Noreve leather for Samsung Galaxy S5 test by GLG also on Youku

Today, the review of another leather case from Noreve, a french brand but this one fit for Samsung Galaxy S5.


Enjoy 😉

Price 50€ (67$)




ASUS Transformer Book T300 CHI: Premium tablet PC on Windows 8.1

We have seen two tablet PCs ASUS previously on the JTGEEK, T103 and T303. Computex 2014 and ended last week, the ASUS Transformer Book T300 CHI increases in level with stunning features and an amazing design.

This Windows tablet 12.5 inch has a good big resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixel. A display that will be very comfortable for all types of different media and graphic editing or Office. The screen is super sharp and clear from the images and videos circulating on the net, also the colors are very clean with an IPS panel.


The tablet is based on the new Intel Core processor M aka Broadwell, which is an innovation of Intel that can produce machine type fanless PC, which means thinner without sacrificing performance. This SoC is a prototype and is not yet know much of his power, but we just know that it is just very powerful! The ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi has a body completely made ​​of aluminum with a build quality and amazing finish and can be called ultra premium. And thanks to the latest innovations, the tablet measures only 7.3 mm thick at its thickest point. Its removable keypad is also surprisingly thin, measuring only 7 mm thick. So with a total keyboard 15 mm thick, which is 15 mm less than the T303 and T103. T300 CHI supports 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. All this should make a great tablet PC under Windows 8.1

Intel and Asus have really made us a wonderful device, but it is a first prototype that we hope to get more details soon. This is definitely a laptop / tablet on which he will keep an eye.
This prototype is it you want?

Huawei P6S test by GLG also on Youku in description

Today it is time to see the about Huawei P6S


specs are :

K3V2 @ 1.6ghz quadcore with Gpu Mali 450

2GB Ram + 16GB Rom + OTG

Non removable battery of 2000mah

4.7inch HD screen

Android 4.2 overcoat by Huawei Emotion UI 2.0

Price : 285€ in sciphone boutique

You can also see the test on Youku for Chinese now 🙂

JT Geek International also on Youku !

Whereas JT Geek slowly begins its turn with its international opening in English (thank you to Frank for his translation work) on in addition to the French will also be releasing our videos in English on the second largest platform in the world.

The Geek JT on Youku.

The Geek JT video will be on YouTube but also on Youku because as some of you already know, YouTube is not available in China and its Chinese equivalent Youku.


If Youtube wants tubes, Youp videos … a little hot, make no mistake about that ……. Youku, far from being intended that at the China leave with 1.5 billion inhabitants considerable potential even if a small part had to understand our videos in English, watch and follow us on JT a small boost to our Blog so British and yet more Chinese.

If you are curious here is the link of the Chinese JT geek /JTgeek

Nothing ventured, nothing gained 0.01% but 1.5 billion would still 150,000 views lol

Mediatek MT6595 4G LTE at Mobile Asia Expo Shanghai

Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, also commonly called GSM Asia Expo has opened its doors for its 2014 edition. All major sector will present their innovations that we meet here the coming months.

The founder of Mediatek chip there will guest star figure, highly anticipated for its new chipsets all geared 4G LTE Modem Chipset MT6290 through that now walk in tandem with all SoC manufacturer whatsoever on supports 32 or 64 bit.


Mediatek MT6290 is the latest Modem factories out of the firm chipset, that offer the much desired mobile 4G connectivity on TD-LTE/FDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA and GSM lines and run on a standard Category 4 allowing rates of 50Mb / s to 150Mb / s, supporting voice solutions and SG-LTE CSFB.

The MT6595 chip is engraved in 28nm for size 14mm x 14mm x 9.4mm 9.4mm cons for MT6290 Modem and also support a multifréquencage 5 modes.

The MT6595 is a Octa Core chipset big.little which consists of a pair of two clusters of 4 processors Cortex A7 and Cortex A17 function. It will be the first Octa Core processor big.little world to support 4G, but also provide high-level multimedia solutions with 2K and 4K video media and H.265 encoding. It will also support the Quad HD 2K screens and cameras up 20mpx, the RAM type DDR3, the EMMC 5.0 and USB 3.0 for Data exchange very high speed.


The MT6595 processors for quite a while already being tested at different manufacturers, as GeekIndic you could already speak this morning with the latest Zopo with this new technology. And come back phase of mass production, which will mean that the first devices should not be long till the end of their nose. It’s starting to feel good at all ! 🙂

Zopo will launch two new 4G LTE smartphones!

As I told you before yesterday, when Oppo plans to launch two 4G LTE smartphones, this is the world of Chinese manufacturers who takes a little boost! Although Oppo prefer Qualcomm solutions to future platforms MTK 4G, their outputs are always spied on and are often signs of birth trend in the domestic Chinese market. Of course in the race for first 4G device in MediaTek processor, there have been announcements that made ​​the buzz but now it is the turn ZOPO to hit the ground running and sometimes twice a day!

Indeed yesterday Zopo contacted via his Facebook page on two new 4G smartphone coming in saying

“NEW! ZOPO 4G LTE TIME! Android 4.4! 5.0 inch. For special functions information? Will you get it, later ☺ ”


Teasing of the first degree then, but finally real good news, because we could also have Zopo launch 4G Android 4.2 for the joke but luckily not! KitKat from the launch of a new such it is fortunately becoming the standard for China. We can also expect good thing for both ZOPO 4G so the brand continued to gain momentum last year. By providing the hardware quality especially with ZP980, 990, 998 and all variations thereof that +, showed rare Zopo qualities for the end manufacturer Shenzhen there are only 2, 3 years. Noted that the latest smartphone are still very good smartphones, still in the era of the time, but not 4G.


For those who will , we do not know much but Zopo nevertheless communicated press reports from the designers of the firm. It can therefore be seen as a smartphone screen 5 inches, design typed Find One or More 7 or ONE iOceanX7 as you feel. With a central digital camera medium and a small flash that looks to me to be monoLED even if it is long, and finally it is good only rendered so difficult to speculate. Especially on the thumbnails below you can see the LED on the rear side of the sensor, even a small inconsistency. But one thing scares me for this first Zopo who should be the new flagship, is that in the notification bar there is a network signal icon! Single SIM ? Please do not ZOPO! None of that here! We want dual SIM! Let ‘s hope it is only a graphic mistake!

Regarding the other, there is a design more in Zopo style with a general form of ZP980 and 998 brothers. It will have a 5-inch screen and on the back side you can see a small silver band and a digital camera also centered. This time a white flash MonoLED certainly be present, and the offset slot on the side for the speaker as for the other and all Zopo elsewhere. It should be a lower range to the other but they are only guesses. Mystery for networks icons, what about the dual SIM mobile for these two … stay tuned!
We are happy that finally Zopo make announcements and enters the dance 4G! Stay connected on JTGEEK to read those ads that would soon!



QuickClick gives you more features for your volume buttons

Have you never want your smartphone has a little more buttons so that you can move to the next song, answer a call to the old, or launch an application without having to unlock the screen first? QuickClick is an application created by a developer famous site / XDA forum that allows you to do all these things and more just by using your volume control buttons. Of course, today’s smartphones not only have two volume keys up or down. And this is why the app QuickClick allows you to assign different functions to a logical sequence of clicks.


For example, you may open the flashlight by repeatedly pressing volume + volume – volume + quickly. Or you can go to the next track in your playlist by tapping twice the Volume + button! Great is not it? I personally have adopted in no time at and I’m sure many of you will too! QuickClick is available for free download on the PlayStore Google. It includes pubs, but you will see that when configuring your combinations clicks. Of course you can remove the ads by spending a little money through in-app purchase for QuickClick Premium, but it is not useful because of rédacs JTGEEK do not earn commission on! : P

Actions available settings include:

  • Turn on / off the flashlight
  • Take a picture (or open the camera settings)
  • Trigger a sound recording
  • Call a contact
  • Recorded a video
  • Start a text message
  • play music
  • launch an application
  • On / Off WiFi
  • On / Off Bluetooth
  • On / off mobile data
  • Switch to silent mode, vibrate
  • Unlocking the screen
  • Answer or reject incoming calls

And … the developer indicates that more features are planned in the future!

Also If you have Tasker installed, you can also use QuickClick to assign tasks this app a combination.



The application may include some rare bugs depending on how you use. For example, options skip to skip to the next or previous song works well with Google Music Play, but seem confused Shuttle + player. And sometimes to launch applications or actions, the volume of your device will continue to increase or decrease at the same time. But it’s still pretty cool to be able to perform basic tasks without leaving your phone in your pocket or unlock … Especially for music, even if these are tasks that were made ​​to the old, without a touchscreen with an MP3 player or walkman before them and that was not good headset remote and it’s still quite useful.

QuickClick on Google Playstore