Jiayu G3C Video test with English subtitle

The News Jiayu G3C is still so cool with 3000mAh big battery, Gorilla touch screen and alluminium face

– Touch screen 4.5 inch Retina IPS 1280×720 Gorilla Glass 2

– Quad-core Processor MT6582 4×1.3GHz

– 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM + 64GB Max. via micro SD card

– Dual SIM 3G 900/2100MHz

– Battery 3000mAh

– 155€ in the SciPhone Shop

Camera sport FHD SJ 4000

This Sport Camera FULL HD SJ-400 looks of GoPro with the same features and accessories fasteners. 😉

√ Rec vidéo Full HD 1080p, 720p, …
√ Wide Angle Lens 170 ° Fish Eye Type
√ Waterproof, up to 30 meters
√ Removable battery / HDMI / USB output
√ Many colors to choose


-109,90€ in Destock Boutik

Iocean G7 English Vidéo Test VOST

Iocean G7 will be our first video test with english subtitle, we just translate technical thing first and will try to translate more and more GLG Joke 😉

– Processor MTK6592 Octacore 8×1, 7GHz

– Touchscreen 6.44 inches Gorilla Glass 1920X1080  FHD Retina

– 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM + 32GB Max. via micro SD card

– Double Cameras 13.0/5.0MP

– Dual SIM dual standby 3G 900/2100MHz

– OTG, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc..

– Battery 3500mAh

-249€ in the SciPhone Shop

JT geek video test with English subtitle

Here we are, many English members ask us to do all our video test in English, sorry but it’s not possible now, but we can add English Subtiltle 😀

We try the automatic Youtube translation But GLG Speak to quiclky and the translation become crazy lol.

So, lady’s, gentlemen and Geek, come back every day on the JT Geek.net and discover our special Chine phone Phone test or High-Tech test in French but with English subtitle just for you.

We will just add the technical stuff first because GLG speak to much for write all ^^

See U Thuesday for the first video, 5 time a Week 😉

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Geek Team

The Folder Pad tablet, Lenovo’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface

Seen on the Reddot 21 website alongside the Oppo Find 7, the Lenovo Folder Pad is a multi-mode, ergonomic tablet that fits your hand size or can rest on a cradle like a touchscreen.

If you connect a wireless keypad to it, you can use it as a PC. Fold the stand and you can take it like a tablet. Lenovo hasn’t yet announced their Folder Tab but it seems designers are hoping to win a few awards for its lines. It has been submitted to the IDSA to the Reddot 21 organization and the fact that it has already made an appearance on the IDSA website in June 2013 suggests that Lenonvo had scheduled the Folder Tab for quite a long time.


So far, no website has further information on the screen size or its resolution, processor, or even its OS but it seems the tablet will have stereo speakers, a ‘wedge’ look (with an end somewhat thicker than the other) and a flat keyboard which looks much like Microsoft’s Surface Touch.

Actually, the tablet as a whole seems to have drawn its inspiration from the Microsoft Surface which also has an adjustable stand but whereas Microsoft’s tablet locks onto the keyboard in laptop mode, Lenovo seems to regard their Folder Tab more as a stylized desk device, with a keyboard resting on the table in front of the tablet, thus bringing to mind a Bluetooth device linking them to one another.

We may be sure that the tablet’s stand won’t be the ideal thing in touchscreen mode when the Folder Pas rests vertically. Still, we have to admit its design is really interesting and modern. According to rumors, the device should be run by Windows 8.1 and feature a 21.5in display size, which no doubt users will find comfortable though this won’t be the ideal size for an optimal portability. Nomadic travelers will see what I mean.

Android Device Manager is the app you’ll need when losing your smartphone

Are you the kind to lose or forget your smartphone ? Want to know quickly where your beloved’s phone is ? Or are you afraid of being robbed of your smartphone ?

Android Device Manager is the essential application for those wishing, with one simple click, to track their precious device or make it ring when you’ve forgotten where you put it away. This application will also be usable on all your Google-run Android devices provided of course geolocation be activated on your smartphone, as well as a 3G connection. Therefore this solution may not be the best one for those who activate their data only when they need to. This might be the method’s Achilles’ heel.

How does Android Device Manager work ?

This is where we see the true beauty of this application, its real user-friendliness.

You’ll only need to install on your phone the Android application (you can download it here) and allow (from your smartphone) the Google account to access your geolocation : Gestion des comptes/Google/Paramètres de localisation

The application itself will work as a management interface that will locate and make your other devices ring. As regards your main smartphone, it won’t be really essential. However, if it does matter to you, don’t forget (when setting parameters) to activate the remote data delete function. 😉


The most important thing will be to have an internet access (from any old PC) to your Google Play Store account. This is where you will be able to reach your device via the Android device management option located in the configuration menu (the little gear icon) on your Google Play Store account.


There, three options are possible :

  • Ringing : your phone’s ring is activated after ten seconds.

  • Locking the device : you prevent anyone from using your phone via a Pin code

  • Deleting : you delete all user data that might be sensitive or prejudicial if, for example, you’re a firm.





Geolocation will be immediate provided its whereabouts be at least triangulated by cell sites. The only problem is that determining positions will be at best approximate. If you really need to pinpoint your device, you’ll need beforehand to keep your GPS activated at all times, which is not necessarily what consumption-sensitive users will want. You’ll have to keep in mind that safety comes with a price – the price of autonomy. 😉

Pipo M9 Pro video test by GLG

Let’s have a look today at the Pipo M9Pro 10.1”.


10.1in Retina IPS display

1.6GHz quad-core RK3188 processor

2GB RAM + 32GB ROM + compatible with micro SD card (32Gb max.)

GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc.

3G (integrated or via flash drive)

7,600mAh battery array

Download pics taken with the Pipo M9 Pro here.