GLG’s Zopo ZP998 video test


Zopo’s long-awaited ZP998 is at last tested by GLG on a video. This 1.7GHz octa-core Zopo has a lot of assets that will please users of a good octa-core smartphone made in China.

  • Zopo ZP998 Octa-core 8×1, 7GHz 5.5” Full HD 2+16GB 14MP
  • 8×1,7GHz octa-core MTK6592 processor
  • Full HD 5.5in screen
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM + (not included) SD card (64Go)
  • Rear-view camera 14MP
  • Double SIM
  • NFC, OTG, etc
  • 2400mAh battery

255€ at the SciPhone Boutique


Zopo-ZP998-design Zopo-ZP998-GPS Zopo-ZP998-MT6592

GLG’s Supposiphone Bluetooth MP3 Video Test

There are many things to say about this Supposiphone the First ! Easy to tuck in a pocket, even a small one, this Supposiphone will render you invaluable services. Before the video test proper, here is a list of what it can do.

  • Supposiphone Bluetooth MP3 Q1
  • 86-mm long minitelephone
  • Weighs 20g (0.7oz) only !
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Micro SD card slot
  • MP3/FM functionality
  • Integrated Bluetooth helmet
  • Three color options

19.90€ at the Destock Boutik

Drink a Pepsi and win an Oppo N1

Do you remember our post ‘Pepsi and Oppo team up for a special edition of Oppo N1’ ?

Smartphone android Oppo N1 – Pepsi Cola team-up

Well, in China, this is not as trivial as it may seem as Pepsi has been setting up an operation that will give you the possibility to win an Oppo N1 just by having a look at the cap of one of your 1.5l. Pepsi bottles (Pepsi or 7 Up).

In short, this will make you feel like drinking Pepsi because this gift rocks. 😀

So, Oppo and Pepsi are making a great promotional effort. Now, all that’s missing is a TV commercial.

A Changsha sauna withdraws more than 50 billboards considered too erotic

Yesterday, web users posted pictures of a sauna located in Changsha, showing more than fifty ‘erotic’ posters plastered on its windows as a publicity stunt. Neighbors and internauts were offended by this risqué advertisement and wondered if the authorities knew about it.

The sauna posted 54 photos of women showing their necks and shoulders in sensual poses on all the windows of the building. The intervention of the owner, media and pedestrians compelled the sauna’s employees to take down the posters.

We may wonder if the photos themselves disturbed the neighborhood or if it was their quantity. Indeed, looking at just one such poster isn’t more shocking than looking at a female model posing for the latest creation by Yves Saint-Laurent or Lancôme’s Trésor perfume. Now, 54 posters on the same building rather spells dating site and not at all sauna, spa or beauty center, don’t you think ?

CES 2014 and the new Ramos i10 Pro tablet computer

Showcased at the CES 2014 by Chinese designer Ramos, the Ramos i10Pro tablet will enable its future users to use two operating systems on the same medium.

Indeed, it features a Full HD 10.1in screen, i.e. A 1920×1200-pixel definition, an Intel Bay Trail architecture with a 1,5-2,4GHz Atom Z3770D quad-core accompanied with a 2Go RAM and a 32Go internal storage, which makes it possible, thanks to its dual-boot technology, to use two of the three main currently available OS – Android and Windows 8.1.



As regards its other characteristics, we are still awaiting new information but we already know for sure it will have a three-megapixel camera designed for video and photography, located on the front plate, at the bottom of the screen near the Windows button. Unlike the i10 which was released last year along with the i9 and the i12, the speakers seem to be integrated on the back plate.

Lenovo Beacon Media Server is the Multimedia Center made in China



It looks as if the Chinese smartphones designers’ current tendency is technological diversification around multimedia. This is something we noticed a little time ago with Huawei’s Android Tron games console and, before that, with Xiaomi’s TV, MiWifi and network solutions. It is now time for Lenovo to give birth to a hybrid Multimedia center, half Barbones (mini PC), half NAS (network storage devices) with their Lenovo Beacon Media Server.



The Lenovo Beacon Media Center may remind you of a Playstation but it will be an integral solution with a trendy look and it won’t be bulky. It will enable you to stay home and make the most of the web, motion pictures or music on your tv screen via a domestic cloud system. Lenovo has used their vast knowledge of microcomputers, a field in which they have won the greater part of their excellent reputation, making them, on an international level, the present top dog in this sector, especially with laptops or portable Pcs. Indeed, we are dealing here with a machine closer to a PC than to a home console. It features a dual core Intel Atom processor with an x86 architecture (model unknown as yet), a 1Go RAM DDR3, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports. The system itself will be derived from Linux and will allow a connection with Android devices such as tablet computers or Smartphones, with remote control thanks to a dedicated Lenovo app.




However, the package won’t include a hard disk, which you will have to purchase separately. Indeed, the Beacon features a dual disk array which will allow you to store data – video and audio files – up to 6To – therefore 2x3To. In order to ease and improve the user’s Multimedia experience, the Beacon will be available with XBMC, the most famous free Multimedia, as much in the PC Windows – Mac – Linux world as in the Android one.



A conventional data storage will be possible on a Cloud that will work like an online storage. Obviously, this won’t be the most practical solution if you want to download a hundred films. Still, you will be able to use the device in an ordinary way. You will also be able to add external hard disk drives or USB flash drives.


The XBMC MultiMedia Center


XBMC_home-300x168 XBMC-fiches-films-300x168



If you dreamed of a multimedia application that could manage, store and file your video and audio files, XBMC is the miracle application for you. Indeed, it enables you, thanks to a Web data bank, to create covers and listings of your Multimedia library, file them any which way you want and of course open them thanks to an integrated reader compatible with Divx, avi, Xvid, mp4 but also high-definition MKV files with h264 codecs. This application goes even further as it allows you to add plugins or addons, such as Navi-X, which link you to Streaming FTP servers.


Well, is this little box tempting you ? You shouldn’t normally spend more than 150€ to become its happy owner.


And don’t forget either that it is very easy to install the XBMC MultiMedia Center on Box Android TV or on ordinary Dongles TV HDMI, the very same you’ll find in the nick of time in the Destock Boutik.


Pic of the day : Sifu P