Inew V8 MT6591 4G LTE with a little sense of deja vu

With writing JTGeek we asked for a moment the question of whether we would offer you this news. A little surprising I must say, we will not Inew not used to wild cloning, and it is with somewhat mixed joy that we have chosen to present this first aircraft to be equipped with the first MT6591 processor with 6 cores 4G LTE.

The Inew V8 will indeed, as you can see on this picture, a very inspired Oppo N1 with its center rotating camera copy came late last year, a device originally equipped Snapdragon processor 800 Quad Core Qualcomm screen of 6.0 inches.

Inew was shown at the end of 2013 with a series of original equipment, the design can be a little close to Samsung but keep the “leg” INew, whose success will be confirmed by an excellent Smartphone to excellent quality and original design issue with INew V3 and its “evil eye” enthroned in the central apparatus of the softkeys report.


If we were waiting after the release of the V5 Inew Octa ore which is the unit of “Note” of the firm size, INew surprise us to revisit the Oppo N1 at a height of 5.5 inches with resolution slab HD 720p. We do not miss the central rotating camera N1 which has been taken every feature the V8, but we also notice that as the original V8 is equipped with a rear touch panel, handy little appendage that starts to wind riding high among the Chinese manufacturers, we had the example there is little with Dogee DG800 Valencia.
INew the V8, in addition to its hexacore processor MT6591 will be supplemented by 2GB of RAM. We find the camera’s Dual SIM 2G/3G / 4G LTE and a rotating camera on axis 13Mpx and will be NFC – OTG. The battery for it will 2400mAh removable. All run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.


INew the V8 will be very close to the N1 component, see even more of the N1 Mini makes its return to school today. One way may be easy for INew to “the hand brush” to pick potential buyers put off by the price.

What do you think you Chin’Addict this kind Smartphone Note N1?

Teclast P98 3G: a 9.7-inch tablet, octacore, classy and complete!

As I said there is little the Teclast brand could become the first to leave a Rockchip RK3288 SoC tablet. But what you probably do not know is that Teclast also came out a 3G tablet 9.7 inch in Baytrail Intel processor, Teclast X98 3G. And that you still know less is that the marketing people Teclast really deserve to be slapped sometimes! as turnaround just after the release of the Intel X98 3G in, here they change the hardware that composes for us release a new version, the P98 3G. If X changes with respect to P, it is still good some affiliation between the two. No consequences for us of course, but it is still quite funny actually to tell the JTGEEK. Such a change in so short a time for a single product still remains rare in the world of connected devices, even for those Made In China.

So here before there was “Teclast X98 3G” and now it is “Teclast P98 3G 八 核.” What, you do not speak Chinese? Well ok I translate you 八 核 simply means octacore because Teclast in effect waived the Intel processor to place the MediaTek MT8392 CPU processor clocked at 8 each heart 1.7GHz which will allow Teclast bring other editing hardware starting with the Mali 450 GPU, which is consistent with octacore MTK. Well it’s a little mess but you will understand with a comparative table of specs of the old version and the new version, the one with the Intel SoC and the other with the MT8392.


So what changes are the processor, 2 GB RAM which passes more energy efficient LPDDR3, internal storage is downgraded to 16GB via MicroSD ROM but is still supported up to 32 GB. The 5MP rear APN password to 13MP which is a big change because it allows you to take Full HD video, while the front remains to 2MP. Big exchange also the Android version which passes KitKat on MTK 4.4.2 version and big BIG changes, the presence of a SIM slot that makes the tablet open to the GSM network! It also remains with integrated 3G WCDMA I still do not know the frequencies. Another small change connectivity level, the P98 3G tablet is Bluetooth 4.0.



Where it gets weird is that the battery loses 500mAh, so it goes from 8500 to 8000mAh. And these dimensions and weight are also reviewed. The new version becomes narrower and thinner while keeping the same length and especially the same screen size of 9.7 inches. This gives the final dimensions of 239.3 x 169.5 x 7.4 mm, which means that the screen edges are reduced as you can see on the picture above comparative! It also becomes extraordinarily lighter losing more than 100 grams! She spends a 602G 495g, but what they put in Intel? Lead? LOL no, it’s just the smallest battery that is the cause. At the Teclast design opted for a white hull and body board gold / champagne mode when the X98 was just white.

For the rest of the specs and everything is as well in the table but just remember the resolution of the screen 9.7 inch IPS 2048 x1536p and the presence of GPS / A-GPS and Miracast function. Teclast also promises OTA Upgrades for custom overlay TUI this tablet is multilingual. The X98 version will remain on the market but certainly the P98 will replace very quickly to improvements made​​. Its price and its actual output date is not yet known but they would delay and are looking forward for this tablet is really great would not you think?

Car chinese auto show by GLG, also on Youku

Hello, here the test of the day, Car chinese auto show test by GLG, review based especially on Chinese Brand


Enjoy 😉



Oppo R3 4G, a specialist night photography, surprise Oppo conference

Today June 10, 2014, OPPO held as advertised, a great event in Beijing. After a long report the performance review of the firm, OPPO has finally decided to let us N1 mini officially! But in addition to launching the new smartphone which I will glue some pictures below, the company also unveiled a new 4G smartphone, the OPPO R3. Surprise!


The R3 comes with mid-range specs but you will see it has significant advantages anyway. First asset, the body was made ​​from a new material magnesium alloy making it lightweight! Second advantage, with only 6.3 mm thick, it is currently the thinnest 4G smartphone on the market of the world!

The design of the phone is quite strange for OPPO, who had got used to distinguish itself from other manufacturers. R3 shows a rectangle shape with rounded more fashionable nowadays edges. Adding a silver edge to the metal rather bronze version for the black version is not too bad although felt a little classical now. However, the panel seems clear embossed line the edges and slightly tapered rear hull, beveled.

The specs, as I said, this is the mid-range, or the processor is a Snapdragon 400 MSM8928  quad-core 1.6GHz. Its screen is 5 inches all round 720p HD resolution, it has 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM, runs Android 4.3 with the overcoat Color OS1.4 and has a battery 2420 mAh. But where this little OPPO R3 becomes interesting is that it has a third asset, photo and video. So no big Megapixels appointment to the rear sensor which only 8MP but OPPO has provided a sensitive area 1/3.2 inch pixel sizes of 1.4 microns. For the uninitiated that means a good amount of light at night and low light conditions, to make best picture in such contexts. Furthermore the lens is provided with a f/2.0 aperture yet allow for better capture photos.

To complete the hardware picture of OPPO R3, a software engine original texture named “PI” will reduce the picture noise for shooting at night. It is a combination of two picture signals a hard and soft which is mixing and by comparing offers better. In addition, OPPO promises a super-clear image quality large format output with multi-frames, which it still is to reduce the noise function. Video side the OPPO R3 has new features. With O-video function, taking pictures is allowed when recording videos. This increases the possibilities of creation and it is pretty good. Especially an automatic transmission to a particular cloud is available, for example, O-video, you take a video and you are shooting a subject for this video, then any device connected to the cloud apparently will automatically replay the video in real time, simply by scanning the object took during the video. I do not really know what it can be used, but can be in China and on social networks that will misfortune to see.

To conclude this OPPO R3 will be available in China TD-LTE version from this month for about 2299 yuan or $ 370 or € 290, but an export version could also be created for other markets. Meanwhile it seems that Asia is finally between fully into the era of 4G, when Oppo released two LTE-enabled smartphones at once, it is a certain signal for everyone.

Huawei Honor X1 Phablet Test by GLG also on Youku

Huawei Honor X1 comes with its International Rom is a device that will displease some of its size and appeal to others by its finish, its finesse and FHD 7 “screen.

√ Full HD 7.0 inch Screen

√ Processor Hisilicon Kirin 910 quad core 1.6 GHz

√ 2Gb RAM + 16GB + 32GB ROM. Max via micro SD card (not included) card

√ Rear Camera 13.0MP

√ WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G 900/2100MHz

√ The thinner, lighter phablet 7 inch

5000mAh battery

€ 269 in SciPhone Shop

Clone imac Windows PC All in one Onda X260 128GB SSD 21″

It was during one of my daily walks SEG Plaza, a place called the computer and therefore the Chinese computer that I fell on the Onda stand (brand also produces touch pads) and a computer all in One whose design seemed familiar.
Fashion Computer All In One will come along apple

Yes, because if putting a PC behind a screen appears the new trend here, put one foot on aluminum and minimize the finesse seems much more seller. And even though many will cry to blaspheme cloning design here you will say, “we do not care: p”
Onda onda X240 or X260 3000 to 3500rmb or 375 € to 439 € (500$ or 590$).









If the settings are not amazing prices you will forget their weaknesses and they certainly will agree to use Windows desktop.

CPU Intel i3 4130 1.4 ghz
Display 21.5 “Full HD
4gb Ram + 128gb SSD
1.3 mp webcam
2 x 2xUSB 2.0, HDMI / VGA
Keyboard / Mouse Wireless
And a price that would make the X240 or X260 Onda good small desktops

I must remind you why you will never see in Europe?

A small video, a PEP and @ tomorrow


Lenovo Vibe Z upgrade on Kit Kat 4.4.2 !

For those who waited as pawns Lenovo deigns start producing Rom Android 4.4 KitKat and much light at the end of the tunnel now seems visible. Finally a tunnel that leads in Malaysia at the moment and as the locomotive of the Lenovo brand, Vibe Z.

Even then there were alternatives to the Vibe Z Rom on to solve language problems menus and other regional compatibility problems for certain applications, there was not yet a stock solution new firmware offered by Lenovo. And Malaysian users have reported that their Vibe Z had received a notification for an OTA upgrade or over-the-air to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In addition to providing a more recent version of Android, the new update seems to offer a clean and simple user interface. So it would seem, according to early returns, that the reception of WiFi signal has been improved. It is also possible and even almost certain that Lenovo has added other software optimizations and new features that even now would control with the acquisition of Motorola and a few assistants patents.


Even if it is only available for users of Malaysia, this upgrade is a good starting point for other markets. A bit like all other brands, OTA ​​update of this result, is often ordered by specific geographic areas. The Vibe Z to KitKat is 1.2GB in size, which is not nothing in terms of downloading or server management, thus it requires an opening step! Moreover, when that happens in our cottages, we strongly advise you not to download these 1.2GB only via WiFi, I finally is it worth to remember? Anyway it’s done!
Z Vibe users, make us a sign, a small comment when you see the notification calling you to do this upgrade! 😉 Or a little comment like that all over for fun!