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Inwatch X, the Great Chinese Smartwatch Contender

Maybe you missed last 13th January’s Inwatch conference.

A two-hour presentation we did not go to but of which we were able to read the abstract written in Chinese. ^^

The Inwatch is designed by the Ying Fun company, the founder of which, Wang Xiaobin, showcased his new products as well as his vision of future intelligent watches.

The Inwatch 1C is a simplified version of the first-generation Inwatch 1 smartwatch for the price of 1399 Chinese yuans (175€). (item here)

The next official version of the Inwatch Z has been presented as an Inwatch One deluxe edition featuring a transflective and waterproof IP7 TFT display for the price of 1788 Chinese yuans (224€).

We had already tested a prototype of the first Inwatch (link) which sold quite well in 2013 as it reached a turnover of one million yuans. This should give wings to its manufacturer and help him get ready for the next generations.


Inwatch X – Be Future

Designed together with a US team, featuring a South Korean curved screen produced by NeoView KOLON, the Inwatch X will fit your wrist perfectly.

We are still awaiting information on this Inwatch X but we already know its conception is already well advanced.

If you’ve kept informed of the big events at the CES, it’s probable you’ve already guessed that many makes such as Samsung, LG or Sony have launched the curved screen concept and that the Inwatch will accordingly follow this hi-tech tendency.

If the first-generation Inwatch didn’t really leave us breathless, it’s because it was there mainly as an experimental product. Its main purpose was to be tried and to face the teething troubles before the coming of a new generation of this Inwatch backed up by partners and investors who firmly believe in this made in Shenzhen watch designed to rival the Korean or Japanese giants currently planning to put their own smartwatches on the market.

In short, wait for new and exciting developments on JT Geek. 😉


Sffcccks, Zare and H&N in Wuxi

Welcome to Wuxi’s ‘Fake Street’ ! You are now discovering the latest and greatest Starbucks joke in China – second best only to Star Fucks, of course. Sffcccks Coffee is but one of the many fake installations seeing the light of day on Wuxi’s fantastic Fake Street, in the Jiangsu province.


Come drink your coffee or grapefruit juice in this magical place after buying of course the latest Appla and before accompanying your sweetheart on her try-on trip to Zare’s latest dress or H&N’s pantsuits. Hmmm, that felt good… And yet…


Ah, but – looks as if all these stores are empty ! Indeed, after a difficult on-site investigation, which local sources confirm, they are nothing more than logos used as posters and billboards to create the atmosphere of what sightseers consider their favorite pastime – fake shopping !

New Wireless Charging Technology for Mediatek

Taiwanese chipset manufacturer Mediatek is in the limelight again yet this time it’s not about a processor but a new wireless multimode charging solution. Here are more details.


On Android devices, wireless charging is no new concept but the trouble with present-day inductive charging is that it can charge a device only if it is set in a certain position, and it can only charge one device at a time. Mediatek’s new resonant charging system resolves the matter and offers a more flexible solution by enabling several devices to charge from one dock without being connected to it. In other words, it’s a dream come true for people who won’t rack their brains when they want to charge their devices. All they’ll have to do is put it close to the dock.


This technology, which was probably borrowed from genius Nikola Tesla, should be the talk of the town in the few months to come and you can count on JT Geek to follow it very closely.

THL T200 Video Test by GLG

We carry on with our octa-core smartphone series scheduled to last the whole year long as news will keep coming. Speaking about news, here is the THL T200, a six-inch octa-core smartphone. As always, GLG’s video will give you a clear idea of what it looks like and how it works.

Characteristics of the THL T200 :

  • 1,7GHz octa-core MTK6592 processor
  • Gorilla Glass 3 FHD 6in display
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 32Gb ROM expandable up to32Gb via micro SD
  • 13.0MP Sony rear camera
  • Dual SIM

249€ at the SciPhone Boutique

Photos are taken with the THL T200




Xiaomi – Three Models for the Aftermath of the Chinese New Year 2014


Xiaomi Red Rice Hongmi 1S MT6588

The many rumors circulating around Xiaomi decidedly match the growing success of their devices. The latest phase is a new material upgrade of Red Rice Hongmi The First, coming to haunt our corridors with the announcement of a new Xiaomi Red Rice 1S featuring the brand new, never-heard-of-before quad-core Mediatek MT6588 cortex A7 processor, a state-of-the-art technology with a 28nm HPM laser engraving, four 1.7GHz processors, backed up by a 600MHz GPU Mali450-MP4 – for 700MHz on the MT6592. If you think this is Mediatek’s second most powerful processor and not an old, two-bit chipset that would try to fit on that brand’s lowcost smartphone, you guessed right. Rumor also has it that the Red Rice 1S should be fitted with a Full HD slab, which still needs confirmation. The starting price should amount to approximately 799 yuans, i.e. almost 100€, an extremely low price for those who’ll be among the happy few. The smartphone should be showcased around February 15th.


Xiaomi Red Rice 2 MT6592

Sure enough, we’ve been talking about several rumors and today, a new one is about a mid-range halfway between the Mi3 and the Red Rice. If you’ve been reading our recent posts, you’ll guess it is of course the Xiaomi Red Rice 2 with its 8×1.7GHz octa core processor and its 5.5in display. It should make its debut late February with a 999-yuan ‘Xiaomi Site’ price, i.e. approximately 125€. Since the MT6592 processor is a dual band TD-SCDMA and WCDMA, we shouldn’t be kept waiting for the second version designed for customers outside China, which is a clear improvement as much for consumers, retailers, as for the manufacturer.

Xiaomi Mi3S MSM8974AC 4G LTE

Third and last rumor, this time about the 4G LTE – the Mi3S version, fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974AC processor should also be showcased late February or early March. The price should be about 2000 yuans, i.e. 250€. Wait for a delivery late March should Xiaomi manage to gather together all the many necessary parts. Another major delay, like that of the Mi3, which was released early January instead of early December, would give a terrible impression but we know we can count on the Mi fans’ legendary patience.

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