Marry a Chinese woman, 10 good reasons to have one

Since love has no boundaries and that Asians girls can be in more than a fantasy for some, a story of international love would you want to marry a Chinese woman.

That 10 Reasons to marry a Chinese woman:

-She will make you as a person of Chinoiserie.

-She will let you believe that you lead to the stick.

-She is naturally lifted and therefore looks younger (less expensive cosmetic surgery after 40 years)

-If Crisis, she did not balk at eating rice.

-It Well for paper if you want to live in China (Also called the blow of the Daughter of the East)

‘You will not be afraid to go home with a black hair on your jacket (but darling look like it is: D)

-She will make spring rolls (false! Unless it is Vietnamese).

-As it is small, it takes up less space (except for travel or luggage offset)

‘You contriburez to improve international relations with China. (And France, or your country, really needs

You should also list your reasons for marrying a Chinese or Asian woman, I will select the best and you can convince the judge that you divorce for good reason (at least 10) …… Thank you .. who?

Miui V6 reveals itself

This is after months of expectations finally Xiaomi unveils updated its Android version, MIUI in its sixth version, please!

The program, we will get a more simplistic than the current graphical overhaul, a new notification system, speed and stability of the OS significantly improved, and new cloud services.
Numbers of apps have benefited from a graphical overhaul to make them more intuitive to use as the email app.
The new notification system, so you could use when you receive a message to consult directly via a small bar that appears at the top of the screen, and able to respond without having to leave the application you were using has like iOS 8 …


The lock screen has also been revised to display a notification center that will allow you to see at a glance the number of messages, missed calls, etc …

MIUI 6 also synchronize in real time some useful data from its 60 million users with your phone. You will for example be aware of the identity of a company calling you, even if it is not in your contact list. Practice in the case of delivery for example.
This feature will help to fight against such fraud identity, a real scourge in China.

MIUI 6 is still in the testing phase, its release date has not been revealed, however, Xiaomi is seeking beta testers 100 (good luck to be part of!).

Guest Editor: ImreGZ

Meizu MX 4 with QHD screen and 20.7 megapixel Camera ?

Difficult at this time for a brand like Meizu released a new smartphone as the competition is fierce.

After Miui V6 and high-powered smartphones to price shock, Huang Zhang, CEO of Meizu has personally released its Flyme OS 4.0 and will still escape some photos of a prototype which aims to be the next Meizu MX 4.

While it should be unveiled in September, these photos suggest that it will keep the Meizu style with more rounded rear lines.

For an ouch effect, the Meizu MX 4 should not be content with 3GB Ram but could opt for a rear camera 20.7 MP and an inscription BIG could also suggest a qHD screen of 5.4 inches.

The price should be lowered with a 16GB version is 2499 RMB is € 315.

At that price, will you take a Meizu MX 4 dessert?


Your Chinese buddy GLG

Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers

Lenovo upsets its own code because if everyone knows the brand for its computers or Ideapad few take them seriously when the market for Chinese smartphones.

Well mistake or beware of preconceptions because the Chinese company has just announced that its smartphone sales have exceeded those of PCs.

These figures will be due to their record sales in Asia since the brand is not even present in France and certain other countries. Ok, the population in China sharpens and some high-end models as well as other very entry level will boost awareness and numbers of the brand.

Lenovo would also be the fourth manufacturer of smartphones worldwide by institute IDC.

End of first quarter 2014 Lenovo has sold 15.8 million mobile devices, up 39% from last year when the brand has sold 14.5 million PCs that an increase of 15%.

If Huawei impresses us these months there is a good chance that it will also rely on Lenovo …

Antutu V4 Vs Antutu V5 @ Doogee Show

This week Doogee Show offers test Doogee DG550 with Antutu V4 and V5 Antutu to compare the score! 😉

Xiaomi sells in Indonesia: Because you expected

Under this title humorous you will also see some hope because Xiaomi has recently set up a dedicated website for Indonesia.

This had already been reversed by Hugo Barra but was still vague as the indonesia did not seem to be in the top 10 countries covet the brand.

“After a long wait, we are pleased to announce that Mi is officially in Indonesia”

If you are Indonesian or so tell you a website Xiaomi Indonesia on with an official facebook page Mi Indonesia.

Start small to see Large

While I feel by fanboys boil and say “Why them” while in France it is so ……. (You will be what you want), the constraints of a presence in Indonesia must be less that ‘Europe and Indonesia can be a test for the brand that owes its success primarily to China.

Xiaomi has rebadged its models in E “international” but they will not always CE logo as in China (This explains it)


And finally, Lychee on the nougat Apparently Xiaomi phone will launch a 5 inch dual SIM card.

Yes just for them and knowing the popularity of dual Sim for Asia this may well be paying. …

But what could they model Xiaomi decline in Double sim for Indonesia? Place your bets 😉

Your Chinese buddy GLG


ThinkPad 11e Series, ready to come: D

The Lenovo Thinkpad is not super sexy but that is not its purpose because it is made for teaching and for Youngers.

Available on Windows 8 or ChromeOS it takes the right formula Lenovo Yoga can use it as a laptop or as a tablet bitch its 360 ° hinge that allows it to put in any position  😉
-Four basic configurations of 11.6 inches
-Vitre Touchscreen Gorilla Glass
-Screen LED IPS
-Pare Bumper rubber around the lid to protect the
-System Strong hinges that keep the panel intact during rigorous use
-Fan Dustless to reduce maintenance costs when used in hard conditions.
-Waterproof and heavy duty
-CU Intel Celeron

Prices range from $ 349 for the non-touch version Chromebook $ 549 on Windows with touch screen … ..
Availability …… next week.


Your Chinese buddy GLG