Huawei Honor 6 dual sim for China

Huawei will have repeated the trick Dual sim for China and Mono Sim for the rest of the world with its Huawei Honor 6.

Huawei Honor 7 will surprise us in our video test with a micro sim slot and a second slot which can accommodate a micro SD card or making namo Sim Dual Sim Standby Dul, short storage or 2nd sim choice, but only for China as the international version, it does have a slot in its second micro SD and therefore totally incompatible dual sim.

Huawei is back with its Huawei Honor will be 6 video test this weekend with two versions, one version of Dual sim for single sim to China and the world.

So thank you so much for Huawei because we raised the question of the viability of buying phones in China that you can find in France and although Huawei has given us an answer ……. Especially if both sim seem indispensable


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More Doogee on JT Geek Doogee but it’s over on Cheap Chinese Phone


Yes, who can do more can do less or more by More = More, Less by Less is more and as you want even more then it will have to do a little less …

I’m not talking about the OnePlus mark, it would have stuck too well, but the Doogee brand and JT geek, more and more so

If you follow a few JT Geek then you know that I take my quarters every afternoon at Doogee beginning of August.

More Doogee JT geek
As I will be at the heart of the wheel, which is the most tender I have information in upstream for Doogee necessarily technical but also because only manufacturers are aware of exits and available CPU and availability Chinese Smartphone 4G Gorilla of screens in the Glass, Ram, the Roma and projects for 2015.
Geek JT will just relay all that (because it is in the deal) and I can let you go and snippets of news and more incisive personal thoughts in my posts (eg the cpu in the post Zopo ZP520 4G)

Program in Doogee
– Test Doogee Doogee Show or Doogee Style Type (pending validation because some are not hot)
– Development of Doogee brand in France.
– Development of B2B network Doogee for France and Europe (“” for more information)


Because we can not sell Doogee by selling Doogee

In order not to get in conflict with my mission to promote the brand and offer the Doogee B2B (For professionals) in France and sell B2C (Final customer) on our shop Cheap Chinese Phone we will stop Doogee mark on the Shop CCP to focus and push Doogee resellers . (on and the geek JT)

Doogee not having a dedicated online shop yet, we can not (for the moment) suggest any vendor Doogee especially as they will be multi-brand idem JT Geek always related to Sci Shop, advertising and banner the geek JT is another matter


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Xiaomi MI4 Bamboo, save the cheerleader

You do not have fallen for the gold finish Iphone, you are more Geek-colo?

Rejoice because Lei Jun, Xiaomi big boss, announced the launch of its new MI4 Xiaomi fighter would alternative finishes which here is the first version.

Xiaomi therefore follow its challengers (Motorola and OnePlus) proposing a first declension Bamboo would be a mix of wood and stainless steel mixing give a look thinner and “Cool” in MI4.

We can not save the world this time there with a phone Eco bamboo because we’re not even sure that the hull is actually the Finish Bamboo (bamboo is actually pretty plastic now lol)

A new trend that will delight fans of tuning or customization as manufacturers may well like Nokia at the time, back to basics to attract a clientele Geek with only the embarrassment technological and non-aesthetic.

Your chinese buddy GLG

WD offers drives HDD 5 TB and 6 TB in red and green

There has music that is becoming lighter because storage explodes with increasingly intensive needs, the new Expendables 3 Blue ray will not help matters.

Hard drives spin faster, perform better and many swear by the SSD storage then how to continue to stir up demand for HDD Mechanic?

WD today introduced a new product that clearly illustrates this issue with a series NAS Red or Green series with low energy capacity of 5 TB and 6 TB that are now unavailable SSD

But if you store your movies 4K your machine will keep pace because defragmentation will be long, very long lol ……..
The red series must be used in the push storage NAS, eg schools or big business, although I can already see some of you who already see some utilities …

Count rate level
5 TB = TWD 7,388 or 190 Euros,
6 TB = 8988 NT dollars or 225 Euros.

In short, pairing two bay NAS, a set of two discs 6TB NAS will make you 450 Euros for a small 12TB, yes 12 Terra Bytes.

Your Chinese buddy GLG

(Webmaster) Domain Name, lodging, some info

Today, we will focus on a choice of domain name and hosting.

And yes!

When you have the idea to create a website, the first thing that needs to think about is choosing your domain name.


What is the domain name?

The domain name is simply what you see in your top navigation bar: this is the website address.

The choice of domain name is a critical factor, it is from here that any Web project.
It is obvious that more names will be sexier, it will be easy to remember, so it will be easier for your visitors to find you easily by typing that being a bit more complicated to remember.

Once done, you can hire your domain name to the year for a small fee (from 7 to 14 euros depending on the registar, the registar is the name given to the sales domain name)

Now we tackle the biggest piece, the choice of accommodation.


Two types of accommodation

First, you have what is called “shared hosting”.

The shared hosting what is this thing?

It is the most economical type of accommodation but unfortunately not the safest.

Why not the safest?

Well it’s easy! Who says hosting, said sharing the server, thus your account will be space allocated for it in a server that hosts other sites and often much … and quite often subviennent common problems: Slow server error connecting to database … Nothing very bad, but it can become very embarrassing when you have an online store (yes! a site unavailable even a tiny minute can cause you to lose a sale.)

FYI, Ebay had lost millions of dollars in profit for Amazon tenths of a second of latency. at the opening of its pages …. Buyers are the most impatient surfers.

The dedicated hosting is better?

And the first question you ask is: What is dedicated hosting?

As you can see if you click the link above, you have all sorts of variations of servers with different performance.

Since JT Geek geek Geeks readership and machine performance, it will not be difficult for you to decrypt it.

More than a pooled solution, dedicated hosting remains today the best solution to manage sites with heavy traffic or an online store for the allotted space and performance of your server allow on-line and security optimal.

When I started there a decade webmaster my life, believe me, the prices were not all the same, until 1AND1 decided to hit hard with ultra competitive offers in Europe (in the U.S. it was already the case) course today, all hosts are doing fluff, but that’s part of the game of hosting market.

For many the appeal of the Web is a little gold rush, however, it is very very difficult to monetize a web project if initially there is not a minimum investment, labor, skill and a huge dose of imagination to make a difference.

The web is a parable of the far west, a virgin land where settlers settle for a better life … but only the workers are doing (and yes, it is not enough to put a house on a plot! It to plow his fields, avoid the attacks of bandits, expand the farm and work the network.)

The geek world is a vast world and webmastering in part, here is a brief explanation of why accommodations and domain names had its place on the JTGeek.

Baidu Car will not be a clone of Google car

When we talk about automatic car without driver is thought necessarily has the Google Car, well no because mainland China with Baidu will his vehicle and they do not agree with Google’s approach in this area.


Yu Kai vice president of Baidu visited Manufacturers automatic car and said to have his eyes they must be like a horse and must be able to operate automatically depending on the traffic situation but not completely unmanned.

He thinks that the automatic car should play a supporting role to humans, giving them more freedom and security rather than replacing the man (or the driver) that they be considered “car automatic “should actually be called” vehicles “autonomous”.

In other words, “The autonomous car” Baidu will be made much like civilian aircraft, there will be an automatic system (autopilot) on the machine where you can enter information and a manual mode in which you return the commands (which can remain present below required)

The main objective of their research is the development of automated vehicles that can actually improve human security but also improve traffic and avoid congestion in major Chinese cities.


Finally, it is said that their first prototype “autonomous” vehicles will be ready in 2015, tomorrow …… and could provide another view of marriage automotive and high-tech.

Your Chinese buddy GLG

Xiaomi MI3W, which are you because I love you

This is testing the Beta version of Antutu V5 on my Doogee DG550 then handed me a model of the ranking.

Xiaomi Xiaomi MI3W to replace the MI3
While Xiaomi MI4 will necessarily be called Xiaomi MI4 and I do not see Antutu give another score to Xiaomi MI3 White rather than Black or Silver Xiaomi MI3W then this could well be the successor of MI3.

The Score is enticing him and places it in the Korean trio.

So if this is an upgrade Xiaomi MI3W the Xiaomi MI3 then it will certainly boost hormone CPU doped 4G and will be the same price as its predecessor, so flawless

AND for you is so it Xiaomi MI3W?

Your Chinese buddy GLG