Huawei ready to release their the 64-bit processors

A rumor is spreading on the web claiming that a 28nm HPM, Quad-core Hass A9 processor could be as powerful as the top-class octa-core processors, quad-core A15 + quad-core A7. The chipset integrates the GSM/WCDMA/TDS/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE.

Competition is harsh between the Qualcomm and MTK processors with the advent of Huawei’s Ascend P6S and Ascend Mate 2 smartphones, scheduled for this spring, and the high number of devices that are likely to be fitted with Hass processors.

Besides, the performance of the photosensors, following the improvement in ISP, will be impressive, especially with the 64-bit A53 and A57 processors which should be released this year, thus sounding the death knell of the most powerful octa-core processors to this day.


Even if Huawei is slightly ahead of Android’s 64-bit processors, the real profits will come when ARM releases the Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors. It looks as if 2014 will the be the year of mobile phones’ 64-bit processors.

Cyanogen’s Oppo N1 video test run by GLG

Today’s video test by GLG is about the geek phone par excellence, the Oppo N1with the CyanogenMod Rom from the same team, as shown on the pic below – we think there are real geeks behinf this ROM. 😉


For the benefit of neophytes turning up at JT Geek, here is a partial introduction to CyanogenMod – dixit Wikipedia.

Soon after the introduction of the HTC Dream (named the “T-Mobile G1” in the United States) mobile phone in September 2008, a method was discovered to attain privileged control (termed “root access”) within Android’s Linux-based subsystem. Having root access, combined with the open source nature of the Android operating system, allowed the phone’s stock firmware to be modified and re-installed onto the phone.

In the following year, several modified firmwares for the Dream were developed and distributed by Android enthusiasts. One, maintained by a developer named JesusFreke, quickly became popular among Dream owners. In August 2009, JesusFreke stopped work on his firmware, and suggested users switch to a version of his ROM that had been further enhanced by developer Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) called “CyanogenMod”.
CyanogenMod quickly grew in popularity, and a small community of developers, called the CyanogenMod Team (and informally “Team Douche”) made contributions. Within a few months, the number of devices and features supported by CyanogenMod blossomed, and CyanogenMod quickly became one of the most popular Android firmware distributions.
Like many open source projects, CyanogenMod is developed using a distributed revision control system with the official repositories being hosted on GitHub. Contributors submit new feature or bug fix changes using Google’s source code review system, Gerrit. Contributions may be tested by anyone, voted up or down by registered users, and ultimately accepted into the code by one of a handful of CyanogenMod developers.
A version of ADW.Launcher, an alternative launcher (home screen) for the Android operating system, became the default launcher on CyanogenMod 5.0.8. The launcher provides additional features not provided by the default Android launcher, including more customization abilities (including icon themes, effects, and behavior), the ability to backup and restore configuration settings, and other features. As of version 9, CyanogenMod’s own launcher, Trebuchet, is included with the firmware.


Greg has been waiting a long time for this Oppo N, as he tells in the video, because this smartphone is really something big. 🙂

Features of Cyanogen’s Oppo N1


  • Oppo N1 5.9in FHD, Quad-core 1.7GHz, 2Gb+32Gb OTG NFC 3G 900/2100MHz
  • Quad-core, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor
  • 1080p Full HD display
  • 2Gb RAM + 16Gb ROM
  • WiFi, GPS, NFC, OTG, Bluetooth, etc.

445€ at the SciPhone Boutique

Photos taken with Cyanogen’s Oppo N1







Smartphone One Plus, BBK Oppo/Vivo

Recently, we discussed a newcomer in Chinese smartphones, OnePlus, the designer of which is none other than Oppo’s former vice-chairman.


OnePlus, a new up-market Chinese smartphone with a simple slogan.

Too often have we had to make compromises. Too often have we had to make concessions. Too often have we had to behave.

So, yes, hurray, let’s hear it for this soon-to-come new make which just signed a partnership agreement with Cyanogen with a view to editing the ROM of this future high-class Chinese OnePlus smartphone.

High-class with Cyanogen. You mean, like Oppo ?

Well, everything will become clearer when you understand OnePlus is part of the BBK Group which will produce them accordingly.

The BBK Group is prominent Chinese firm specialized in electronics. You already know their father and son.


The son is the founder of Vivo the smartphones of which, produced for China only, sell very well thanks to a lot of advertising on Chinese TV programs.


Daddy launched Oppo, a make designed for international trade, patented in the US, and which is starting slowly to be exported thanks to an international Rom, a SAR and a partnership with Rom editor CyanogenMod.

And what of OnePlus ?

A former vice-chairman from Oppo who creates his own make within the BBK Group cannot be seen as a traitor or a mutineer but as someone implementing a well-oiled marketing strategy and seeking to establish competition between different makes yet within the same group.


China Building Fast-Train Railroad to Singapore via Laos

China is currently deploying a colossal infrastructure towards its South Asian neighbors. The big idea is to build a major railroad for fast trains through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and as far as Singapore. Laos, which at present has only two miles of viable railway tracks, is in shock.

The Laotian government – the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, met Li Keqiang last year and greeted the project with open arms. In rapid expansion, Laos is about to become the crossoroads of Southeast Asia. This ambition is clashing head-on with the actual state of a country wounded by war and poverty, and it is also threatening its stability.

The project implies a titanic feat of engineering. It will require the building of 154 bridges, 76 tunnels, 31 railway stations to link the 260 miles running from Boten – on the Laos-China borderline – to Vientiane, Laos capital city. 20,000 Chinese workmen could be necessary to achieve the project the deadline of which has been scheduled for 2019. This sole part will cost about seven billion dollars. Even Chinese investors are dubious.

Laos financial plan of its railroad section is to borrow £4.5 billion from Beijing, i.e. 90% of the annual GDP’s 5.2 billions, which could make it the fourth most indebted country in the world, behind Japan, Zinbabwe and Greece.

With 75% of its population living with less than $2 a day, Laos is one of the poorest countries in Asia. However, the gaotie – the name for the Chise fast train – could be the standard bearer of a country opening up and developing in spite of past wounds. This could mean a gain of time and money as regards trade between different countries, and also the guarantee that tourists will come in large numbers.


Laos is a country where agriculture represented 42% of the GDP and 80% of the total workforce. Therefore, the gaotie could be a real cultural shock.

Several international financial experts see this loan as a future disaster. The ADB – Asian Development Bank – simply described it as ‘prohibitive’. Maintaining the annual interest rate only will amount to nearly 20% of Laos annual public spending.

Yet Laos has natural ressources in huge quantities, such as copper, gold, silver as well as forest ressources which Thailand and Vietnam find interesting. Another major revenue stream is the country’s hydraulic capacity. Thanks to its geography, its high mountain relief, Laos allows for hydroelectric dams to be built. Therefore it can sell Thailand, among other things, 95% of the electric power produced at the Nam Theun 2 dam. That would generate eighty million dollars for the Laos government, every year.


The Nam Theun 2 dam. It exports 95% of its production to Thailand.

Mediatek Looking for Providers for their Fingerprint Readers

A few months ago, in our article Fingerprint Readers Scheduled for Chinese Smartphones but Not for Now, we told you Chinese smartphones manufacturers hadn’t yet planned to install this technology on their products. One reason is the high cost of this technology – over $10 per unit. Another is that Android has not been designed to support the decoding system but that was before !

Indeed, after a few months’ time, it seems safe to say MediaTek is looking for providers able to supply them with digital fingerprint readers at less than $10 per unit.

Moreover, a few Chinese smartphones manufacturers wish to integrate fingerprint readers to their high-end products, which MediaTek sees as an indirect incentive.


As long as the prices of the digital fingerprint readers from AuthenTec – used by Apple – Validity Sensors and Fingerprint Cards won’t go below the $10-per-unit mark, MediaTek will keep on searching for more affordable providers located in Taiwan and in China.

MediaTek declared recently there had been talks between them and Taiwanese firm EgisTec but that up to now, no agreement had been reached.

Huawei Honor 3X G750 Video Test by GLG

The killer Chinese smartphones are following one another at the beginning of this year ; after the coming of the Xiaomi MI3, the Zopo ZP998 and all the new eight-cores, Huawei is now drawing their new weapon – the Huawei Honor 3X G750.

Huawei Honor 3X features

Huawei Honor 3X, or Huawei G750 in Asia, with 5.5in HD display, Octa-core 1.7GHz, 2Gb + 8Gb 13 MP, Sony Dual SIM 3G 900/2100MHz

√ 1.7GHz Octa-core MT6592 processor

√ 5.5in HD touch screen

√ 2Gb RAM + 8Gb ROM + Slot micro SD 32Gb max.

√ 13MP Sony camera

√ 3G 900/2100MHz

Huawei Honor 3X on sciphone

Photos taken with the Huawei Honor 3X, or Huawei G750




UMI X3 : A Smartphone Named Desire

If the Octo-core Zopo ZP998 is currently in the lead of smartphones fitted with the newfangled Mediatek MT6592 processor, the Octa-core we’ve been talking to you about since November could turn out to be a worthy challenger as it indeed has at its disposal a few arguments likely to outshine the Zopo ZP998.

Except that Umi, as usual, is behind the times and, instead of hitting pay dirt, will be content with getting the scraps.


For the time being, UMI’s flagship smartphone is more a topic of discussion because of crazy rumors than thanks to state-of-the-art evaluations we would like to subject it to, here on our brand new JT Geek blog. If we were asked to list its features, we’d say the UMI X3, for some time, has been announced as a 2.0GHz Octo-core MT6592 with 3Go RAM and 32Go ROM, 4G LTE and available with a 5.5in 2K display. If we make a comparison with what the concurrence is currently doing, we must admit they are wide off the mark ; no manufacturer has been able so far to fit a device with those famous 32Go they all kept promising us only a few weeks ago. For the few days, there’s been only one kind of UNI X3 prototype, and not a high-performance one at that, on display on the biggest Chinese platforms and it should be noted that, once again, truth was stranger than fiction.

However, it’s no use throwing the baby out with the bathwater, because this device should ultimately be a finely designed product in the UMI tradition, as was proved with the late-2013 success of the UMI Cross, a beautiful 6.4in phablet many of you snapped up.


If we are to believe a musically and technically dreadful video seen yesterday on YouTube, the UMI X3 is a more modest Smartphone. It will be powered by an 8×1.7GHz MT6592 Octo-core, with 2Go RAM and 16Go ROM in the first place. Then two new series, with 32 and 64Go, should follow, according to the manufacturer. These specifications will enable to exceed a 26,000 Antutu ranking. As far as connectivity is concerned, we’ll find the NFC and the OTG on this UMI, as well as the new Wifi-Direct Miracast technological standard which will allow you to clone on a TV screen your Smartphone’s display – in particular thanks to a Dongle Wifi Mirror2TV Greg told you about yesterday. What really sucks about this video is that it’s supposed to showcase a device fitted with a 16Mpx main rear camera. Yet you’ll find nothing of the kind, as Antutu and all the camera settings clearly state that the device will only have a 13Mpx capacity. This matter might be settled when the ultimate version is released, unless a miracle of Chinese sorcery turns 13Mpx in 16Mpx. Who’s to know ? In China, just about anything is possible.


As for the rest, the Umi X3is a Smartphone with an attitude, if I may say so. Its Full HD, 5.5in front reminds us for sure of the Umi Cross with its stylish keys. The back case is smooth and reminds us of current cases used by Apple on their low-cost 5C range. To conclude, you’ll find, on the device’s lower half, two speakers concealed by a mesh screen. These will try to give us an approximate stereo sound. On the left-hand side, you’ll have the two SIM card slots – therefore it’s dual SIM – the vol. + and – commands and the power button on the right-hand side. As far as we know, one weak spot on the X3 is that it won’t have a slot dedicated to SD card extension.

The Umi X3 should cost approximately the same as the Zopo ZP998 or the THL T100S, i.e. 250 or 260€. There’s still one mystery left – its release date. Are you looking forward to seeing this beautiful device in the expert hands of our extranational GLG the way I am ?

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