Micro Spy GSM with callback function – video test by GLG

This micro GSM is an unobtrusive box embedded with a bug device. Insert a SIM card to activate the bug, call it and it will automatically pick up your call and let you hear what goes on in its immediate vicinity.

√ Remote listening function

√ Noise detection function

√ Noiseless & no light emission

√ Tri-Band possible in France

√ User-friendly

√ 40 x 30 x 10mm, weight 24g (0.84oz)

19.99€ at the SciPhone Boutique

Nubia Z7 4G LTE phablet scheduled for April/May 2014

There is talk about a new development in ZTE’s Nubia range which should welcome in April or May a new device which will enrich this recent and quite promising range of products even if we are still discovering the Nubia Z5S, a first-rate smartphone with now standard dimensions (5in display).


We actually heard about the Nubia Z7 as early as summer 2013. In other words, ZTE took their time to fine-tune what will be their very first XXL-size phablet with a 6.44in display and which should be in the Oppo Find 7’s light when it goes on sale. Some will say in the nick of time… Anyway it won’t be soon enough since, as far as we know, the Z7 will miss the spotlights at the next international MWC held this late February in Barcelona.


If we give credence to the rumor, the Nubia Z7 should feature one of the latest high-end Qualcomm processors, namely the 2.3GHz Snapdragon S800 8974 which we are currently seeing on the star of the day, the Xiaomi Mi3. The Nubia Z7 won’t probably be a rival to the Xiaomi Mi3 since these two devices belong to different ranges of products. The Z7 will definitely play in the big league, and we mean big.

If the rumor is confirmed, the ZTE Nubia Z7 should be fitted with a magnificent 2k, ultra-HD slab with a 2,560×1,440p resolution and a shockproof, anti-scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 2 glass shelf, a 4Go RAM and a 128Go ROM (yes, 128Go^^) communicating on the 4G TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, besides, naturally, the 3G WCDMA at 900 and 2,100MHz. It will also be powered with an imposing 4,000mAh battery array and an Android 4.3 (or even 4.4.2 Kitkat). All in all, a beautiful little monster…


As we see on the picture, the Z7 should be delivered with a brand new interface from ZTE. The Nubia UI will get a little closer to what we already know of the ROM MIUI, thus proposing an even more fulfilling Android experience.
For all this, there is still a big unknown, and that’s its price which should normally deplete our purses as much as its specificities make our mouths water.

Do you think the Nubia Z7 could meet some of your expectations ? Could it suit your ears? 😉


Ulefone U9592 Octa-core 5in test before the video test

A small 5in octa-core smartphone whose Korean look and affordable price (145€) will probably help it make the grade.

√ 5in 850×480 display

√ MT6592 Octa-Core processor

√ 2Gb RAM + 16Gb ROM + Micro SD

√ 5Mp + 13Mp camera

 145€ on Ccp this week. 😉

Chongqing’s Mount Rushmore replica is a somber, somber sight

The inexplicable Mount Rushmore knockoff in Shaping Park, Chongqing has come to be somewhat of a dismal scene, attributed in part to that tangled coiffure of greenery that’s taken over Thomas Jefferson’s face and the miserable-looking state of George Washington.

The original Mount Rushmore was carved near Keystone, South Dakota in the US by Danish-American sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum and features depictions of the four former US presidents that don’t make you feel as if all joy has been sucked out of the world.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a staple of pop culture : of course, nearly everyone remembers Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, but who remembers Judge’s Dredd The Cursed Earth story arc (1978), or DC Comic’s The Brave and the Bold #120 (1975), featuring Batman and Kamandi, the last boy on Earth? 😉

pics judge dredd bataman and kamandi

As to the Chongqing replica, we humbly admit that we still do not know anything about its creation, the reason for its presence in this park. Nor are we cognizant with the gardeners’ aesthetic motivations.

The THL Monkey King 2 with Mediatek’s MT6592 Octo Core

Alongside the new Mediatek Octo Core MT6592 processors, we expected a massive onslaught of 2013 smartphones updated with this new processor very much like the Zopo ZP980 and the Zopo ZP990, but the truth is we’re still waiting for the wave. Or maybe it’s been so far a modest wave. Why the delays ? Is it a strategic shift decided by the manufacturers ? Who knows… From a certain point of view, so much the better because we’ve thus had the pleasure to discover new devices. One of the best examples – if you care to forget the Zopo ZP998 for a while – is at Thl with their 5in T100S and the 6in T200 phablet.


Yet ThL have kept their cards hidden and confused minds on the web with an unxpected ThL T100S Iron Man the blogosphere has wrongly dubbed the Monkey King 2 and which had nothing whatever to do with the W11 Monkey King MT6589T and its 13Mpx dual camera we saw briefly last summer. This W11 Monkey King had looked promising with its Oppo Find 5 (or Iocean X7 or Nekken N6) look but it didn’t get the job done eventually because of a clearly not functional GPS and a few display defects our ever-lovin’ GLG hadn’t fail to stress. 😉

The fact is ThL hasn’t completely forgotten their little regal simian (the Monkey King, of course) as they got it a Chinese face lift, a thousand-year-old technique of unofficial upgrade for an intelligent mobile phone which we also call ‘we take the same smartphone, change the engine and here we go again’.


If ThL haven’t yet made an official announcement about the successor (which we might call W11S, W11+ or, more simply, W11 Monkey King 2), we may all the same reasonably think this new octa-core device will go on sale very soon as some retailers have already started presales, quite an unusual habit for us Westerners but very common here in China. If you’re still making your first steps in the world of Chinese smartphones, and if these presales are a surprise to you, please keep in mind it’s only business as usual. We already had an example of this a fortnight ago with a Zopo ZP780 which even Zopo didn’t seem to know anything about and yet our GLG has it well in hand. My dear Chin’Addicts, this is simply the magic of the Chinese smartphones market… 😉

To cut a long story short, let’s have a look at its innards. First of all, the ThL W11+ Monkey King 2 (we did have to decide on a name) should normally be a smartphone with a 5in, 1080p OGS Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Full HD display. Its near-perfect visual angle should be 178°. It will be sold with a 1.7GHz, Mediatek MT6592 Octo Core processor and a 2Go RAM, a 32Go ROM expandable to 32Go with a micro SD SDHC card. It will also fitted with Dual SIM standby 2G and 3G WCDMA 850/2100MHz, NFC, OTG, Miracast, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS as well as a 13Mpx dual rear/front camera. Everuthing will be run by Android 4.3 and powered with a non-removable 2000mAh battery array (or maybe a 2300mAh battery array but we are still awaiting confirmation on that head).


Until GLG settles the matter of a possible issue of the ThL W11+, we’ve been hearing another rumor about a successor to the W11 Monkey King which would be a 2.0GHz, 4G LTE, MT6592 octa core version. We’ll do what we know best, which is to wait patiently until our Chinese lantern enlighten us.

Dear Chin’Addicts, what do you think of this Monkey King II ? 😉

Jiake J3s Octa-core 5” HD video test by GLG

Yesterday we received the octa-core Chinese Jiake X3s smartphone. It is now tested for you on a JTGeek video.

√ 5” HD display

√ Android 4.2.2

√ 2Gb RAM + 16Gb ROM + Micro SD

√ CPU MT6592 Octa-Core 8×1.7GHz

√ Camera 8Mp + 13Mp

√ Removable 2200mAh battery
√ Dual SIM

√ 3G 800/850 and 2100

√ White or blue steel shell

√ Available this week (169€) at CCP.

Photos taken with the Jiake X3s :

IMG_20140209_105223 IMG_20140210_015843 IMG_20140210_015854 IMG_20140210_015927

Delay on the Jiayu S2 Octo Core

The UMI X3 was not the only new-generation Mediatek MT6592 Octo Core processor to miss its launch. The advent of the Jiayu S2, the firm’s newcomer, had been heralded last July as undoubtedly the finest device ever produced by this manufacturer, with an aluminized steel shell instead of a plastic one. It’s even rumored Jiayu filed a patent on its appearance which is quite close to that of the firm’s G5.

It’s probably because of the success of the S1, with its 1.7GHz Snapdragon S600, that production of the S2 has now fallen behind schedule to what’s becoming a less and less acceptable extent. We still do not know its official release date but we now have a few details about what kind of device this is going to be, thanks to somewhat less enigmatic photographs as well as Antutu screen shots.


First of all, Antutu tells us the Jiayu S2 will score honorably over 25,800 points, which is no surprise coming from a 1.7GHz MT6592 Octo-Core processor. The ‘less than 26,000 points’ is probably due to its 5in, 1080p, Full HD IPS display. What’s more, the S2 embeds a 2Go RAM and a 32Go ROM out of which 4Go have been allotted to the app installation system, the latter being expandable to 64Go via a microSD card.


The Jiayu S2 will feature a double camera (main 13Mpx rear camera, 8Mpx front) as well as OTG, MHL, NFC and Miracast Wifi Direct connectivity. As regards communication, the S2 will be Quadriband 2G and 3G WCDMA 2100MHz (we’re awaiting confirmation) in Dual SIM mode. Needless to say, the device will be sold with Wifi, Bluetooth and A-GPS. The Android system will be a 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It will be powered with a 2000mAh battery array, which comes as a suprise since the Jiayu S2 will only be 6mm thick, making it one of the thinnest devices on the market. This particular aspect will be simultaneously its strong point and its weakness.

Nonetheless, the Jiayu S2 will be one of the few devices able to compete with the THL T100S Iron Man. We feel here there are too few of these 5in devices kitted with new-generation Octa-Core processors. Rumor has it that the Jiayu S2 will go on sale late February 2014 at a price of approximately $300 (230€) at the lowest (factory gate price).