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Oppo Find7 mini 4G available today

Barely a week has passed since Oppo announced its mini N1, the N1 5.5 inch with less advanced features but still its rotating apparatus and Find Mini 5 already on the market, it seems like the Oppo strategy mini flagship, as a variant shrink when washing the Find 7 is about to be sold and the least we can say is that it looks like his older!

The 5.5 inch screen Find 7 is the first company to have a Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560p). But the new 7 mini Find code-named R6007 Oppo will shrink for these two characteristics. And a 4.7-inch HD 1280 x 720 pixels is the domain of the 7 Find Mini which is rather very well and is a reminder that today’s mini versions seriously beginning to resemble the flagship of yesterday!
Other specs go to the washing machine at 90 °, the CPU goes to 801 Snapdragon Snapdragon 400@1.6GHz, GPU Adreno 305, the 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and 2MP front camera. But especially the 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, expandable with MicroSD course, we are really getting into a lower range. Find the dimensions of 7 mini 137 mm long by 68 mm wide and 7.75 mm thick make it 12% smaller than its big brother. A weight of 128 grams it loses 43 grams, but it also loses 860mAh relative to Find 7 because its battery of 2140 mAh that. The smartphone runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean over-coated with Color OS 1.4, the famous ROM Oppo. Still current 4G 150Mps is required with the SD400 for qualcomm well as Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS GLONASS and micro USB OTG socket.
To finish Oppo Find 7 Mini will be available in China starting today Tuesday, June 3 for about $ 288 or € 215 and will come in two classic versions, black and white. This smartphone is expected to be sold in other markets as China in a second time, but no more information is to indicate on the subject.
So Oppo Oppo Find 7 Mini N1 or mini? or not!

Samsung Z, the first smartphone running the OS Tizen

It had been several months since we heard about a new OS that would be developed in “joint ventures” by the Korean Samsung and U.S. Intel to equip one of their new device. Samsung Z will be the first device to be officially equipped with the famous OS Tizen owner, and therefore an alternative to the Google AOSP and TouchWizz which previously fitted to the Galaxy range.

Tizen had hitherto succeeded only reaching the Smartwatch Gear Samsung Galaxy, probably for a successful test phase, which will open the doors to a little more mature devices. Samsung Z will have a 4.8-inch AMOLED screen with HD 720p and powered by a Quad Core processor clocked at 2.3GHz that will certainly Intel brand logically graphic resolution. The device will support 2GB of RAM memory and 16GB of ROM to accommodate datas and the system. The smartphone will also have a main 8MP rear camera and 2.1Mpx in front, a 2600mAh battery and a slot for expanding your data storage with an external microSD card. Z is NFC, OTG, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 2.4/5G and adopt a GPS Glonass (Russian satellites).
Samsung Z will be offered a new sophisticated look far unusual that might look like a pretty fun mix of Xiaomi Mi3 for its angular side and Galaxy Note 3 with its rear shell leather style and seams the Home button is always present meaning membership of the smartphone Galaxy line probably, but certainly Samsung. Samsung Z will be available in 2 colors quite original because only available in Black or color Or Samsung’s intention seems clear enough, the Z is definitely a range a little hand and a design that still denote devices that giant had achieved so far.
Samsung Z should be available in Korea, China and Russia by the third quarter of this year and should soon spread to other international markets. We hear also a Tizen Store should be put in place quickly to offer dedicated applications.
A little frustration at the end of this article anyway since we will not know some details like frequency supported, even if the 4G LTE Category 4 is apparently the game, or even its price or price range, that would help us to better situate the camera facing competition. Samsung will it still be at the top of the mountain or he decides to attack the face of emerging challengers. The question still remains full for a while.

THL Ultraphone 4400 video test

Display: 5 “Corning Gorilla Glass III 1280×720
Processor: Quad-core MT6582 4X1.3Ghz
Memory: 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM + Micro SD up to 32GB
Thickness 8.9mm
Battery: 4400mAh
€ 159 in SciPhone Shop

Thl 4400

Huawei Mulan revealed on Antutu will once again most benefited from a first test of the new device firm Huawei. A H300 had made ​​an appearance during the months of March and with an appliance Snapdragon processor (Xiaolong in Chinese) in the S800 release. This blow it’ll be the turn of a H60-L02 come we triturated the meninges, this one to notionally arise as the new flagship of Huawei.

According to Chinese rumors, this new device that will steal the show at the Huawei Ascend P7 respond code-named Mulan, as Asian heroin Walt Disney or more like the warrior legendary folklore of the Middle Kingdom (Hua Mulan ), Mulan which is also the term for the Magnolia flower so dear to Claude François. It closes the cultural page, and we return to our sheep.
So late last weekend were revealed details online that will affect this device that can not yet know with certainty if up to the high end range Ascend at mid-range Honor, or to input range Glory. However, some high specification color will allow us to get an idea.
Huawei Mulan H60 should first pick a powerful Octa Core processor 8 physical cores Hass Kirin hi3630 clocked at only 1.3GHz. Apparently the upscale home processor Huawei does not hit high in frequency, it is the least we can say. Its only advantage is definitely an energy saver that will preserve the battery, more so than its competitors Samsung Exynos 5420 and MT6592. However the processor will come with its GPU ARM Mali-T635 overkill that will handle a wide screen 4.9 inch Full HD 1920x1080p. The device will still be powered to stratosphere with an impressive score of 36,182 points making up the Snapdragon 801. Astonishing not for a clock rate of 1.3GHz right?
Huawei Mulan also come with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, and run on an OS Emotion UI based on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Logically, the device should accommodate 4G LTE and 3G WCDMA 900/2100MHz, information to confirm though. We still miss also some other important specs such as cameras, battery, support SD card, Dual SIM …. etc.. But we expect that those below should not be disappointing. It only remains to wait a bit, but knowing Huawei waiting should not be very long.

Teclast P90HD: the first processor Rockchip RK3288 tablet?

Teclast will not speak to the greatest number of you because we has never talked to JTGEEK. But we will fix it all because Teclast made speak about it in a manner that especially interest us.
Firstly Teclast is a Taiwan based firm that specializes in the production of tablet android and Windows. Very fond of Intel and Rockchip solutions for their terminals, a bit like Pipo or Ramos, Teclast bursts into JTGEEK world today as may be the first company to develop direct sales, it will be a tablet running with Rockchip RK3288 SoC.
Big news last Friday for their first tablet RK3288 named Teclast P90HD was seen in the listings of the site selling Chinese Tmall online. This news was followed by another indicating that the presales begin on June 11 And this date is also suspected to be that of the official introduction of the Rockchip RK3288. Everything seems apparently consistent so that we can have a small flow of tablets in this SoC June. Pipo should also make announcements during this period, especially for P8.
Come back to the Teclast P90HD tablet to talk about what it has inside. Well a few days ago AnTuTu score was revealed, and we confirmed (even if we do not need) that is in the presence of a RK3288. With a score of 40685 is not far from the record of the Pipo P1 mentioned in the match against the AnTuTu Xiaomi miPad and Vivo Xplay 3S. A string of pictures is already available since last weekend but when they were released there a few days, not a lot of the technical details have accompanied. But today we know more about it.
nside this rectangle parallelepiped whose silver and beveled frame design is very rounded corners, there is a storage space of 16GB accompanied by 2GB of RAM. It will be a tablet that only propose for the moment that the WiFi networks regarding connectivity. His Japanese JDI Ultra Retina screen 8.9 inch WXGA offer more than friendly ie 2560 x 1600 pixels which results in a pixel density of 339ppi. Two cameras for this P90HD, rear one uses an 8 megapixel sensor with a single LED flash and before the other has a 2 megapixel sensor.
Consequence of the presence of the Rockchip RK3288, ARM Malit T760 ultra-powerful graphics processor promises to showcase this beautiful screen providing 3D and 2D graphics performance above average, supporting OpenGL ES 3.0 and DirectX 11 it is the first SoC with a real 4K x 2K video decoder. Another good thing new and rare product intended primarily for China reported the operating system chosen for the base model is Android 4.4 KitKat! Although apparently the system is an overlay manufacturer. To complete what we know, this tablet will bear the Bluetooth and Micro SD. The price tag dangled a very very good value for money, 1,599 yuan online is about 190 €, after must see for resale. More news can be on June 11
This Teclast P90HD you exploded she?

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