Meizu – Ubuntu Partnership Confirmed, MX4 Also Underway

In a former article we discussed a rumor and some clues hinting that Meizu and Canonical, Ubuntu OS’s company, were negotiating a partnership agreement in order to fit with Ubuntu the make’s future top smartphones.

News are coming from Meizu Russia which made it known on According to Meizu Russia, their engineer is already developing the Meizu MX3 with a mobile number portability on Ubuntu OS. For their part, Canonical has just announced they are working in partnership with a manufacturer, though they didn’t say which one, with a view to developing an Ubuntu OS for a touch device.

The company is currently trying to build a high-performance Meizu MX3 and stabilize its Linux core. We’ve also learned this phone should go on sale very soon.

A New Flyme OS as a Bonus


In addition to Ubuntu OS, Meizu is also about to unveil their own user interface – the new Flyme OS which will go on Meizu MX2 and MX3. This Android-based interface is being tested as of now. We are still waiting for a confirmation but we wonder if it might be used to support the 4G LTE. Indeed, Meizu could also be working right now on their next two-model smartphone, MX4 Pro and MX4 Mini. It’s 4 as in 4G and we like that. It should be fitted with a Mediatek Octa-core processor. The Mini should feature a 5” ‘small’ screen whereas the Pro will have a 5.5” 2K with a 15:9 format.

In other words, things are moving a lot in the usually discreet world of Jack Wong and his Meizu company. Could we be witnessing the waking of a Chinese volcano that has been slumbering for much too long? 😉

Pics of the day : Cliffhanger

Xiaomi MiTV at the Shenzhen Xiaomi Center

On the occasion of our monthly marriage proposal to Xiaomi at the Shenzhen Xiaomi Center, we discovered the Xiaomi MiTV. (They said no again, lol.)
What we like about Xiaomi is that you can make your choice very fast – an MiTV, a high-performance Xiaomi Mi3 and an entry-level Xiaomi Red Rice.
In between, a Xiaomi Mi2s which has now become obsolete in front of Xiaomi’s latest challengers.



Xiaomi MiTV – a full HD 47” 3D display at 2998rmb

Selling a Chinese television set in a country already abounding with many different makes at various prices could be deemed a risky bet.

Only the fame of the make and a tight price could make the difference because we think twice before paying 375€…

The MiTV will therefore be half MiTV, half Android Box.

I’m really no expert on TV or TV screens and, as it’s not possible to touch nor take photographs – except if you’re a foreigner and no one dares to forbid it or even merely speak to you^^ – we’ll then be content with a very fine display and a definition we’d like to see more often for that price. 😀

So, the Xiaomi MiTV is a 47in, Full HD 1080p 3D slab, manufactured by Samsung and LG, fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-corenot 4G, lol – 1.7GHz, 2Go RAM DDR3, 8Go ROM eMMC 4.5, featuring Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, Airplay, the DLNA, the Samba network share, a Dolby Digital DTS 2.0 audio system, and, of course, a Rom MIUI TV.

And like all Xiaomi products, there’s none to be found, or none in stock, and you’ll have to recourse to Xiaomi’s flash sales if you want to be lucky enough to buy one for 2999 yuans, i.e. 375€.

To conclude – these Xiaomi people are really good.

Xiaomi Mi3 Now Available at China Unicom

It’s good news for the stocks because the Xiaomi Mi3 is now coming to China Unicom stores – therefore WCDMA – it’s good news, yes, except that –
Posters are there but promotion hasn’t started yet.
You can’t find the Xiaomi Mi3 in the stores yet.
Its price hasn’t been revealed yet but it should be a little bit more expensive than on the Xiaomi website (yes, here too).
Actually, there may be no Xiaomi Mi3 in stock, which means buyers will have to make reservations then go to the stores when they’re available.

To put it short – more expensive than on the web, even maybe as expensive as the prices at alternative retailers and with uncertain delivery deadlines – such is the sweetness of buying a Xiaomi Mi3 in a store.

InWatch Junior and InWatch Z video test by GLG

Yesterday we visited the InWatch offices in Shenzhen. Today, in this video, we’re talking about the famous connected watches that are the talk of the town – the InWatch Junior and the InWatch Z.

These watches feature a few interesting integrated innovations which GLG will hasten to introduce to the amazed geek sphere.

GLG has been keeping an eye on InWatch for quite some time now and, frankly speaking, it’s the right thing to do. 😉

Our Visit to the Inwatch Offices, Home to the Chinese Connected Watch

Our Visit to the Inwatch Offices, Home to the Chinese Connected Watch

Today JT Geek is taking you to the Inwatch offices, the Chinese company where smartwatches, or connected watches, are produced – Inwatch One, Inwatch Z, Inwatch Junior and very soon Inwatch X.

Tomorrow we’ll get down to business with the presentation of the Inwatch Junior sample. We’ll also put the Inwatch Z to the test.

The Coming of the 2Go RAM Huawei Honor 3C

Since early January, Huawei’s Honor 3C has been selling like hot cakes but many of you were actually waiting for the 2Go RAM version, a flagship event that promises to be even more successful.

Competing against Xiaomi, Huawei decided to bring proof they too can produce devices at a low cost and with technological features akin to those of their rival. A mere few days ago we already saw the top-class octa-core Honor 3X version excite passions in the hearts of the make’s fanatics, whereas new buyers were conquered too. The 3X is indeed an interesting alternative – for a similar price – to the Xiaomi Mi3, with its dual SIM and an external micro SD slot as a bonus.


For the time being, only the Honor 3C with 1Go RAM is available in a few stores that are taking advantage of the situation and inflating prices accordingly. Such is the harsh law of supply and demand but next January 24th, Huawei will launch the 3C’s new version, with the same technical features, except for the 2Go RAM. As for the rest, you’ll find on the Honor 3C a 1.3GHz Mediatek MT6582 quad-core processor, 4Go ROM, an 8Mp F/2.0 Sony BSI rear camera, a 720p, 5in HD display, as well as a 2300mAh battery array which will largely suffice to power the device as a whole, as the MTK6582 processor isn’t particularly energy-hungry.


On the communication side, the Honor 3C will indeed feature a 2100MHz dual SIM WCDMA only, provided the former characteristics haven’t been modified. Last but not least, its price is very dificult to guess ; theoretically, the 3C’s standard price should be approximately 998 yuans, i.e. 125€, but it seems we’ll have to pay a higher price as, like Xiaomi, the device will be sent through some retailers who will show their greed if they have the opportunity. It’s safer to expect an Honor 3C at a cost of about 200€, but only time will tell… Only time or GLG, if he lays his hands on it ! Would you like this Honor 3C at the Sciphone Boutique ? Come on, all together, that’ll boost him – GLG ! GLG ! GLG ! GLG! 😉