Xiaomi mijia 6 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit is a set that serve your house better, smarter, safer and more convenient. There are Wireless Switch, Window Door Sensor, Human Body Sensor, Temperature Humidity Sensor, Multifunctional Gateway, Outlet (Zigbee Version). All your house need is in one set and all you need to do is just connect them with “Xiaomi Smart Home” application.

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit:

Smart Wireless Switch: control everything in one switch, before sleep, or before going out, just press one switch to turn on or off appliances in your house

Window Door Sensor: light and ring when you open the door and off when you push it and with the smart sensor, window will open when the room needs fresh air, but when some broke in, the bell will remind and record video

Human Body Sensor: if no one in the room, it will shut down TV and air conditioning automatically to save energy. At night, night light will turn on automatically when someone walk pass by

Temperature Humidity Sensor: Real-time detects the temperature and humidity condition and if it abnormal, the alarm will work automatically

Outlet (ZigBee Version): Detects the actual power, Electric power quantity statistics, Overload protection, set timing turn on and turn off

Make your house safer and smarter with smart price: less than $97


Xiaomi 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit – WHITE 08/05 52.94 53.85 WPFR 50 Lien direct

Xiaomi mijia 6 in 1 Smart Home Security Set

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