50000 Xiaomi Mipad sold in less than 4 minutes, who says better?

Heck we missed the sale of 50,000 super Flash Xiaomi Mipad sold in 4 minutes, as you say the Xiaomi servers had to take expensive as this tablet Nvidia Tegra K1 was coveted.

The Xiaomi MiPad is the first Android tablet and signed Xiaomi has marked the spirit by being equipped with Nvidia Tegra processor K1, a 7.9-inch display 2048 x 1536, 192 GPU, Android Kit Kat and 2 GB of RAM , all for 1500 rmb which is less than 190 Euros in China.

But hey … 50 000 pieces is little for sale only reserved for the Chinese in China and the first Lucky who could acquire can show off with this “limited edition” or resell for a great price. (Which is already if the Chinese Web)

Everything should get better at the 90th flash sale lol


Your chinese buddy GLG

Chinese smartphone 4G LTE, and Zopo Jiayu in contention

All Chinese manufacturers will launch 4G in all but will have to wait the new cpu Mediatek MT6595 as 4G.

To make you wait so you will be entitled to ads that no production date yet well defined CPU will make you wait until the arrival of these.

Hasee proposes a smartphone that looks as a Zopo ZP998 it must be a rebadge and therefore necessarily released under the brand also Zopo. It could be closer to us with a octacore CPU MT6592 coupled with MT6290  4G LTE for coveted. If Hasee ZP998 does not change what it should be 5.5 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080, 2GB RAM, dual SIM and a camera with 14 mega pixels a F2.0 aperture.


Jiayu, marque que nous pourrions prochainement stopper tant sa production est sporadique et en flux tendu (ils vendent les téléphones puis les produisent au compte goute) et dont le SAV n’est plus long voire très long mais super mega long.


JiaYu a donc mentionné qu’il upgradera ses téléphones les plus populaires comme il l’avait fait l’année dernière en passant ses modèles du MT6589 au MT6589T puis au MT6592 vers les nouveaux processeurs 4G LTE

Les modèles concernés seront les Jiayu G4 , G5, G2, G6 et le JiaYu S2.



Briefly, not much because we do not yet know whether manufacturers will follow suit with the MT6592 MT6290 duo coupled with 4G or wait for the MT6595.

We are not talking of other manufacturers will certainly say the same thing but we know that the first 4G LTE solution that works quickly become very popular.

So MT6592 coupled MT6290 or MT6595  for you?


Your chinese buddy GLG

Transformer 4 with China inside

If we had already seen some Chinese investment products Transforners 3 we must admit that Transformers 4 will go further.
No need for Paul & Mickey scenario because if you go to the show you will look in their eyes for 3 hours. One almost has to wonder if the transformers do not exist as it all seems realistic ^ ^

Transformers 4 in China

Squarely, because the whole purpose is happening in China between Beijin and Hong Kong, HK will be expensive but has not been caricatured and that it is clear that the scenes were made there and not by computer (ok not all plans)

Placements of Chinese products

Oblige funding and internationalization, product placements will be appreciated (Chinese for us as others are often very intrusive)
I’m not talking about the beautiful Chinese actress but products, true: p
That those I could remember or note:
The water-bottle “This is good” and he almost say so the actor is reveled lol
-A brand of milk with a supernatural scene or in the middle of chaos, “I want a good drink milk carton, um it’s good, pure sensations” ^ ^
In the mid-Rolls, hop an investment of a Chinese car I do not know the logo
Computer-Lenovo Yoga, “oh look at my Windows PC is a touchscreen tablet”: p
And I think I missed at least a HK pub because there was perhaps better integrated;)
American cinema is no longer totally and if after the last Iron Man we had a little more of China (TCL thank you for these beautiful 4K screens lol, TCL for smartphones …..), X-Men has had its Chinese actress too, we see that the American cinema goes beyond the placement of Chinese products to appeal to a potential new audience that will appeal made ​​in China by integrating them into the story, for there to be little one ^ ^


Your cinese  buddy GLG

Lenovo K920 2K go to orbit



New ploy by smartphone manufacturers to make you change phones: have an even better than HD and better than the Full HD screen with a 2K screen thus become obsolete with new 4k screens.
Useless say to me, yes, but this is the adage geek useless therefore necessarily essential.

Lenovo has thus announced its new K920 which has the difficult task of having to humiliate (or at least compete with) the Chinese leader of that time are the Oppo find his twin 7 or low cost OnePlus One.

To do this the Lenovo K920 will have a 2K screen 6 “, 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon processor 801, two camera of 16 mega pixel + 5 mega-pixel and rumored, and also to prove to OnePlus (or Papa Oppo ) that Lenovo may also do so by offering its Lenovo K920 4K China 2500rmb is 315 Euros. Not Z ….. Marty

The battle is launched and a screen 6 “2k that price could justify the need for change smartphone, for and more Lenovo.


Your chinese buddy GLG

Clone Mac Book air presented by GLG

Today we take you on the market to discover a Laptop Aluminum Windows which looks like an MacBook Air, unless it is not in the aim

Wechat, chatting made ​​in China, which invaded Asia

Maybe you do not know the Chat N1 China named Wechat well with a little more than 100 million downloads just on playstore. (+ IOS platform and Chinese)

Wechat belongs to Tencent QQ group, which will tell you nothing but QQ is the equivalent of MSN in China and as one can hardly say if the Chinese were not QQ then with 1.5 millard people I let you imagine the volume;)
Wechat is a brief chat Made in China for China, which also wants international and allows:


  • -SMS, voicemail and free video calls in your pocket.
  • -300 million people WeChat love because it is fast, reliable, confidential, etc..
  • -Tell-faster movement through voice messages
  • -Crystalline Voice and video calls
  • -Instant-messaging with group chats and animated emoticons
  • -Talk with your friends
  • -Research bystanders, girl, boy or both
  • -Send photos and videos
  • -Real fashion-walkie-talkie with a maximum of 40 friends
  • -Always online, no disconnection, never miss a message
  • -Receive instant alert messages with push notifications
  • -Share, like and comment on your friends’ photos
  • -Import contacts and instantly add friends
  • Available on-ios and Android and all other smartphones, completely free
  • Download full-animated stickers in the shop stickers
  • WeChat-operates through the data plan on your phone or Wi-Fi

In short, we did try me Meet me or Line and none Wechat equal in terms of function and popularity.

Currently in Thailand so I decided to start small and do a scan to find Chinese friends of course, and to my surprise I came to realize that it is very popular in Thailand with Thai and of “Thailandiennes” (yes there’s a third sex that I know spell.

It’s true that there are many like it Thailandian and are less shy then you will soon contact requests to speak Foot (or hit some balls: D) and congratulate our two goals against Nigeria (yes it is celebrated ^ ^)

Good jokes for truce Wechat knows a growing success in Asia and in Europe necessarily happen because some are already following me there (like here), so try it, Wechat course;)



Your chinese buddy


Lenovo A805e 64-bit, Chinese phablet @ 200$ by Lenovo

Lenovo will make more addicts geeks offering its fans the new Lenovo A805E LTE smartphone BITS 64 to $ 200.

A very good communication with this operation Lenovo A805e with its 64-bit processor Qualcomm, 1GB Ram + 8GB of internal memory + Micro SD with 8mp camera and NFC on a 5.5-inch qHD display (960 x 540).

The SoC in question being the Snapdragon 410 is also 4G LTE, WCDMA, GSM, TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE networks.

The introductory price in China will be $ 200, and may arouse much interest.