Xiaomi Mi4 vs Huawei Honor 6 vs OnePlus One, fighting Rabbit

With the arrival of Xiaomi MI4 so we will officially podium 3 best Chinese smartphones with 3Gb of RAM that will leave on site other manufacturers thinking that yes, it is not a big thing, but consumers will love it and pounce .

While Antutu V5 Beta is available, it remains to know which manufacturer has the best Pokemon Rabbit with a super flattering rabbit wish.

As always with Antutu, from one version to another and can be <the update contributions from manufacturers, different scores are often highly technical and somewhat indicative of a user experience as each phone has its Android Rom good to him.

Emoticon IU vs miui vs Cyanogen Mode
It may be that you will choose one or the other: the Roma, as these devices are all incredible and may fight in the field of tastes and colors.

And for you, which is the best?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Meizu, the company will become huge

Meizu is a company changing because with an investment of 20 billion Yuan brand will be able to take a new step to fight against market heavyweights!

Meizu smartphones are good but are they or do they remain against new challengers Xiaomi MI4, OnePlus one or Huawei Honor 6 whose prices are even tighter?

Knowing this, the Meizu team will increase its pool of about 20 billion yuan or 2.5 million euros.

This is a sum and while many think only 4G or even more efficient and cheaper smartphones, Meizu has suggested that the MX4 could use advanced materials rather than stainless steel.

So would you rather for leapfrogging or materials space?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02) with 4GB RAM

While Xiaomi will be fired with his MI4 Xiaomi and will OnePlus stoked with his shell bamboo, Huawei prepare it secretly upgrade its Huawei Honor 6 with 4 GB of RAM!

Yes Huawei can do and better than 2Gb of ram or 3Gb Ram … we must admit that this leak Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02), certainly innocent of the Chinese Ministry of certification (or TENAA) will leave dreamer more than one (especially if you want to be the one who has the biggest …… Ram: D).

So I owe you test its predecessor upon my return (with International Roma please) this variation therefore bring a simple Upgrade Ram that Huawei will set as the first smartphone manufacturer to try essential 4gb of ram.

This smartphone or touch juggernaut will have two apn, 8-megapixel front and rear 13 mega pixels, a 1.7Ghz CPU Kirin 920 processor, 4Gb of RAM + 16 Gb rom, Android 4.4.2 and a Full HD screen.

So with that I’ll put a 4G compatibility and a Micro SD slot then you will ask me, when and how?

Soon my children, soon …..


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Download JT Application Geek, rebel Application

The Geek JT implementation that was available on the Playstore is no longer ….

In fact we had put a babe section had been removed for lack of update ….. well no matter because the damage was done and our Geek apk JT found himself outside the boundaries of a sovereign state under Puritan banner starry.

It is better to be beautiful and rebellious as Moche and re-ugly

Photos of babes were sexy but not hardcore or unless certain websites or magazine, Google is still the rain or shine and sanctions.


In short here we are in correctional and JC must fight to lift the sanctions.

The application still exists and is no longer available in direct download until Domina lift the sanctions and we flagellum his lashes well deserved, oh yes my Rogue

To meet all those not having them JTGEEK the native application in their smartphones via SciPhone we put for download on their GDRIVE (yes the Google platform, we thought it was funny), if you have other Upload the host and then send us the link

Via GDrive https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwffRBvgxeWQWUlIbndxb1dvZVE/edit?usp=sharing >>

Via Mega https://mega.co.nz/ >> #! Aw5kHAxC! McwGgYWr1BVa6AIx40hfUUKtMY1CSufvqiJ0lHb9Mj4

Vivo X5 or Vivo X5L for the month of August it will have to fight

Chinese smartphones Vivos always have that little something extra that do not have the Oppo phones and the new flagship named Vivo X5 should confirm this

Do you remember the Vivo X3 and X3S? We either lol because Vivo is still very limited and reserved for China …….
So what’s new or what’s best for the X5 vivo? While Chinese sites fought the scoop of a Qualcomm chipset, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 or 600 Snapdragon today we learned that it will be a octacore processor MT6595 MT6290 modem with LTE, 2Gb Ram, certainly 16 or 32 GB of ROM, a 5 “screen 720p HD with Android 4.4.2 Camera function and advanced audio, all in 6.3 mm

So if the configuration does not make you dream, the prize, estimated at around 2,498 Yuan (or € 313) will shine the eyes of connoisseurs recognize the expertise of the brand in the Audio and Image Processing …

The Vivo brand will she seduce you?


Your Chinese buddy GLG



Bamboo OnePlus one limited edition for August 18 presale

OnePlus had promised to offer a version of its OnePlus with other materials for the back cover of its flagship model, as unique, OnePlus One.

Tuesday has been officially announced a declension OnePlus One with a rear shell bamboo limited edition (it will please Pandas) with 64G rom for the modest sum of € 315 is 2499rmb.

This version will be pre-sale so even more limited limited edition that one OnePlus Black or White which are already quite difficult to obtain.

What more than the ordinary version of OnePlus one?
Compared with the ordinary version and in addition to its hull Bamboo, there will be nothing if not an Eco conscience to save the world with this device.

Rest whether this case can be sold alone or manufactured by other manufacturers to be sold on the Chinese market and if this limit Ultra version or limited, will be on sale Excluding China with CE logo engraved bamboo.

So Bamboo fan or keep you on the White or Black?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Xiaomi MI4 the Specs of July 22


Here it is born New Xiaomi MI4 and if the wait has been long for some, we must admit that the game was worth the candle, the Xiaomi MI4 will be a 80x Snapdragon processor HD screen 5 “JDI, 3GB RAM + 16/64 GB of ROM and a battery of 3080 mAh.

Photo level we will find two cameras 13mp and 8mp rear to the front. According to the release, it will be “the world’s fastest smartphone. ”