Xiaomi Oclean One is a smart toothbrush that packs a big battery inside for 60 days using with can be rechargeable. This toothbrush has built-in Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone to show the details about your mouth for set the program to clean and care for all the gum, teeth and the mouth organ. This is quite like the program that set in the Robot Vacuum to know all about the area and take care of your place. If you have an experience with Mi Home toothbrush, you should try this new one!

The ‘Oclean One’ electric toothbrush has been launched with a variety of technologies. Start by using a sonic vibrator motor to work with a rotation of 42,000 rpm. Built-in Bluetooth to work with smartphone applications. All of this is controlled by an intelligent algorithm that helps to plan how to brush, how to brush thoroughly, and how to choose a functional mode through the program. Whether it is the brush cleaning mode and the cleaning time.


Model: Oclean One
Material: ABS
Size: 256.1 x 26.8mm
Magnetic levitation: max frequency of 42000rpm, the max twisting force of 280gf.cm, the max swing of 5.5mm
Voltage: 1.8W
Charging source: Oclean USB quick-charging magnetic base
Charging time: full of 3.5 hours
Input: 5V / 1A
Battery life: 60 days
Waterproof Rate: IPX7
Cleaning modes: 12-grade cleaning modes ( clean, whiten, massage x 4-grade cleaning strength ) support for varieties of oral health care program
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Brush head: Proclean P1 Standard Cleaning DuPont / Pedex brushing
Bluetooth: 4.2 BLE
APP: support for iOS 8.0 plus and Android 4.4 plus
Weight: 155g ( main body and brush head )
Certificate: FDA, FC, CE, RoHS, SRRC, IPX7

Xiaomi Oclean One Electrical Sonic Toothbrush

Xiaomi Oclean One Rechargeable Automatic Sonic Toothbrush


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