Anyone has problem with light bulb in the house likes …Did I turn off the light? …. Maybe I did or maybe I did not …. huh!!!    Sometimes we forget to turn off the light when you’re going to bed or when we’re watching a movie at home? Don’t be worries, as long as you have Xiaomi Smart Light Control with you, you will be able to control the wall switch with just one click, either to turn on all the lights or to turn them off. In addition, up to 3 different ways  can be achieved with this light control set. You will also get control of the lighting system and other electronic devices in your home. The wireless version will be the wireless switch, it’s a portable switch that allows you to control the lighting system, no matter where you are.  And also can be used as a doorbell and can set your own favorite ring tones as well.

Main Features:

Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch Wireless Version
No wire
Portable, realize controlling everywhere
SOS emergency call
Defending and withdrawing function
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz (2400 – 2483.5MHz)
Wireless connection: ZiGBee
Built-in CR2032 battery
Working temperature: -5 – 60 Deg.C
Working humidity: 5 – 95pct
Download the “Mi Home” APP for smart light remote control

Xiaomi WXKG02LM Aqara Smart Light Control Wireless Version

Xiaomi WXKG02LM Aqara Smart Light Control Version – WHITE
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price with coupon $10.97  from original price $12.99
100 pcs avilable
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