A new store has just opened on the main street of the famous Hua Qiang Bey district in Shenzhen.

If you see its color and logo, you’ll have no trouble identifying it. A Xiaomi Shop.

Yet, whereas Huawei, Samsung and Apple retailers with real goods (often imported from Hong Kong) have direct links with their respective brands (the devices on display), we may wonder about the authenticity of such a shabby Xiaomi store the ambition of which is to compete with the crisp apple.

Three lone Xiaomis Mi3 are indeed available at the store along with a few accessories. It’s a far cry from the Xiaomi concept of online ordering and collecting at the store, or registering on the delivery waiting list.

In short, it’s hard to tell true from false but this is China and there, everything is possible.


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One Comment on “A Xiaomi Shop in Shenzhen

  1. there are actually not that many fake xiaomi’s out there – instead, I’ve seen brands come up with similar-looking phones and similar-looking names such as 黑米, which is even advertised at the road side as you move into the shenzhen hinterlands (pingshan and such)

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