The JT Geek and I are proud to announce our merger with Chinese brand Smartphones Doogee.
Doogee is a young brand Chinese Shenzhen dating from 2013, but being part of KVD Group offer high-tech products since 2002 and also the manufacturer BEDOVE brands, DVG and therefore DOOGEE smartphones.
Approached by the brand, we were seduced by their models, they seem more for a Chinese entry-level market, and have a wide range of features worthy emerging Chinese challengers such as Zopo, THL or Jiayu.
  • FHD display with Gorilla Glass
  • Smartphone 4 “6.85” waterproof smartphone and / or shock
  • Quad-core processor, Octa-Core MT6592 3G and 4G preparation model MT6595
  • NFC, WIFI, OTG and Bluetooth
  • Upgrade Android 4.4 already effective on some models
  • Softkey back case for quick photo
  • Shell colors and upgradable
  • Mastery of high end technologies with a model of only 6.3 mm ……

Towards a Chinese smartphone JT Geek by Doogee

Why will absolutely create and produce a smartphone JT Geek by an Underground company when you can join a group already well established and willing to produce smartphones with our expertise, and therefore a little cheers, and anxious to listen to the demands the market outside China. (to invade and conquer;))
Because if we had already bet on the Hero brand (Zopo now) for two years, where we see more opportunities in this new brand name and more fun products (Doogee huh?)

The Doogee Phones soon test on JT Geek

But as this picture is good but in video is better, soon we will test all smartphones Doogee and Doogees to come, you can appreciate their ranges, see the Android 4.4 on Chinese smartphones that you know maybe not, and you make the same point that we, that is to say, with 2GB Ram, 900mhz 3G, 4G soon and quality products / finishes as we could see, announce good prospects for the brand and for the geek JT.

Quality and communication by JT Geek

And if JT Geek was really a precursor of Chinese smartphone in Europe, if GLG had felt the wind of the seas of China in 2009 and if our opinion or expertise acquired these years could have an influence, we should show you what should be a Chinese smartphone to conquer the world.
1 / Chinese smartphones test in video is good, it is clear and it’s better (proof everyone does)
2 / An interview with CEO of Doogee with its goals and ambitions (online next week) it would be nice too (yes we talked 4G).
3 / A visit to the factory and DooGee “visual inspection” of “quality controls” on the phone Doogees confirm the good impression (The next week in video).
4 / Influencing the evolution of the brand adapting some models for Europe (known as 3G phones in the U.S. and 850 for 3G 900 just for Europe, upgrade to 2GB ram, Rom update in 4.4 or Custom Rom ….) confirm the ambitions of the brand to want to establish themselves in Europe and establish themselves physically.
5 / May the JT Geek or GLG you can serve as a relay between Franco French speaking the language of Moliere and also English but eager to make Doogee brand new Chin’Addict and this brand China Chinese aesthetics but very readable alphabet, we will our best for you and for Doogee brand because we hope to be able to go to the Engagement, see if affinities.
Your Chinese buddy GLG,
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