On the occasion of our monthly marriage proposal to Xiaomi at the Shenzhen Xiaomi Center, we discovered the Xiaomi MiTV. (They said no again, lol.)
What we like about Xiaomi is that you can make your choice very fast – an MiTV, a high-performance Xiaomi Mi3 and an entry-level Xiaomi Red Rice.
In between, a Xiaomi Mi2s which has now become obsolete in front of Xiaomi’s latest challengers.



Xiaomi MiTV – a full HD 47” 3D display at 2998rmb

Selling a Chinese television set in a country already abounding with many different makes at various prices could be deemed a risky bet.

Only the fame of the make and a tight price could make the difference because we think twice before paying 375€…

The MiTV will therefore be half MiTV, half Android Box.

I’m really no expert on TV or TV screens and, as it’s not possible to touch nor take photographs – except if you’re a foreigner and no one dares to forbid it or even merely speak to you^^ – we’ll then be content with a very fine display and a definition we’d like to see more often for that price. 😀

So, the Xiaomi MiTV is a 47in, Full HD 1080p 3D slab, manufactured by Samsung and LG, fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-corenot 4G, lol – 1.7GHz, 2Go RAM DDR3, 8Go ROM eMMC 4.5, featuring Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, Airplay, the DLNA, the Samba network share, a Dolby Digital DTS 2.0 audio system, and, of course, a Rom MIUI TV.

And like all Xiaomi products, there’s none to be found, or none in stock, and you’ll have to recourse to Xiaomi’s flash sales if you want to be lucky enough to buy one for 2999 yuans, i.e. 375€.

To conclude – these Xiaomi people are really good.

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