Lenovo Vibe Z upgrade on Kit Kat 4.4.2 !

For those who waited as pawns Lenovo deigns start producing Rom Android 4.4 KitKat and much light at the end of the tunnel now seems visible. Finally a tunnel that leads in Malaysia at the moment and as the locomotive of the Lenovo brand, Vibe Z.

Even then there were alternatives to the Vibe Z Rom on needrom.com to solve language problems menus and other regional compatibility problems for certain applications, there was not yet a stock solution new firmware offered by Lenovo. And Malaysian users have reported that their Vibe Z had received a notification for an OTA upgrade or over-the-air to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In addition to providing a more recent version of Android, the new update seems to offer a clean and simple user interface. So it would seem, according to early returns, that the reception of WiFi signal has been improved. It is also possible and even almost certain that Lenovo has added other software optimizations and new features that even now would control with the acquisition of Motorola and a few assistants patents.


Even if it is only available for users of Malaysia, this upgrade is a good starting point for other markets. A bit like all other brands, OTA ​​update of this result, is often ordered by specific geographic areas. The Vibe Z to KitKat is 1.2GB in size, which is not nothing in terms of downloading or server management, thus it requires an opening step! Moreover, when that happens in our cottages, we strongly advise you not to download these 1.2GB only via WiFi, I finally is it worth to remember? Anyway it’s done!
Z Vibe users, make us a sign, a small comment when you see the notification calling you to do this upgrade! 😉 Or a little comment like that all over for fun!

Huawei Honor 6 Mulan formalized: Presentation on June 24

Things are always quickly on the side of No. 1 Chinese Huawei phone. If there are only a few days we’ll unveil a look and some pictures stolen from Mulan, the manufacturer will speed things already announced the official presentation of the 4G LTE device for setting quick sale on the domestic market.

We knew the device under the appellation Mulan, but we were not sure exactly what range Ascend – Honor – Glory he would belong, even if we had an idea on the matter. Huawei Ascend P7, the flagship model of the moment, having just come out, it was more logical that the Mulan belongs to the world of Honor, which will resume version 6. We also ask where are the Honor 4 and 5, a mystery which we accustomed Chinese long without ever give an answer (prototypes abandoned?)


This will be on the social channel Weibo that the information concerning the placing on the market have been disclosed. The Honor 6 will be officially announced on June 24.

The Honor 6 Mulan will be 5 inches (previously announced 4.9 “) Full HD 1080p and will be powered by the home processor Huawei, Kirin 920 Octa Core allowing it to exceed 36,000 items Antutu and provide valuable 4G LTE. The device will come with a front camera and 5Mpx 13Mpx rear, and will be equipped with 3GB of RAM.

We have announced you that should compete with the One of OnePlus, which from a technical point of view is a challenge won handily. In contrast, the rate of Mulan will be a little higher at 2,998 yuan or $ 480 USD, against an OPO to $ 299 only to specific very close, however, a smaller screen, the One measuring a large 5.5 inches.


Doogee valencia DG800 video test by GLG, aviable also on Youku

Second phone test about Doogee, the DG800 Valencia

And it runs on Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat !


You can find all the specs on the video 🙂

Mtk 6582 4×1.3ghz

4.5inch screen QHD

Android 4.4.2

1Go Ram 8Go ROM + 64Go ROM

Rear camera 13mpix Front Camera 8Mpix


Battery 2000Mah

Rear Pad


Price : 90€ (120$)


Doogee Valencia DG800


here on Youku 🙂


WTS try the big Buddha in Phuket Thailand

Find a new What The Stuff, the emission test from the real life in Asia with this video: Big Buddha of Phuket Patong in Siam!


Big Buddha of Phuket

News High Tech and Smartphones in China W23 by GLG

New appointment must Saturday with High-tech news and smartphone in China Week 23.

This appointment is expanding at present stats JT Geek by Country for JTGeek.com in French but also in English JTGeek.net.

John John is spent in fixed plan for the second camera and begins to refine this appointment will evolve slowly (a little more in August) and will one day be a true issuance Geek

Your Chinese friend GLG


News High Tech and Smartphones in China W23

Doogee DG 2014 test by GLG also on Youku



The Doogee 2014 will be the first smartphone from the brand Doogee tested on JT Geek

We remind you that following a partnership between JT and the geek Doogee brand we will test all models and will support the brand in its development and implementation in Europe.

Allow the test to test them and their sale in the Shop Cheap Chinese (Sciphone / Shop Group) will be tempted to prices


Doogee Turbo DG2014
Processor: MT6582 quad core Cortex A7 4X1.3 Ghz
Screen: 5 inch HD 1280 x 720 IPS
Memory: 1 GB Ram + 8GB ROM + micro SD up to 32GB
Battery: 1750mAh
8mp Camera + 2mp interpolated 13mp + 5 mp
€ 113 at CCP Cheap Chinese phone

Test on Youtube


ROM CyanogenMod deploys on OnePlus One


The OnePlus One is the latest smartphone to be equipped with Chinese the CyanogenMod ROM, still supposed to be one of the best of the moment, a specialty that is not unique for the manufacturer affiliated with Oppo since it is the only one to promote sales via invitation which has made many teeth gnashing system.

The One will be divided into two distinct series, the part reserved for the Chinese market will run on an Oppo ROM ColorOs property when the second part will be internationally oriented with the CyanogenMod ROM 11S to rotate.

Cyanogen has released the sources of its Android 4.4.2 ROM codes for independent developers to work on and propose alternative ROM, tweaked and improved. It should even be possible to appear here shortly with other Smartphones Snapdragon processor 801 to focus on this famous CyanogenMod ROM 11S, like Samsung and S5 for example. We also can appear at the same time as the new ROM AOSP Google come equip OnePlus One soon. And why not a zero ROM MIUI Xiaomi, is held to impossible, especially when developers are talented as they are now.

For a little while the OPO will be sold with an invitation to exponential growth system, and will be sold through specialized websites to the public from every continent. If we had to do a little reminder, the OPO is a Smartphone 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p-compatible 4G LTE with its Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.5Ghz and 801 with 3GB of RAM for the RAM of the device. A model will come with a 16GB ROM offered U.S. $ 299 when the 64GB version of ROM for internal data will be sold at $ 350.