer than 5 minutess lol
Your Chinese buddy GLG

Oppo PM2, Audio headphones top class by Oppo

You may be familiar Oppo as a manufacturer of smartphones Chinese branch of BBK Group China also produces the Vivo brand, but also more recently OnePlus many electronic devices including a range of Oppo Blu-Ray Audio and helmet.

Oppo Audio offers a new device that will provide a helmet with “the best audio quality.”
But the question remains, What will it be? Not a new phone but a new headset

OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones


Oppo therefore already offers premium headphones called “PM1” still worth $ 1000 and promises to be their successors PM2.

These headphones are based on a flat magnet and a membrane which is driven on its entire surface. Thus, they create sound waves that strike your eardrum go evenly and thus show no distortion of sound quality.

A small improvement over the PM1, yes, but also the most exciting improvement will lower prices to “only” $ 699.

Well it’s a little expensive … but who has already had seen or heard a movie on a Blu-ray player Oppo understood that this range is decidedly upscale, or rather very upscale.

The OnePlus one will pass on Android L, with Cyanogenmod or color OS?

The OnePlus One runs Cyanogenmod and is kind of a guarantee of guarantee for all those hoping to have a regular system updates daily.

Xiaomi was indeed the leader of the moment in terms of upgrade before everyone but OnePlus or Oppo More could follow suit thanks to the Cyanogen Team.

Following the announcement of the launch of Google Android L, members will therefore stormed the forum when Cyanogen has the availability of this new OS, they will therefore replied that there was no clear timeline yet.

OnePlus, master of Buzz and the Internet indicated that the update to Android L should be available in three months (from when lol?), So as Color OS.

It is likely to happen in The Android Cyanogen before Color OS, in both cases you can easily change the ROM if needed.

Ok, Unless The Android comes first in Miui for Xiaomi, which will complicate things a bit

So what will be the first Chinese Android smartphone L?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Lenovo will flood the market with 60 smartphones this year

If we compare the success of Lenovo computers with that of smartphones, we can say that the brand has a hard win despite capablent top models to compete with the best seller of the moment.

The acquisition of Motorolla Mobility has Google is a first step in this strategic plan will be followed according to a report from DigiTimes, invasion Lenovo smartphone with no less than 60 aircraft, without counting smartphones that could come from Motorola .

The Group expects to sell 80 million smartphones this year the majority will be in China.

60 smartphones in one year are still 5 new phones per month, with entry-level phones 2G/3G, 4G LTE and a few fighter jets that should surprise you as did the K series with the K910 and recently K920.

This strategy of domination of the market with devices positioned on every forehead reminiscent of Samsung (capable of the best and the worst), it remains to follow this plan in order to know the outcomes that will wake the ambitions of Lenovo.


Your  Chinese buddy GLG

Lenovo A880 test by GLG

  • 6.0 inch qHD IPS display
  • MTK6582M processor Quad-core 1.3 GHz 4 ×
  • 1Gb 8Gb RAM + ROM + 32GB Max. via micro SD card (not included)
  • Dual SIM Dual Standby 3G 900/2100MHz
  • Android 4.2
  • 2500mAh battery
  • 154.90 in the Sci Shop

Xiaomi MI3 Gold for sale but still no MI3S or MI4

If Apple has missed the train tablets with a strong demand for smartphone at least 4.5 ‘see 5’, it is clear that by proposing a Gold Series iphone he has been able to generate demand and a foot mocking the nose (I’m) thinking that nobody would buy gold phone.

Yet the gold shows are selling very well and Iphone Gold has created a trend that all manufacturers and especially Chinese manufacturers have followed since we had already seen the Zopo 1000 Gold and discover now version Xiaomi

Xiaomi MI3 Gold in order to waiting for others

So nothing new for Xiaomi MI3 will remain 5 ‘with its Snapdragon CPU 800 and still no 4G LTE awaited by some, but in her new dress Gold or plastgold


And Xiaomi Xiaomi MI3S or MI4?

Well, still a little patience because the market Chinese smartphones moves very quickly, and OnePlus One will put his revolution Free Xiaomi therefore must respond with a smartphone that much ahead, presentiment or hope, with an all-metal housing Snapdragon or Tegra 805 K1 CPU and 4G LTE, of course my dear.


Your chinese buddy GLG

50000 Xiaomi Mipad sold in less than 4 minutes, who says better?

Heck we missed the sale of 50,000 super Flash Xiaomi Mipad sold in 4 minutes, as you say the Xiaomi servers had to take expensive as this tablet Nvidia Tegra K1 was coveted.

The Xiaomi MiPad is the first Android tablet and signed Xiaomi has marked the spirit by being equipped with Nvidia Tegra processor K1, a 7.9-inch display 2048 x 1536, 192 GPU, Android Kit Kat and 2 GB of RAM , all for 1500 rmb which is less than 190 Euros in China.

But hey … 50 000 pieces is little for sale only reserved for the Chinese in China and the first Lucky who could acquire can show off with this “limited edition” or resell for a great price. (Which is already if the Chinese Web)

Everything should get better at the 90th flash sale lol


Your chinese buddy GLG