Meizu : a new Smartwatch Mwatch concept

You might call it a second wind. Meizu’s MX3 is getting ready for the 4G LTE, an MX4 is in the making, they have a new FlymeOS interface plus a partnership with Canonical concerning a ROM Ubuntu Touch. And as if that wasn’t enough, Meizu’s boss has just showcased on social networks his new Smartwatch concept : a particularly refined design with a fine flexible curved display as well as an elegant metal strap that is sure to suit your wrist.


However, we cannot really say that the Smartwatch market has experienced a boom so far. Customers are still shy of this new technology but Meizu had to occupy this segment so as not to leave everything to Samsung and Sony, to mention this sector’s big guns.


The Mwatch will feature a 2.4in display for a 480×640 resolution, Wifi, Bluetooth and the NFC, as well as a 5Mpx camera, which will make this smartwatch the classiest and most powerful watch of the moment, that is until Apple’s iWatch makes its debut…


You’ll notice, below the devices’s display, a round button that will claim, in very sober fashion, its relation to the Meizu line. However, this watch for now is only a concept and we cannot tell you more about its technical features. (SIM ? Internet connection?)

Do you think Meizu’s MWatch has arguments convincing enough to win your hearts ? 😉

Zopo ZP780 video test by GLG

In this video you’ll discover the Zopo ZP780 tested by GLG.

4×1.3GHz, Quad core MTK MT6582 processor

5in IPS touchscreen

Gb RAM + 4Gb ROM + microSD card (64Gb max.)

Dual SIM

WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, etc.

150€ at the SciPhone Boutique.

Photos taken with the Zopo ZP780




[TUTORIAL] How to remove an Android smartphone’s startup sound

If there’s one irritating thing about an Android smartphone, especially a Chinese one, a thing you feel you can’t do anything against, it’s the loud music we all hear when we start our device. Owners of Zopo smartphones may be even more concerned. 😉

The others – vets, hardboiled geeks, ‘Expert Regis’-like people – have known this little trick for years and therefore will walk on by. Newcomers, however, will need an explanation because even if the procedure is not very complicated, it still requires a bit of skillfulness which not everyone can boast.



The first thing you need is the device’s Root/Administrator rights in so far as you will have to oerate manually inside the very system files. Help about root is here.

Then you will need a file explorer compatible with the Root rights as well as the root navigation noted / . The two softwares I would recommend are ES File Explorer or Root Explorer.

The how-to

As an example, we’ll use Es File Explorer which we’ll have to activate in root mode in the application parameters (option/Tools, then Root Explorer ON).

On the toolbar (top of app), look for the root called / . In the system exploration strata, / is located below Sdcard —> , therefore if you don’t see / , press Sdcard and / will appear. (It’s really so simple.^^)


Go into / and look for the file named System. Open it and look for the ‘media’ file.

Open the ‘media’ file inside which you will find files you may ignore as well as two specific files :

  •, which is your device’s little startup animation. This animation is of no interest to us today yet you may already know you can change this file easily for an animation of your choice. We’ll tell you more about it in another tutorial. 😀

  • bootaudio.mp3, our prime suspect !


To work out this sound problem, we may delete the bootaudio.mp3 file, however I suggest you rename it instead by adding a little extension at its end. The best thing to do would be to rename the file as follows : bootaudio.mp3.bak (bak = backup).

This way, the file won’t be recognizable when you start your device and the animation will occur in the utmost silence.

You may now restart your smartphone without pressing your fingers on the speakers, or stashing it under your armpits or between your thighs.

Enjoy ! 😉

THL W200S Octo Core Update

Good news follow at ThL (see THL W11+ or s). Indeed, it has been confirmed today that one of their best 2013 products would also be updated with a ThL W200S, a beautiful 5in device which will directly compete against the Zopo ZP980+ at a definitely more interesting price… Well, at least theoretically.

The ThL had already been talked about a lot thanks to its 720p, 5in HD IPS display and its MT6589T Quad Core processor, all in all a good quality device at less than 200€, which is a reasonable price and explains its great success a few months ago.


According to ThL, its price will remain unchanged even if the embedded components will undergo a massive upgrade. The original 8Go ROM will directly go 32Go, without preliminaries, with an additional microSD card. The RAM will stay the same – 1Go is quite enough for non-hungry resource users. The processor will be a 1.7GHz, Mediatek Octo Core MT6592 with a GPU Mali450-MP. The display will be nearly identical with a 1280×720 HD resolution, except it will now be fitted with a shockproof, anti-scratch third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass. The camera won’t be modified : 8Mpx main rear camera, 5Mpx front camera, as well as the 1850mAh stationary battery.


The Android version will also be slightly upgraded with an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which will give it, besides the processor, the OTG and Wifi-Direct Miracast support (no NFC yet). The 3G WCDMA 850/2100MHz will be Dual SIM. No incoming 900MHz, which will come as a blow for French rurals since the 2100MHz covers all the needs of dense urban areas.

Maybe some of you won’t be overenthusiastic about this news, except that its selling price will be its n°1 argument because the ThL W200S will be the first high-end Octo-Core smartphone below the fateful $200 line. This device should cost between 150€ and 180€. We still do not know when it will go on sale but we’re hearing talk about an opportune late February release. Wait and see. 😉

Micro Spy GSM with callback function – video test by GLG

This micro GSM is an unobtrusive box embedded with a bug device. Insert a SIM card to activate the bug, call it and it will automatically pick up your call and let you hear what goes on in its immediate vicinity.

√ Remote listening function

√ Noise detection function

√ Noiseless & no light emission

√ Tri-Band possible in France

√ User-friendly

√ 40 x 30 x 10mm, weight 24g (0.84oz)

19.99€ at the SciPhone Boutique

Nubia Z7 4G LTE phablet scheduled for April/May 2014

There is talk about a new development in ZTE’s Nubia range which should welcome in April or May a new device which will enrich this recent and quite promising range of products even if we are still discovering the Nubia Z5S, a first-rate smartphone with now standard dimensions (5in display).


We actually heard about the Nubia Z7 as early as summer 2013. In other words, ZTE took their time to fine-tune what will be their very first XXL-size phablet with a 6.44in display and which should be in the Oppo Find 7’s light when it goes on sale. Some will say in the nick of time… Anyway it won’t be soon enough since, as far as we know, the Z7 will miss the spotlights at the next international MWC held this late February in Barcelona.


If we give credence to the rumor, the Nubia Z7 should feature one of the latest high-end Qualcomm processors, namely the 2.3GHz Snapdragon S800 8974 which we are currently seeing on the star of the day, the Xiaomi Mi3. The Nubia Z7 won’t probably be a rival to the Xiaomi Mi3 since these two devices belong to different ranges of products. The Z7 will definitely play in the big league, and we mean big.

If the rumor is confirmed, the ZTE Nubia Z7 should be fitted with a magnificent 2k, ultra-HD slab with a 2,560×1,440p resolution and a shockproof, anti-scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 2 glass shelf, a 4Go RAM and a 128Go ROM (yes, 128Go^^) communicating on the 4G TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, besides, naturally, the 3G WCDMA at 900 and 2,100MHz. It will also be powered with an imposing 4,000mAh battery array and an Android 4.3 (or even 4.4.2 Kitkat). All in all, a beautiful little monster…


As we see on the picture, the Z7 should be delivered with a brand new interface from ZTE. The Nubia UI will get a little closer to what we already know of the ROM MIUI, thus proposing an even more fulfilling Android experience.
For all this, there is still a big unknown, and that’s its price which should normally deplete our purses as much as its specificities make our mouths water.

Do you think the Nubia Z7 could meet some of your expectations ? Could it suit your ears? 😉


Ulefone U9592 Octa-core 5in test before the video test

A small 5in octa-core smartphone whose Korean look and affordable price (145€) will probably help it make the grade.

√ 5in 850×480 display

√ MT6592 Octa-Core processor

√ 2Gb RAM + 16Gb ROM + Micro SD

√ 5Mp + 13Mp camera

 145€ on Ccp this week. 😉