HTC RE, Re-camera sports on the horizon, pull the periscope

HTC RE re-camera sports to compete with the GoPro will take the challenge to change the way one might expect from a compact camera umpteenth HD.

Simple and effective lens Fish eyes to 146 degrees F / 2.8 allows you to simply Photos and videos.

The grip of the “RE” will be optimal and will allow easy access to two buttons: large rear, briefly press the button to take a picture (16MP), Hold for video (1080p) … ..

Integrated 32 GB of memory that can be expanded by microSD RE incorporates a 820mAh battery and could well take 1200 photos or 40 minutes of video. (Brief no better than his cousin who would pro)

RE is waterproof, compact with 10 cm, weighs 65g and can, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of the phone, take photos, videos, etc. and play them directly from the dedicated app without using a computer.

RE will be available in white, blue, orange and navy blue for a price of $ 200.

Personally I am not convinced by this great camera more could yet be very convenient to use my hand to live video 🙂 (So I do not buy but will use it if it makes me gift ^^)

And you what do you think?

Your Chinese buddy GLG 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Drop Test en slow motion

Rather than watching youtubeurs abuse their smartphones Samsung had the idea to do them even with their machines and put lots of camera with slow motion (and that’s painful)

You are never better served than by same, and more like that they never broke lol


Your Chinese buddy GLG


Meizu MX 4 wood finish, but it is not Bamboo

Motorola had launched the Look ecolor with a wood finish, and OnePlus Xiaomi had a version with Chinese Bamboo and now also offer vision Meizu smartphone finish Forestiere (Yes like Pizza)

OnePlus had to cancel their shell bamboo because it is not as beautiful and as we end with Bamboo can do with plastic and suddenly, it did not fit as well as in image synthesis 🙂

Certainly these shells have nothing official but easily findable on the internet Chinese, but as I’m sure may of you is a Meizu MX 4 I think we still have a little time to see it coming: p

But you know what would be the best finish:

Alu, Carbon, wood, bamboo, platiquinium, silicone sponge?

Coach Guitar, become a guitarist

Finally an article that will appeal to music lovers and especially apprentices guitarists who are struggling to learn to play the instrument that vibrates the working girls and sing at family parties.
Yes, you geek who has always dreamed of being Slash your neighborhood or Joe Satriani coffee break / cigarette, it is now possible with this revolutionary app. Coach guitar!



Coach guitar is a learning method that allows, with its playful interface become much better guitarist than taking lessons on Youtube.

5 colors to illustrate your five fingers allow you to perfectly place especially well remember the positioning of your fingers on the guitar neck.

With an extensive catalog of hit songs, you have plenty of time to decide what style of music that suits you best.

That’s not all, you can share your progress with friends on Facebook through an integrated app for sharing content … so everyone can attend your spectacular growth.

The big highlights of this application:

  • Compatible Android, Iphone and Ipad
  • HD videos
  • The method is compatible Handedness
  • The full songs (yes you will not be stuck on the chorus)
  • The backing tracks with voice
  • The slow mode
  • The free courses are included

It’s your turn to get Stairway to heaven, the California Hotel and all decorated music performance “guitaristic”

To be honest, one of my relatives tested this app via its iPhone (no do not yell to the scandal) and it turned out that his progress has been dramatic contrast to a course he was taking over the web on a site course.

So yes! Guitar Coach is a great app to start (or get back on guitar after learning failure for example) and promises to give you back the love of learning and without age limit, it’s never too late to do well.

And most importantly, learn the guitar is much less restrictive than learning the piano (especially if you want to go on the go with your instrument)

You can play happy people near a fire singing Irish walks and sipping chocolate bananas and most especially! You can deafen the neighbors on your first lesson, because Rome was not built in a day! : d


Nubia Z7 receives its network license in China and will be soon

If you have vibrated with us on the range nubia Z7 by ZTE and well aware that there will not be as quick and Nubia Nubia Z7 Z7 max but a Nubia Z7 is going to shake the recreated or coffee breaks.

Range Nubia Z7 is beautiful, Double SIM, micro SD Snapdragon processor with 801 and soon a 2K 2560 x 1440 screen for Nubia Z7!

No rumors on the web for the delay of this phone because the mini Z7 and Z7 max are available for some time but it was spotted on TENAA and therefore has received a network license for China.

While Meizu could propose a smartphone Meizu MX 4 pro 2K this month Nubia Z7 which, if it is not for the EC and China, will be well on sale in the store SciPhone export;).

-CPU 801 Snapdragon 3G and 4G B1, B3 and B7 1800/2600/2800
-Android 4.4
-3gb 32gb Ram + Rom
-Screen 5.5 “2K 2560 x 1440
-Battery 3000mAh
-Camera 13MP
-double + Micro SD sim TBC

So charmed or seduced?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Ifive Mini 4, and your heart makes Boum Boum Boum

iFive makes beautiful small shelves and nice pubs for sale, and it is very important for a geek

So what’s up with this in Ifive Ifive Mini 4, an iPad-type finish to a size of 7.9 inches in 1536 x 2048, a quad-core 1.8GHz processor RK3288 Rockchips with Gpu Mail-T764 GPU and 2GB of RAM + 16GB Micro SD + Rom ……

One more brief and yet it has attracted attention as anything: p
iFive Mini 4 Specifications

Screen  7.9inch

Resolution 1536×2048

CPU Rockchip RK3288 Cortex A17 4×1.8ghz


ROM 16GO + Micro SD

Main Cam 8mpix

Front Cam 2mpix

OS Android Kit Kat

Battery 5000mah

Size 198,7 x 134 x 7,5 mm

Weight 330g

Price $ 190

AND I have a dream that an assistant for my JT Geek lol


Your Chinese buddy

Meizu MX 4 Dual sim in Alios could emerge

After the success of the Meizu MX 4 in China, true lease on the brand new images make their appearances with some features that will make the difference with the Meizu MX 4 we know today.


This photo puts in evidence a Yunos OS, the Android ROM made ​​in Alibaba and two networks so would suggest that this version would be dual Sim

As a reminder, to Alibaba invests heavily in Meizu company has enabled it to make a phone Boost and Alibaba to find a manufacturer who “could” use its OS that seems to have great difficulty to attract Chinese manufacturers .

The Meizu MX 4 could be a Meizu MX 4 Mini dual sim under Alios or Yunos and would therefore stripped of all Google service, a Chinese Phone for China and sponsored by the Chinese leader in online sales.

I bet that if that phone has to emerge our Customer Rom arrive well to graft him a Kit-Kat Rom Android or Android L.

Would you be up for a Meizu MX 4 dual sim or single sim enough?

Your Chinese buddy GLG