Noreve Ipad Leather case test by GLG

Noreve offers us to test its cover Baked Apple Ipad finish Horizon Air Crocodile, history test a good product and make a good test: p

  • – Elegant case handmade in high quality leather
  • – Quality handcrafted
  • – Closing handy without closure pressure or magnetic
  • – Design Slim and lightweight
  • – Wife and protects the device in an optimal manner
  • – Protects the edges of the device
  • – Access to basic functions (multiple openings on the leather)
  • – Allows use of the camera and flash without removing the cover
  • – Opening for headphones
  • – Opening for recharge and synchronization
  • – System Standby with magnet
  • – Interior lining embossed with the Noreve logo
  • – Possibility of holding the case in an upright position
  • -€ -83.25 finish in the Horizon website

Youku link :

Zopo ZP320 4G LTE, Chinese smartphone coming

The Zopo ZP320 could be the first LTE smartphone with from the Chinese highly anticipated 4G Mediatek and thus mark the minds of a new wind and the influx of Chinese phones 4G LTE

To offer this smartphone will be equipped its Zopo ZP320 MT6582M from the MediaTek processor quad-core 1.3 GHz (hence, its GPU is a Mali-400 MP2) with 1GB of RAM, which should make him an entrance model range

Features of this Zopo ZP320 :


√ 4x 1.3Ghz CPU MT6582M
√ Screen 5 “qHD 960 x 540 IPS
√ Android KitKat (4.4)
√ 1gb Ram + Rom + 8gb microSD card slot up to 64GB
√ 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 Megapixel front
√ Battery 2300 mAh
√ Dimensions: 141.8 x 71.1 x 9.8 mm
√ Connectivity: USB 2.0, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and Radio

The arrival of ZOPO ZP320 scheduled for middle of July (ie early August) and we will have to wait a bit to know “the” 4G LTE compatibility of the device as the ball of certain frequencies are often left on the bench.


Your Chines buddy



DG330 Mint and DG550, the move upmarket discreet by Doogee

While the first units of the new Doogee DG330 should soon see the day after our tests Doogee DG500C and DG550 (soon on JT Geek) we found that the range of Chinese smartphone Doogee goes upmarket while keeping prices Shocks .

A feeling that tomorrow will also confirm with our report on the plant smartphones Doogee and definitely change your vision Underground you can have from the Chinese phone.

Doogee Dagger DG550 Octa core and HD
The Octa-Core Doogee DG550 or Doogee Dagger follow the trend of Chinese Octa-core smartphone with its mediatek MT6592 CPU with a HD 5.5 “screen.

Doogee the brand being the brand from the low-cost calling KVD Group we will have the right to 1gb ram 16gb + rom slot and 64gb Micro SD compatible with a 2600mAh battery which gives us a set to 119,90€ which could make him a bestseller in France if it could be compatible 3G 900/2100 and not 850/2100 which he is currently producing for North America.


  • Processor: MT6592 Octa core 1.7Ghz 8X
  • Screen Size: 5.5 inch HD 1280X720
  • Rear Camera: 8MP, Front: 2MP
  • 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM + micro SD up to 32GB
  • Android 4.2.9
  • 2600mah battery
  • € 119.90 at CCP



Doogee Mint DG330, low cost elegance
The Mint will Doogee DG330 him entry phone line unadorned

  • Screen 5 inch IPS 480 * 854
  • Processor MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz processor × 4,
  • 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM + Micro SD up to 32gb
  • 5mp Camera + 3mp
  • Android 4.2 OS.
  • 144.7 x 71.6 x 8.3mm
  • The look which does not Low cost;)

Price soon


If the visit is confirmed the seriousness of the plant, if the new models do not have to blush against other Chinese brands, prices are shuddering brands and Doogee that follows the trend of the market and its demands (including ours with 3G 900 Mhz to start) then we will be happy to support and encourage this new brand, according to our words (and negocations in progress) will surprise you 😉


Your Chinese buddy



Cube U65GT/TALK9X test by GLG

The Cube is a connecting U65GT/TALK9X tablet that combines the benefits of a 9.7 “tablet and a smartphone 3G

Processor: MT8392 Octa-core 8X1.7GHz
Android 4.4 Kit Kat
Display: 9.7 inch IPS 2048X1536
Battery: 000mAh 10
2GB RAM + 16GB Micro SD +
8mp Camera + 2mp
3G 900/2100MHz
€ 199 in SciPhone Shop

GLG test ride the elephants in Thailand for WTS

For your Monday GLG test for the WTS and elephant ride in Thailand!

It will change your Monday starting.

What about Mi3S, Red Rice 4G and Mi4

In JTGEEK we were left to the internal problems that led to the hypothesis that rather Xiaomi tend to abandon Mi3S. One thing for sure is that after reading this article we can not be certain of maintaining or abandoning it. However, new evidence has come in several forms, and relate to a wave of three new smartphones Xiaomi which emerge from late July.

Firstly, there are the “insiders” is the Chinese market analysts whose networks allows them to make more concrete news and seasoned bloggers who spend their time analyzing social networks and press outputs of different people influences the sector (sometimes bloggers and analysts have the same cap).

The side of the concrete first, a small table from the official website China Quality Certification Center (CQC) demonstrates that Xiaomi Technology has received three certifications for three smartphones. Access to this site is very restricted view virtually privatized. Thus, the table below has been removed from their database as soon as they became aware of the leak identified by the “Huaqia Electronic Research Institute” and its analysts Pan Jiutang. Xiaomi not happy? Certainly a bit because the analyst reveals that several mobile are expected to end in July but Xiaomi never said no to the pub for free, it just hides a little!

Short! In this table I have you highlight important elements. It is important to understand that only some two of them will support the 4G LTE (1 and 3) and the number 2 and 3 are manufacturer Foxconn (Kang Fu Chi in Chinese factory in the column). We know that Foxconn is the Taiwanese company that always has been selected by his producing Xiaomi Mi Other (1) will be produced by Wingtech Communications Inc., a mobile foundry usually chooses to produce RedRices.


You always follow? With these info debut this stimulus hope to see a Xiaomi Mi3S in July as the # 2 seems then match the puzzle of the mystery of this version S highly anticipated latest flagship Xiaomi. But if you have followed this … # 2 … It will not be 4G! And yes manufacturer Foxconn, so definitely an E, but in the “Product” box there are only simple WCDMA! Why Mi3S could not be number 3 of the table? You tell me. Well logically you do not get an E would be another Mi 4G before that it would be 3G. And Xiaomi has never released two Mi same time then this option is excluded.

If new Mi3S there! It will only 3G WCDMA friends, and this will disappoint more than here in JTGEEK but it is again logical because the Chinese market is changing and 3G is still dominant ultra sales. More in Asia 3G is still the general trend, in India, for example, which is a highly targeted by Xiaomi or this potential Mi3S could spread its wings market. Xiaomi has just launched the Mi3 and other products in these new markets, Mi3S may already be for them an additional offer top class.


core@2.5GHz Snapdragon from Qualcomm, with 3GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage minimum. It will support dual band WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz anti interference mode and keep the other specs of Mi3.

About the Small # 1. But what is that mobile 4G with 1000mAh battery? If bloggers think it is a RedRice Note, I would doubt their reading as a note with a battery if Xiaomi minus? Naaah not possible! So it could either be a typo and so we would have a Red Rice Note 4G for late July. Or Xiaomi will get us a RedRice ultra mini, ultra lowcost with 4G in and a mini battery!

And No. 1 is a Red Rice, the No. 2 is Mi3S then # 3 is the E4? And certainly yes. But it will not be part of the wave is expected in July as the Snapdragon 805, it might be released in September. And this is where the crazy bloggers involved, as Punk Panda asks us silence after reading what he has gleaned directly from Xiaomi offices. He talks about the four characteristics mentioned before him to possess that E4 according to him,

  • A body while metal alloy that would limit fixed 8mm thick on first specifications
  • A screen that is 5 inches and may adopt new hardware (note: Sapphire crystal)
  • A rear 16MP camera that will be wide open.
  • A Snapdragon processor 805 (nldr: your super news Punk Panda ^ ^!)





That’s all for these little news on the next line Xiaomi products. So yes I am developing a particular logic here based on the table and work habits of factory Xiaomi. It is also possible that Xiaomi choose Foxconn to produce anything other than Mi and would be there in a different context. But stay on the first logic that seems still the biggest trend while learned that Mr. Xiaomi does not like everyone else!
Hope you see a Mi3S in July, or it will do you another 3G mobile that Mi? Would you be disappointed if the upgrade is not Mi3S with 4G? Silly question but still swing your moods!

HTC in charge of designing the Nexus 8 tablet

HTC would he charge of developing the new Google Nexus 8 tablet? A good question would seem to persist for more than two months, a rumor alleging a collaboration between the Mountain View company and Taiwanese HTC.

But if one decides to tell you, is that the rumor tends to be more precise, and some details will begin to filter on the specifics of the device.

The Nexus 8 tablet should be equipped with a screen diagonal of 8.9 inch Quad HD resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels at a density of 281ppi, and should normally respond to small name Volantis code. HTC Nexus 8 should not be a simple tablet, but a monstrously powerful tablet for the last processor with hyper velocity 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1, the most powerful there is currently on the market. The processor will be supplemented by 2GB of RAM and an internal memory of 16GB or 32GB.

The camera will be twofold Front / Rear with a main objective for 8MP front camera 3Mpx, pretty classic but is more than adequate for a tablet whose main purpose is not likely to serve as a camera. However Skype should appreciate not having too cumbersome to manage for its Visio-conference camera.

In terms of aesthetics, the device comes in an aluminum hull, or at least aluminized, which will give him false air of the Apple Ipad Mini to finesse that stares us in the eyes, provided that the picture shown above is not a prototype, but the final version of the Nexus 8.

One of the big highlights of the tablet will certainly price. Indeed, it is understood that the Nexus will be sold 8 to $ 399 for the 16GB version and $ 499 for the 32GB version, respectively € 300 and € 375. We do not know yet its release dates. In contrast, the Nexus 8 should make its appearance at IFA in Berlin and at the Google I / O Event 2014