First Windows Smartphone Lenovo for this summer

Windows Phone have been more rare these last few months, the Android wave has swept everything in its path. But Lenovo probably safe to partner with Microsoft on tablets running Windows 8 and 8.1, seems to be preparing to launch a Windows device for the beginning of next summer, at least according to some Chinese reports.
Lenovo becomes beside ZTE and Gionee a new provider of Windows Phone makes its comeback, certainly due to the gratuity of OS decided by the CEO of Microsoft to boost its product. Until then Huawei was the only one who introduces several Windows Phone with the series of Huawei Ascend W1 and W2 Ascend and Ascend with W3 currently being developed to host the operating system Windows 8.1
WEIBO-ZTE-4G-mt65952 Lenovo-Windows-Phone
At the same moment, the Chinese source reveals a first look at what will be the Lenovo device under Windows, even if for the moment we will put a damper on this information, the Windows version presented here looking a bit too old to be latest Windows 8.1, which is not in the habit of Lenovo to equip a device last born with older software.
However, we will notice a 4G icon could say that the device is actually the latest generation, proudly wearing the new frequency very high speed that everyone is waiting for with great impatience.
Lenovo expected to put on the market in the year 2014 even all slew of devices developed with its own OS, a number of which should come with some new technologies recovered with patents acquired in the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo January this year.
If we had also heard about the next Nexus 6 which should be produced by the Chinese giant it would seem that Sony is the Japanese who had finally recovered the manufacturing rights for the creation of a good taste of Nexus Xperia Z2 … well, that’s said.

Leakage of ZTE 4G smartphone MT6595

You know now, Mediatek will participate in Computex Taipei 2014.
I was talking about brands began to make announcements about their future 4G LTE smartphone SoC in MTK, including Elephones (it greatly deceives … yes you laugh I saw you!) Well better than an announce,  a leak! From a Weibo account of a person close to the giant ZTE, the parent company of Nubia range nearby it, release a new phablet referred morning.WEIBO-ZTE-4G-mt6595

And there it is strong because if we do not know the name or exact release date or the price of ZTE 4G smartphone, we know almost everything else, the specs, the overall design and the range at which it matches. MediaTek always some delay at global level on the latest generation solutions in terms of processor, but we speak enough about the blog, the mass production of advanced SoC 4G MT6595 for June becoming closer! ZTE and is already preparing to surf the tidal wave us ahead.

So now, it will certainly be one of the first 4G smartphone MTK platform, and it seems, according to the source Weibo, it goes directly into the entry level section ZTE. A range that looks providential for brands, as demand begins to grow in China and beyond for a 4G cheap. ZTE hopes to mark his territory and sent a strong signal to these competitors, as Xiaomi, Huawei and all Shenzhai qualified, also near to battle. Only downside, it seems that ZTE is already reserved for a Chinese ISP networks for the moment, before being commercialize a larger scale.
Will it take a little longer to have it in our hands? Certainly … But meanwhile here are the known specs of this smartphone:

5 inches LTPS LCD HD 720p
8-core CPU MT6595 (4x 2.5GHz Cortex A17@2.2GHz or 4x + Cortex A17@1.7GHz)
Main APN simple flash 8 MP LED + 5MP front
Thickness 7.85 mm
Battery 2300mAh

Use as mini specs, which give a good photo of what we can expect. Leakage indicate that ZTE has renounced Dual SIM Dual Standby for not favor a rack taking a SIM and SD card in a perpendicular arrangement. But look at pictures, especially at the left edge. You can see several slots available, so expect to have more information about it. ZTE may just drop the Dual Standby 4G promises to be a challenge for LTE MTK platforms.


Remains the question of the price should not exceed 120 € (160$) the RedBull V5 as some speculate that this smartphone will integrate 4G range lowcost ZTE joining the RedBull V5, but nothing is less certain because even if it is a prototype for now, the logos are those of ZTE. Interesting is not it?

MEIZU MX3 limited edition SilverWing

Last week, the head of MEIZU, Huang Zhang aka J.Wong to his friends, had show openness to listening to suggestions from forum users about the look of the MX3. These suggested that the black version would be prettiest with a silver metal edge that surrounds the black panel. A real craze in the forum took and even create photo montages of what would happen.
However, the following day  J.Wong said that the black version with a silver metal framed, would undermine the coherence of the MX3, which disappointed fans, seeing their optimism die in the egg. But earlier this week, things have changed dramatically since a new statement J.Wong in his micro-blog Weibo appeared:

“In the past I’ve always had a hand on the design of our mobile phones, but now I’m ready to go face the world with a more open mind! ”

Quite talkative and pretty cool statement, which shows that MEIZU is listening to these users but also his boss seeks renewal or at least change. The announcement of their new subsidiary BigerTech and openness implies somehow that future products firm integrate more comments from users.

Thus Meizu announced the trodden one version of MX3 named Silverwing will be available on the official website in 1000 limited edition units. This version is the first special edition of the MX3. More specifically, it is the version white hull with a black screen bezel and therefore the famous silver wings to frame. You can see in the pictures below. It is understood that the Silverwing version of MX3 offers 16 GB or 32 GB, and the other specs and the same price as the regular edition.

Do you like the new image which emanates from MEIZU?

PC Tab Ramos i10 pro dual Boot test

Dual Boot Android / Windows

Screen Size: 10.1-inch Full HD

CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T

2GB RAM + 32GB ROM + micro SD up to 32GB

In the Sciphone Shop

Ramos I10 pro

The dragon boats festivals in China

At this very moment, festival location Dragon Boat festival or more precisely the double five.
These terms indicate the entry in the first heat of the summer or more sadly speaking in the epidemic season.
This feast place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, or early June for us.
Traditionally, the festival announced the sulfur wine consumption (in decline these days), the making of small fabric bags xiāng Bao supposed to protect diseases and decoration entrance doors with plants or herbs to protecting the effigy Zhong Kui, the Chinese god exorcist heavy club and demons.
This festival also shows a boat race dragon-shaped animated by a team of rowers. This race sees its origins date from -221 BC. AD
For More information on this holiday appointment on his Wikipedia page!
Happy returns to all 🙂

Teaser Oppo N1 Mini & ZTE Nubia will come tomorrow !

Make an appointment! Because tomorrow is another day out! After LG G3 Wednesday you can find the details in Part 1 and Part 2 of the description of the exit conference. So make an appointment on the JTGEEK of course, because Friday night, snug in your couch or in your desk geek you can find the description of the OPPO mini N1 and a mysterious Nubia.

Oppo N1 Mini


The firm OPPO confirmed there is little that the mini version of N1 released on May 30, if all goes well! In any case this is what we said above poster. Most specs are already known but its general appearance as pictures of poor quality had leaked.
These pictures, so we had not consider it worthwhile show them to you as soon launch involved, it is preferable to a full description and detail tomorrow.
But I do not leave you like that with nothing to put your teeth! For new photos leaked emerged last night.
And thereof being more classes we will show them as a teaser and giving you an outline of expected specs.
A Oppo N1 mini not so mini as a 5-inch screen is expected, with a 720p HD resolution, remember that the N1 is 6 inches, then mini yes, but just compared to N1. A 13MP camera rotating like its big brother with single LED flash, MediaTek MT6592 is the processor or may be octacore Samsung Exynoss 5422 or may be both because the rumor speaks of two versions, a 4G LTE and 3G HSPA, also 2140mAh battery should be validated with the rest and maybe other surprises. RDV tomorrow night!


We knew that ZTE was preparing a new smartphone range of Nubia, but we do not really expect to have an announcement yesterday, which took us over. Even if we can expect the Z7 Nubia since the end of last year with a bite rather mysterious point WMC January and other rumors which we have already shared with you in February, impossible to know with certainty whether s ‘is indeed that.
However, some clues can tell us that it is the premium phablet Nubia Z7 as the poster issued by the firm is hit with the tagline : a “BIG” thing.

Induced in the tagline something bigger than Z6, while we spoke of ZTE Z7 with a screen of 6.44 inches, and RAM and ROM memory specs on the rise and a 2K screen and 4G LTE, it seems add pieces to the puzzle of a big fat phablet of death! A puzzle that can also end tomorrow! Have a nice day !



Xiaomi Redmi note In English

Today GLG try the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5,5″…
√ Ecran : 5.5 pouces IPS
√ Processeur : MT6592 Octa-core 8X1.7GHz
√ Camera : 13MP à l’arrière, 5MP à l’avant
√ Mémoire : 2GB de RAM + 8GB de Rom + micro SD 32GB
√ Batterie : 3200mAh