Nowadays, we spend many time using smartphone, computer, video game, and watching TV and sometimes we have sore eyes and headaches with no reason, because screen explode blue –rays that can be harmful our eyes even LED light can also ruin them too. Do we need to do something to protect our eyes? Yes, and today Xiaomi also care about these problem too, Xiaomi presents Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 Detachable Anti-blue-rays Protective Glasses,

the effective protector of your eyes and stylish decoration, these glasses can prevent 35 percent blue-rays proof rate and 98 percent light transmittance. The design is fit for both men and woman and also can wear in daily life with comfortable.


Lens: rasin
Frame: TR90
Against Radiation,
9 layers coating
Plano glass
UV-resistance rate 99.9%
Blue-rays proof rate 35%
Frame weight 20g

Care for your eyes, give them a good protector in less than $40

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